(Closed) Anyone else’s always-late periods messing with them?

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yes – long cycles are the worst!! especially if they are unpredictable – mine can be anywhere from 29 – 37 days (even had a couple of 40+ cycles in my first 6 months coming off BCP). I’ve also noticed every ‘pregnancy’ symptom under the sun – but have slowly worked out that nausea, sore boobs and cramps are normal pre-menstrual symptoms for me (currently I”m hoping that the LACK of some of these symptoms might be a good sign this TWW).

When you say they are ‘always’ late, have you been tracking your cycle at all? Is it possible you just have a longer cycle than the ‘average’ 28 days?

I’ve been using OPKs for the last two months, and find that it helps me know when to expect my period, because my Luteal Phase seems to be about 12 days.

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I’m not TTC and never will be (CBCer) and mine are always late despite being on the pill. It scares the pants off me, every month.

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@Wonderstruck:  sounds like some basic tracking would be useful, i just printed out a calendar for 2 years and put it in the bedside table, just circle for first day of bleeding and cross out days for length of period. It’s given me some really useful data while TTC. If you were keen, you could get more specific and chart CM and/or temps, so you know when to be extra cautious with sex, and when you can be more relaxed – there is lots of info around for that.

18 months ago I didn’t know how few days were fertile each month (2-5 at most), how to identify those days, or simple things like there is no sperm in pre-cum (unless you’ve already had sex that night and there are ‘left-overs’). Oh, so much to learn!! I’ve done most of my learning from this page – very useful!!

 @hatmanandbobbin:  oh how frightening!! although if I were a CBCer on the pill, I wouldn’t be having ANY periods (i only used to have about 4 a year pre-TTC).

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Oh yeah my cycles are messed up and always have been,they can be anywhere from 28 days through to 35.I recently had a 45 day cycle and so I went to my docs to get it checked out. But every time my period arrives it can be a few days or up to a week or more later.But of course because we are TTC it raises my hopes every time lol

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I’m on the pill, and take it fairly well (every day, but the time can range by an hour or two). I’ve been “late” by 2-4 days in the past. I finallly figured something out a couple of months ago: Dollar tree tests are cheapo, but they work. They aren’t as sensitive as some, but that $1 a month is worth it for my peace of mind. And usually, taking the test is enough to make AF show herself.

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I used to think my period was late every month and I was prone to freaking out, but I started usingiPeriod to track it and found my cycle is 31 days. The app now predicts it every month to the day, lol. I just have a longer cycle.

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Mine is always “Late” I have a tracker on my phone and it is always a few days to a week later than it says it will be. According to my tracker it should have started friday but AF is still a no show… I DO NOT want kids anytime soon (already have 2) I dont think I am PG I am just waiting for AF to show up…

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Hi! I searched late periods on my search bar and found this site. I’m having the exact same symptoms as Wonderstruck. Did you ever find out what was wrong? I went and got my hormones checked, and that blood work came out normal. I just recently had an ultrasound done last week. I’m still waiting on my results. The doctor did advise me to get a blood check for thyroid and anemia. I’ve had this problem for the past 5 years, and now, that I’m engaged and wanting to conceive, I am having a really, really hard time. It’s stressing me out! I have the cravings for chocolate, the migrains, bloating, tender breasts, and sometimes nausea with a late period. I cave in, too! I run out to my local Walgreen’s, CVS or Wal-Mart and waste money on pregnancy tests that always come out negative. Then, I get my period later.  It’s stressing me out! My periods are always showing up a week (7-10 days) late. By the way, I do have 2 children from a previous marriage. I am 30 years old, and I never thought I would ever have fertility problems.

Do respond if you ever found out what happend with your symptoms. I’ll post my results later on the ultrasound done on my uterus along with further blood work for thyroid and anemia.

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Wonderstruck  I’m totally with you, mine are always different one day it’ll be 30 days exactly others 36 and 40 days long… and I always get boob pain and nausea that makes me thinks I’m preggo.

 This time I’m really messing with a clueless cycle I’m on day 70+ Haven’t had a period since November. Ugh. I’ve got PCOS so its not unheard of but it’s so not what I need when I’m trying to chart and track my cycles to ttc, it’s actually getting me down 🙁

I’m POAS every few days to check I haven’t missed something. And nada.

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@hatmanandbobbin:  Whoa. You should check with your doctor about fixing that. Maybe they could find you better birth control meds or you could explore another option like an IUD. That must be so incredibly stressful for someone who is CBC. Your period should not be coming late every month on the pill.

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I’m not TTC and due to my BCP’s I have zero period, ever. When I wasn’t on the pill my periods were always light to medium (don’t hate me!), so the pill helps lighten your periods and now mine are completely gone.

For all I know I’m 4 months pregnant right now- not really though.

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yes! every month i think its pregnancy, and before the wedding it scared me.. now i’d welcome it! but I just started charting and i’ve calmed down A LOT about it.  🙂

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