(Closed) Anyone ever had a door to door "scammer"?

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Yeah over the years had a few come.  Normally I open the door with the dog leash in hand.  Dog is a sweetheart but she’s a jumper (she can clear up to my chest).  I tell them whatever they are selling I’m not interested and if they feel for my plight I’m sure they have some written/pamplets he could leave for my perusal.  Then shut the door.  Usually they leave nothing.  Seriously anyone coming to my door, that I don’t know is a scammer in my mind.  Really selling me water treatment that will lower my bills?  Why are you doing this door to door and not sending me junk mail. 


I really wouldn’t share any info, like your bills are in your sister’s name, who’s home with you or anything they can use to get inside your house.  I probably watch to much ID tv.

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 Don’t know, because I never answer the door if it is a random strangers. It’s usually annoying salespeople or charity collectors and I don’t want to deal with them so I just ignore! 

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It’s possible that a lot of those people canvassing actually are NOT scammers. You won’t know until you check out the info on the card – they should have a business license and a permit to be working in the area. 

I know this because my boyfriend was working for a solar energy company, going door to door to offer people the program. and it was definitely legitimate. 

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@SmileyKitty:  My Mum actually had a guy from an ‘energy company’ come to her door the other week, saying they’re phasing out halogen downlights (!!) and could save her some money, blah blah blah. They have solar power, so are already saving money.

This guy then went to the neighbour’s house and the guy said that the house is a rental, so he won’t be changing anything in it, and the guy said ‘well it’s up to you if you want to waste your f**king money’. WTF?! Sounds like a scam for sure – no one associated with a legitimate business would speak to people like that. 

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Our friends who were renting a full house had this happen with a “roofer”, it being immediately very obvious since they didn’t own but he wouldn’t let it go.

However, I also had a guy (with a big “Peace” sign in his yard) physically push me off his porch when I was legit canvassing because I was new and couldn’t immediately produce our 501(c)3 registry # (like I couldn’t fake that if I were a scammer). Yep, Google is your friend.

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@SmileyKitty:  Since you spelt neighbour with a “u”, are you in Australia? I’m pretty sure there is an office you can contact, so they can put out an alert if you want. You can also get a “Do not knock” sticker from the goverment, and then it is illegal for sales people to come to your door.

p.s. From your description he sounds more like a real company using dishonest tactics (as so many sales people do, of all types). I never buy anything from a door-to-door salesman or telemarketer, on principle. I refuse to sign up to anything on impulse.

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@SmileyKitty:  Yes! I am in Australia and I had a similar ‘scam.’ The worst part is, the scammer was actually part of a legit company. I was with company A. Company B came to my door and basically said the exact same thing your scammer did. We just have to switch over to his, discounts, blah blah. I was a bit suss and kept asking how? How does it work? etc and he laughed at me and basically acted like I was an idiot. Being only, like, 19 and totally passive, I finally agreed and signed up. I’m not very assertive and just don’t know how to say no 🙁

My original company A called a few days later. They asked had I signed up to company B? I said yes, why? They explained they had an issue with this company recently- they go out and promise all these discounts and do not give them. Company A then offerred me a discount to come back to them.

Company B is very sketchy. I was originally going to go with them when I first moved in as they were cheaper but I had A LOT of issues with them. I should have known better 🙁 I feel bad for all the little old ladies who would really fall for it though. I think a lot of it has to do with the manipulation and making you feel like you *have* to.

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@paula1248:  They are actually instructed to ignore those signs and pretend they don’t see them. Very bad business practices. My SO worked for a company like that selling Austar door-to-door. He quit after one day.

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At our old house we use to get a lot of scammers claiming to be from the hydro or gas company.  I remember this one the guy from a gas company claimed we should switch our gas company to his company, and how it would be cheaper to heat our house since the company he worked for charged less. 

He continued to tell us how our neighbours had switched to his company (he even pointed at our neighbour’s house that had apparently made the switch).  We knew he was lying since our neighbours house was heated by electric heat.  I continously asked him to leave, but he refused and stuck his foot in the door to prevent me from closing the door.  I told him he better move his foot or I will be slamming the door on his foot then calling the police since he was trespassing.   Yell

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Yeah, we did once. I told him I wasn’t interested, tried to shut the door on him but he put his foot in to stop me closing the door. He got closer to the door and I stomped on his foot. He yelled out and told me he’d call the cops. I told him he had nothing because I made it clear he wasn’t welcome and he bolted.

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I’m in the US, but we have scammers for that too.  We know they’re scammers, because they tend to hit up my neighbors before us, and the neighbor works for a legit electricity company, and he knows what’s going on in the area.

I would still call someone (maybe not the police, but I’m not sure- the local news?) and tell them of this.  There could be other people who fall victim, and this helps catch anyone who’s trying to pull off a scam, plus anyone who hasn’t been hit up gets a heads up.

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Yikes, we have a townhouse, so we don’t really get door-to-door sales people here. My parents used to however, and my mom used to just listen to their sales pitch, then politely decline.  

They can be very pushy however! Ugh.

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@SmileyKitty:  I had the same scam come to my door at 9:00pm on New Years. I called the police when they left. I couldn’t imagine a legit company working a holiday at that time. I got the feeling these guys were checking to see which homes were empty. Chances are if the home was vacant the owners wouldn’t be back until after midnight. The police took the call pretty seriously. The guys who we’re going door to door got pulled over at the end of my block shortly after I called. 

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