Anyone else's husband/SO sleep walk or talk?

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My fiance definitely sleep talks. I’ve had whole conversations with him where I thought he was awake, then later find out nope, he was deadass asleep.

I’ve found that it tends to happen more often if he falls asleep while I’m watching TV. Last weekend I was watching trashy dating game shows in bed, and a couple times he spoke up. One point he rolled over, lifted his head to look at the TV and said “Oh no, that wasn’t good. You shouldn’t have done that. She won’t like you anymore.”

Another time he sat straight up and announced “I gotta go check on it.”

Me: Check on what??

Him: I gotta check on it. *incoherent mumbling.* Pancakes.

Me: ?!?!?

Him: It’s okay. Don’t make any more pancakes.

There have been so many odd things that he has announced in the middle of the night, then doesn’t remember the next day.

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Definitely. Two nights ago, SO was telling me about “liquid walkways”. The rest of it was a slurred mess. I asked him if he wanted to go back to sleep, he said yes, and then lightly bobbed his head and hummed before starting up snoring again. He’s the weirdest and I love him. Haha 

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Not my SO….but me! And not just sleep talking….usually night terrors. 

On a good night it’s only sleep talking but on a very very bad night it’s a night terror and a lot of screaming and crying. 

A couple of years ago I had one where I was asking my SO about spoons telling him he had to choose a spoon. He couldn’t understand me and at one point reached for his phone for me to translate what I wanted to say (thinking I’m awake – he’s Spanish and I’m english. I was speaking Spanish to him so he thought it was a translation issue). I got really frustrated with him because in my sleep he should have known perfectly well what I was asking about, so I rolled over in a huff telling him to forget about it .

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I’m the sleep talker LOL. Im not aware of it and he tells me in the morning what I said that night. (Kinda nervous ill say something bad/mean, lol).


Anyway, one morning when we were already both at work, he messages me:

Him: “LOL. I jsut remembered what you said to me earlier this morning”

me: ???

Him: “You dont remember?

**By this point im getting nervous, like what could i have said?

him: “You said, can you brink back two girls scout cookies, and I said, i’ll bring the box home, and you replied, no, just two girls scout cookies I already told you.”

I was dying laughing at work. Bc i was asleep and didnt remember this conversation at all.

He brought the cookies home that evening, lol.

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chelbell23 :  I’ve also had conversations with my fiance where I thought he was awake, but nope! Sometimes it’s obvious because he’s saying wacky stuff, but other times the things he says make sense and it seems like he’s just being a little silly to mess with me… but then I find out later he has no recollection of the conversation! This happens pretty frequently, sometimes on a weekly basis. There have been a couple sleep walking incidents too, but thankfully those are rare!

He also has occasional night terrors. They were pretty frequent when we started dating, but sleeping next to me helps his anxiety a lot, so they’re much less frequent nowadays, which I’m glad about.

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kmbumbee190618 :  my husband sleep talks every few months when he’s super tired especially if he’s done more than his usual night-shifts in a row. It’s usually jibberish but sometimes it really funny jibberish that he has no memory of.

I have to say the first time I encountered it was about ten days after our first date. We had decided to go away for a weekend together. I didn’t tell my parents that I was seeing someone because it was early days and my parents are also quite religious and old school and would have been upset knowing I was spending the night with a male!  It was our first night together and he’d done a lot of night-shifts in a row and of course he started to sleep talk. He was sleep fighting with someone about them stealing a can of lemonade! The reality  started to sink in and I was thinking OMG this guys seriously nuts, we are in the middle of nowhere, nobody knows who I’m with and I’m going to end up in pieces in a shallow grave somewhere and nobody will know what happened to me!! 😱

I was so worried that I texted my sister saying hey I’m with the guy I’m seeing and here’s his mobile and we are at this address and I’ll call you in the morning because if I didn’t call my sister would raise the alarm!!! 

I slept with one eye open for a lot of months and kept my eye out for red flags that he was hiding an aggressive personality. Lol… It was fine and no red flags. My husband is very sweet and honestly he’s more the type to run from a physical fight than stay and argue with someone over a can of stolen lemonade!!

He’s never had a sleep dream fight since so it was pretty funny that he had to have one on the first night we spent together. I told him years later what happened and he thinks it’s hilarious as he has no memory of it at all. Whenever he has a can of lemonade now he jokingly tells me not to steal it because he’ll have to unleash in his sleep!! 🤣😂


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Me! I’ve known that I talk in my sleep since a pretty young age because friends and family would tell me. When I was young I used to get night terrors frequently (like eyes open, screaming, but still asleep and parents unable to wake me) and would never remember the dreams. 

My favorite story that still makes me giggle today was when I was in grade 6, my family took a road trip around Eastern Canada for 3 weeks. We are a family of 5, I am the oldest, the middle child is my brother, and youngest is my sister. We would always rent a motel room with two beds, parents in one, me and my sister in the other, and brother on a cot. One night we were all asleep and my parents were awake playing cards, all of a sudden I sat straight up in bed. They looked at me, my eyes were still closed, and I started flailing my arms around (like I was fighting stuff away) then I turned and launched myself off my bed on top of my younger brother and started hitting him. Apparently, he didn’t wake up either just curled into the fetal position, they watched me until I just stopped all of a sudden and went limp. Then picked me up and put me back in bed.

I remember my dream to this day because the next morning, before telling me what they saw, my parents asked if I had a dream the night before and I told them I dreamt of running/swimming away from an alligator and then attacking it because I couldn’t get away.

I believe that was the only time I’ve even “sleepwalked” or moved so much, otherwise, my SO tells me I’ll mumble incoherently or say something super random in my sleep. Or he’ll mention a weird conversation we had in the night and I have 0 recollection of it so it must’ve happened in my sleep. He said it’s usually just funny and doesn’t disturb him.

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Not my husband but myself. I don’t talk but I do skmething even weirder. I….sit up. Sleeping. In bed. Sitting up. I’ll just be sleeping sitting up in the bed for hours and then wake up because My legs are numb and it hurts. I’ve been doing this for yaars and sometimes multiple times a night/week. Seems related to stress. I sometimes think it hasn’t happened in a while and hubby’s like “nope, last night. Had to push you back”. It must get weird lol. I think he’s now used to it! 

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ladama :  In regards to saying something mean/embarrassing, one time fairly early on in my relationship, my SO was awake beside me and I mumbled in my sleep “I used to like black guys”. My SO is black. He questioned me about it the next morning and was honestly a little concerned, I was so embarrassed, have no memory of saying that and no memory of any dream. He still makes fun of me for it sometimes.

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kmbumbee190618 :  My husband does this when he is super duper exhausted. His job is extremely demanding and he works over 100 hours a week sometimes, and a lot of times he dreams about work. I feel really terrible about it. I try to help him as much as possible so he gets as much sleep as he can. There’s been times he will jump right out of bed and run into our ensuite bathroom thinking he is at work. Or I’ll go to bed with him and I’ll be reading on my paperwhite, and he will pass out, and he will reach over in his sleep and be like “I LOVE YOU SO MUCH”. He has no recollection of anything. Sometimes he sits straight up having a conversation and then giggles and lays back down.

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Oh yes, mine talks all the time! It’s usually not any full sentences or anything, but just last night he went “mhmmm, yep” hahah I wonder what he was agreeing to!

Sometimes if he’s having a nightmare he’ll start thrashing around and saying “no!” and that kinda freaks me out, especially when he wakes me up like that! I’ll always gently wake him up and cuddle him when that happens. 

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Mine’s a talker sometimes, but usually more of a mumbler as in it’s only like 1 or 2 lines in a night. Sometimes it’s in English, sometimes it’s in Arabic…too funny.

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LOL mine yells, “WHAT?” a lot… Or he’ll mumble in Spanish like at least once a week.

Last night he lifted his head and said “My butt stinks? My butt stinks? Is that why you moved your hand?” LMAO! I lost it. I have no idea why he did that, but it was hilarious.

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Hubby once sat blot up in bed (after being totally asleep and motionless) and laughed out loud with his eyes closed, it’s hilarious now but at the time I was seriously considering have him exercised 😂 Xx 

kmbumbee190618 :  

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