Anyone else's husband/SO sleep walk or talk?

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I met my now ex-fi on a group summer trip. Afterwards, we decided to travel for another few weeks alone together but this is still before we were dating.

In one place, we shared a room with three single beds. I was by the window and he was by the door with the third in between us.

In my dream, I was in a dark cave and trying to get out, but something was blocking my way. 

In reality I’d sleep-walked around the third bed, bumped in to his, and was patting him all over. So he woke up to that. He eventually realised I was asleep and told me to go back to bed, which I did. In the morning, I woke up and remembered the dream. Soooooo embarrassing! I’m amazed he ever asked me out after that!

To my knowledge I don’t sleep walk any more, although sometimes get sleep paralysis. 

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Unfortunately, both me and my husband are insane sleeptalkers/walkers, although I probably freak him out more than he does me.

A lot of his are him waking me up and asking me if I want to do some weird sex thing and then having no memory of it in the morning and being totally embarassed. This last week he put his arm around my waist and was like, “Hey, do you want to make out?” and I was like, “Dude, it is 4 o’clock in the morning,” and he’s like, “Oh ok,” and just falls back to sleep. The time before that he woke me up and he’s turned around with his head at the foot of the bed and his feet by the headboard and he says, “Hey, come by me, we’ll cuddle,” and keeps trying to get me to flip around. I was like, “Go to sleep, you lunatic.”

Mine are more of the freaky paranormal activity kind. Like he’ll wake up and I’ll just be standing by the bed staring at the ground, lightly swaying. It’s amazing he doesn’t karate chop me or call a priest. He also says that I yell shit out like, “There’s a knife! There’s a knife in the bed!” and then he’ll freak out and turn the light on and search the bed for a knife only to realize that I’m dreaming. The time that really freaked him out I said some creepy shit like, “They’re coming…the blood will tell…it’s time to begin…” and then just fell back to sleep and he was wide awake like, “Whaaaat?”

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FH talks in his sleep when he’s stressed, but my stepdad used to sleepwalk HORRIBLY. He would try to trap imaginary animals under the comforter, while my mom was laying in the bed, or he’d cover her up completely and begin aggressively tucking her in to “protect” her. When my little brother was a baby, my stepdad started sleepwalking, grabbed him from his crib, and started running around the house because he thought something or someone was after my brother. He was a cop at the time, the sleepwalking stopped when he retired from the force lol.

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My SO will have so many conversations with me while he is sleeping that he doesn’t remember haha. When we first started dating, we were sleeping and he sat up, took all of the covers off of me and just cuddled up with them. When I tried to get some back, he fought with me and I was trying sooo hard to be nice but it lasted almost 20 mins before I started crying because I was just SOO exhausted and he absolutely would not give me any of the blanket. It had been about a half hour before he let me have them and when he woke up the next morning he had no recollection of it at all. 

I, on the other hand, have these night terrors when I am stressed. I “wake up” and see people or spiders or something in the room or in the bed and I will fling all of the covers off the bed to get the spiders off or I will tell the scary dude in the corner to go away and eventually I snap back to reality (ope there goes gravity–had to lol) and realize I was dreaming. But I am up and functioning while I am seeing these things and it honestly gets so scary sometimes because it seems so real. 

Nothing funny has ever happened during our weird night episodes and I’m jealous! lol 

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hahahha I love sleep talking stories. My favourite from my husband:

I come into the bedroom and I didn’t realize he was dead asleep

Me: Hey can I borrow your headphones? 

Him: Oh yes, thank you baby.

Me: Sorry, what? 

Him: Yes please I will try them, thank you!

Me:…. um… (this goes on for a bit)

Him: Yes, I would love to try your delicious cupcakes thank you so so much (as he smiles gratefully, rolls over, and lets out a giant snore)

He was like the happiest most grateful person in the world for these cupcakes that i never baked for him (nor have I ever baked for him). I almost felt a little badly about it. 

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Okay, I’ve been lurking on these boards for about a week, and this is my first post. I just HAD to, because this topic is too funny! 

Yeah, my darling madman is a sleep talker. Usually it’s incoherent phonemes, but sometimes actual sentences come out. Like a few nights ago, we had this “conversation” when he dreamed I was doing something rather odd:

“No, you can’t do it like that!”


“You tried to start the car by twisting its nipples. It doesn’t work like that because people are not cars.”

“……. Indeed not. I suppose you’re right, darling.”

“See? I knew you’d understand it, cuz you’re smart.” 

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Once when I was a child   my mum let me stay up to watch a really good but terrifying TV programme with her , dad was out at a meeting and I think she maybe wanted my company lol.  

At a particularly frightening moment,  the door slowly, slowly opened  and … there stood my little sister, fast asleep, eyes open with her dressing gown neatly  over her arm. I was totally  freaked  and wanted to shout at her , but mum knew what do to and gently shepherded   her back .

She still  does sleepwalk occasionally , sometimes  makes strange sandwiches in the  kitchen,  eats them, leaves everything  out ,and goes back to bed. 

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I’ve got a sleep talk recorder I stopped using because it’s oversensitive and just records me snoring all night, but I’ve gotten a few personal gems alongside hearing his mutterings. He usually only talks while he’s rolling over in bed – sometimes I can even nudge him a bit and it’ll get him talking – but it hasn’t been anything especially funny. He mutters about the stock market a bit, or gets annoyed with someone at work.

Apparently one evening I said “How the f*** do you say “Ohio” in Australian? I don’t even know.” Which is really a lot to unpack, given that A) Ohio is a proper noun, it does not change, and B) Australian is English. 

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My husband sleep hums! He’ll just hum a few bars (not songs that are recognizable) but he’s asleep the entire time. 

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My boyfriend will usually whisper stuff that sounds like a whole different language, but one night he was doing the whispering and out of nowhere, loudly and very clearly, he said “That’s nasty!”  I laughed and went back to sleep and asked him the next morning what he was dreaming about. Apparently he was dreaming that he went to someone’s house and there were some flesh eating flys all over this guys house and he told the guy that it was nasty and got mad because the guy thought it was fine. This only happens when he takes Melatonin.

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NikkiBee18 :  OMG I’m crying in my office.  So funny.

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lo8948 :  Bahaha the eminem reference.  Gold.


I suffer from claustrophobia and go through phases where I get up, still asleep, in the middle of the night and can’t figure out where I am.  I stand up out of bed, panicking and start crying and asking for help, patting the walls and trying to find an escape.  Usually I’ll find the curtains and pull them back and that snaps me out of it.  

As a kid, my brother had the room next door to mine and says he would often hear me either laughing hysterically or screaming for help in my sleep.  I thought he was lying until I took a trip with family in my early twenties.  I had gone for maybe a 20 minute nap, woke up and found my aunt staring at me, concerned.  She said I had been screaming for help.  So weird lol

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Lol! Yes. My Fiance apparently (according to his entire family) used to sleep walk TERRIBLY when he was growing up. Would scream jibberish and freak everyone out. His brother was terrified to sleep in the same room as him, haha! 

Luckily i’ve only heard him sleep talk. He did sleep walk once when we stayed at my parents’ house… my dad found him at the top of the stairs because he was talking to himself so my dad was very weirded out, lol!

One time, before we lived together, Fiance sat up in bed at 4a.m. and just pointed to the corner of the room and yelled. I woke up immediately, and was so freaked out I just got up and left… I usually left his house when I stayed over at 5a.m. I was not going back to sleep after seeing him do that lol… it’s funny now because it’s mostly just humming or he’ll sit up then go back to bed. 

These stories are all so funny!

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