Anyone else’s mom a bit of a drama queen?

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@MissBoPeep:  My Mom is like this. She always thinks everything is about her. Every time something happens she gets upset and says “I just wonder where I went wrong as a mother” She said this last night because my sister and I had an argument and aren’t currently speaking to eachother. It will blow over and will be fine, but she thinks we’ll “never talk to each other again” and that the “kids are suffering not seeing their Aunts”, meanwhile it’s been 2 weeks. LOL


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@MissBoPeep:   oh yes i cant relate. my mother (love her dearly) can be such a pain in the ass and a drama queen. plus she can never admit when she is wrong.

mom: (throws paper) OMG you did this wrong!!!

me: let me see, you dont have to have an attitude.

mom: because when you give me things, they should be right and this isnt. your formula is wrong

me: ummm i didnt do this spread sheet, you did

mom: no i didnt you did!!!! check your computer and fix it.

me: (after checking computer) it isnt in my computer, and the format is diffrent, i dint do the sheet. you must have it in your computer.  

so i get a call that she did find it in her computer and that is wasnt me who made the mistake. no apology, and in a softer tone, she proceeds to blame someone else. sooooooo professional right??

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LOL. I totally relate.

Last night my mom actually offered me MONEY to delete one of her friends from my Facebook friends list! Wtf? She went on and on and said her friend is nosey and just wants information and my mom doesn’t want her getting into her business. She does stuff like this all the time, and thinks everyone is out to get her, even her own supposed friends. I just have to laugh now. She literally offered me “$50 or $60″…..

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OMG. My mother is so weird. Every time we’re out anywhere having lunch or shopping, we’ll just be talking (say I’m talking about how my husband is bugging me, or my daughter had a rough day at school) and she’ll be like “Shhhh… don’t talk about that in here….” like the place is bugged. I say “What are you talking about mom? We don’t know anyone here, no one is listening to us, who cares!” and she’s like “I know, but you know, I just don’t think we should talk about family stuff in public…”

Um. Are we royalty? Are we being followed? She’s nuts!

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@KatyElle:  hahahahh my mom does stuff like that too! I always ask her if the papparazzi are following us. When I go to her house and she opens the door, she looks around and behind me all cautiously before she lets me in. I usually say “Don’t worry, I didn’t tell the paps where I was going to be, they didn’t follow me.” Or I yell out into the street “Put your cameras away everyone, she doesn’t have her face on!”



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@StaceyMay81:  Yes! She called me up in an absolute OUTRAGE one day wanting to know how she could call because they saved her shipping address and credit card info from the last time she made a purchase. I was like “Mom, they save it so you can use it the next time you buy something without re-entering all your info, it’s not like they have it on there so other people can buy stuff.” She was like “It’s just ridiculous, it’s a total breach of my privacy, I never authorized them to save that information, I’ll never order from them again!” My husband was listening to the conversation with a WTF expression on his face, but that’s my mom! If she could live out in the woods somewhere and not have a social security number, I have no doubt she would.

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My mama is fulllllll of drama. We’ve all adapted to it and have figured out the best ways to deal with it… which in my case is living a 14 hour car ride away 😉 It’s fine when it’s funny drama, but when it’s the ‘I’m the victim here’ stuff, it’s more than a little tiresome…

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My sister and I were driving to the hospital to visit our grandfather.  Mom calls us and asks us where we are; I say, “We’re on Route 29.”  

“OHHHHHHH NOOOOOOO why would you girls DO THAT?  I just don’t understand why you wouldn’t just TAKE NEW HAMPSHIRE?”

“….no one told us to take New Hampshire, but we should be there in about ten minutes.”

“Well of course no one told you but you should have KNOWN!  It’s so much faster.”

“Is Papa okay?”

“What?  Oh.  Yeah, of course, he’s fine.”

“Okay.  See you in ten minutes.” 

That’s one of my favorite mom moments.  Every time she says she’s a totally down-to-earth person and she just doesn’t understand drama queens, I bring that up.

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@KatyElle:  LOL I can totally relate. Scary thought: us becoming our mothers when we get older.

My mom is uber paranoid about a lot of things, including a fear of dying alone. She’s had a long line of husbands and boyfriends and is now single, so I think it scares her. When she broke her arm a few months ago, she literally took her WILL out and went over it with my brother. Her WILL! She also told me at that time that she was considering moving into a condo because she couldn’t do anything around the house with a broken arm, and at least if she was in a condo there would be people around if something happened to her. I calmly said to her “Mom, you do realize that you broke your arm and that it’s not permanent, right? And you do realize that you will not die from this broken arm?” Btw, she’s only in her 50’s.

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I can totally relate to that, my mom is awesome and all, but she can be a legit pain in the ass sometimes. Here is an example

Me: mom can u please make me tea?

Mom: no

Me: please?

Mom: no, too lazy

Me: Ok then.

(Two minutes pass by)

Mom: Ok fine I’m making you your tea, want anything with that?

Me: Oreos would be fine.

Then she legit flipped out on me, then she started walking away while screaming and yelling. So I held her wrist so she can calm down and we can have an adult conversation. Next thing I know is that she’s crying like a 10-year-old because I “Held her wrist too hard.” After that, this happens

me: Mom Listen to me! I don’t even know why your mad

mom: you’re using your physical strength against me

In my brain I’m like (wtf, how the hell am I using Physical strength? I just asked her to calm down and gently held her wrist.) But she appealed to my better nature so I’ll treat her the way she wants to be treated.

Me: Ok mom I’m sorry, can you now tell me how I made you mad.

mom: Your NOT DEPENDENT YOU EXPECT ME TO DO EVERYTHING FOR YOU BLA BLA BLA BLA. *After the word “You” I stopped listening to her BS

me: Mom.. MOM! can you listen to me? I’m pretty sure I did nothing wrong, I mea-

She cuts me off, then she says

Mom: off course, you’re never wrong.

Then she starts ranting and crying so I legit couldn’t hear a single word, so while she was talking I kinda got pissed and went to my room and closed the door while she was still screaming.

The whole point is, if she hadn’t refused to bring me Oreos, this wouldn’t have happened.

You see how stupid that argument was? and what was it worth, a bunch of Oreos?

It is really frustrating to live with overly dramatic parents.

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I wish my mom was a bit of a drama queen. She is always infuriatingly calm.

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My mom is seriously my BFF but she drives me crazy. I always tell her that I’m going to wrap a Xanax in a piece of cheese like how you hide pills from dogs so she can calm the hell down. My Darling Husband and I talk about how she worries about EVERYTHING. Get into a minor fender bender? They’re going to sue you for everything you own. Call out of work because you have an emergency? You’re boss is going to scream at you and/or fire you. I bought her tickets to see Rod Stewart for Mother’s Day and I’m hoping to god she invites one of her friends with her because travelling with her is terrible especially since it’s in a city we never go to. She will worry about being late, missing the show, getting lost, and whatever else she can think of.

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