(Closed) Anyone else’s furbaby have trouble adjusting to a move?

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My dog took awhile to adjust when we moved.  He started exhibiting behaviors I’ve never seen from him, like using the bathroom inside, and jumping in the bed to sleep, having these really horribly nightmares.  He had diarrhea all the time.  I fed him bland food for awhile until his stomach settled, and gave him lots of attention.  I’d say it took him about a month before he didn’t go ballistic whenever I left him alone in the new house.

Now, he’s fine!  Still gets in the bed with me after Fiance leaves for work, but other than that he’s back to normal.

So sorry about your dog, I know it’s rough to see them unhappy!

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Our “Alpha” German Shepherd went through the same thing when we moved in this past April.  It was more anxiety than anything else.  She would pant all the time (nervous), not eat ANYTHING, and was ill a lot as well.  We tried to keep the routine exactly as is and even fed her chicken and rice instead of her normal food (b/c she wouldn’t touch her normal food); that helped a little.  She just had to adjust and get comfortable with her surroundings.  It’ll pass, just make sure you show your dog  lots of extra love and attention during the process.  It took our Zoe about a month to be completely comfortable.


Edit to add – We also didn’t have many people over to our house for the first month so she wouldn’t get nervous with unfamiliar people coming in and out on top of a new territory for her to get used to.

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Theyll adjust… we moved my cat into our new house and she was terrified and would just cry from whereever she was for us to come but refused to come downstairs… Let her be for awhile… dont force it and shell come around in her own time

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Sugar bee
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My cat was scared when we moved and wouldnt leave under the bed for I cant even remember how long 🙁

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My BC has serious anxiety issues, too.  Is this a common feature of the breed?  It’s taken her about a month to get used to any move we’ve made.  She is also bananas during thunderstorms.  The vet has basically said there’s doggy prozac, but I’m not really ready to put her on meds.  She does generally well once she’s adjusted to the change at hand. 

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My dog and cat did surprisingly well with the move, after the car was able to stalk every inch of the house for a while!!  He was pretty jumpy at first, but adapted afer a week or so.  The dog was great, but we woudl also take her there with us when we were working on it before we moved in, so she was there about a half dozen times before we actually moved in. I think she was more upset after we moved everything out of the house and left her there (so we could move everything in without her getting in the way) then with the actual move. 

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My cat, who is generally unflappable (doesn’t run from the vaccum even!) absolutely FREAKED out when we moved in with SO.  SO has a cat too, so we had my cat in the bathroom for the first day.  He got under the bathroom sink and refused to come out for almost two days.  I put food and water in the bathroom and left the door closed, since he seemed to feel comfortable in there, but he wouldn’t budge and hissed at me every time I tried to reach for him.  Eventually he got hungry enough to come out (as I figured he would…he’s a fatso) and we moved him into the bedroom, where he stayed for a week, before settling down.  I got so upset, seeing my cat so upest, that I called Future Mother-In-Law to make sure that this was normal! LOL!

And for about two weeks, when we moved with both cats, they would venture into the rest of the apartment to explore, but retreat back to the bedroom for safety.  I think because it smelled the most like “home”.  They just get scared because their “world” changes so completely when we move, and they have to adjust.  It certainly does upset us “parents” though!

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Try putting him on a bland diet. Boiled, skinless/boneless chicken & cooked white rice & add some plain yogurt.

If he has diarrea, than you should put him on a fast for 24 hours 1st. Be sure to provide plenty of water. & then try the bland diet.

It could be something more serious. When I moved, my dog started acting wierd & I thought it was from stress. Turns out she had a bladder infection :(. So keep in mind there may be something wrong. If she starts peeing in the house, I would take a urine sample to the vet to have it tested.

If it lasts for a few days, PLEASE call your vet & ask what they suggest. If he’s vomiting, he may be getting dehydrated & that can be serious. This isn’t to scare you & hopefully he gets better.

You can try switching to a sensitive stomach dog food, however don’t just change their food overnight, make it gradual & mix it in with their regular food. Or, is there something in the yard that he’s getting into? Most fruits are toxic to your dog. Some flowers are too. I’d check the yard & see if there’s anything he may be finding in his new area.

I am NOT a vet, this is just what I know from experience from my dog.

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Ohh good, her yearly checkup is in good timing! Its so hard to give one dog a special dinner & the other one normal food. You can give the puppy a little chicken too so he doesn’t feel left out 🙂

If you use hamburger, you need to drain out all the fat & grease. Its really hard on a dog’s tummy. I’d recommend chicken instead.

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My border collie is a nut case also!  He is blind (since 4 years old and is 10 now)…He, however, is on Prozac and we are thinking of upping the dose since he is still crazy..  BReed trait for sure!  It is probably going to take time 🙁

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