(Closed) Anyone else's SO suffer from mental illness?

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@SmileyKitty:  My Darling Husband has autism/ADHD. He is high-functioning and able to stay in control at most times so he doesn’t take any meds for it. It really only shows big-time when he’s angry or tired.

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@SmileyKitty:  My fiancé was in the marine corp, from that he developed PTSD and anxiety. He takes medicine everyday and it is like a night and day difference. 

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Is he being treated & staying on his meds?  That’s important.

My Dh doesn’t have anything but I’ve been dx’d with major clinical depression, severe; GAD, severe & panic disorder.

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No, but my SO’s SO does, lol. I have GAD, PMDD, and dysthymic disorder, which is kind of a less severe but more constant depression. My lows generally are not quite as low (although I’ve also had depressive episodes) but my baseline is lower than normal

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@SmileyKitty:  I was married to someone with severe OCD. Our son would crawl across the floor, he’d pick him up and wash his hands off and repeat this over and over. There were many other things. We divorced for reasons unrelated to his OCD. Our son is 5 and washes his hands a lot but he’s fine. 

As a former ER nurse I know schizophrenia can be really really scary so please make sure he’s taking his meds like he should!  I saw a great Dr Phil episode about schizophrenia that really opened my eyes to it!


I think its on youtube if you look it up. 

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Just be a strong support system for him, and let him know you will always love him, even through the bad times of his illness 🙂 I have Bipolar, Anxiety and Depression and what helps me the most is knowing I can always count on my Fiance.

Also keep an eye on him, if you notice that he is behaving differently to normal, consult his doctor. Make sure he keeps taking his meds.

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My fiance has bipolar disorder, type 1. When he has been severely manic he has had schizophrenic features to the point that schizophrenia was considered as his diagnosis at first. He’s been hospitalized twice for a total of over three weeks. Bipolar fits better as his diagnosis, but he definitely has experienced a lot of the symptoms of schizophrenia – delusions, hallucinations, paranoia, you name it. It’s definitely been a struggle for us in the past, but things are going well now that he’s on the right combination of medications and consistently taking them.

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Buzzing bee
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He doesn’t but I do. I suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Panic Disorder. I take my meds and try very hard to be self-aware and stay on top of things. If I start feeling off. I go to the doctor and get my meds adjusted. I’ve been taking anti-anxiety meds for almost 10 years now and I am so much better for them.

I try to talk about it so that it minimizes the stigma of mental illness. If you had a headache, you’d take some Tylenol, wouldn’t you? Of course. Now everyone take your anti-depressants and feel better 🙂

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SO has Psychotic Depression with Agrophobia. I have Generalised Anxiety Disorder. We deal with each other extremely well because we both have the sensitivity needed for dealing with someone who has a mental illness, because of our own mental illnesses. A diagnosis doesn’t have to define your life! 🙂

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My Fiance is a form of manic depression. He does not take medication. I have clinical deoression and anxiety. I have been on medication for it since I was 14.

I’m glad I’m a psychology major and am able to help him when things do get rough. He functions normally until he gets too stressed or we have a heated argument. He breaks down if we REALLY fight which makes things hard. But, just like I have to be strong for him in those times he is strong for me when I’m depressed for no reason or anxious!

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Busy bee
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My fiance has some OCD and anxiety, undiagnosed and no meds. He comes from a household where meds arent acceptable. My Fi has to check all the locks multiple times before bed, he has to turn the car radio to a certain station and volume before he parks it. If I drive his car I have to put the key in a certain way but thats it ocd stuff though so its pretty minor. However, I think my future mother in-law is Bipolar and has some form of a paranoia disorder, I feel bad because I actually have started to avoid her. She manages to alienate everyone with her mood swings. The last straw was in an outlet store when she threw a pile of underwear across the store, took the clothes out of my hand that I was going to purchase and threw those too, all because an elderly woman (who probably couldnt even see) cut her in line, and then 3 minutes later she was acting like it was the best day ever and she was so happy. Ever since then I wont go shopping with her. I actually posted the other day about this because im afraid to mention to Fiance that I think she needs some medical help. I feel really bad that I avoid her, and I think she is starting to notice. Right after we got engaged she lied about having cancer and made up this whole story and to FI  saying she only had two years to live so he was a wreck and taking care of her every whim after the engagement and then she said that miracuously there was no more and she wa going to live.

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My SO suffers Anxiety and Bipolar Disorder. He takes his meds. I have found that I have to be a partner in his mental health at times, because he has very bad reactions at times to changes in meds, or if his anxiety temporarily worsens to the point that he can either not function or he is terribly mean and illogical.

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Busy bee

He doesn’t, but I do. I’ve got GAD (generalized anxiety disorder), PTSD, and MDD (major depressive disorder). I’m on medication and have had several years of therapy. Like Miss Leopard I try to treat it just like you would any other medical condition. People with diabetes take insulin and people with epilepsy take anti-convulsants. For me it’s no different. People with schizophrenia take anti-psychotics and people with depression take anti-depressents. 

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