(Closed) Anyone ever regret getting a second dog?

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    We’ve had pets in the house temporarily, as I always find myself being a foster mom.  Dogs are like people in the sense that they are very individualized, and will be more so as an “only dog”. So just like an only child,  your dog might be particular.

    With some dogs, they tend to click instantly and without hassle. Others are more hesitant but eventually warm to each other, and then you have the pairs that remain standoffish (which ive found mainly with older dogs). 

    Its just about finding a dog whose personality clicks with your dogs! You can play matchmaker before making the decision, or some kennels & breeders will allow you to bring your dog in so they can meet.

    I dont think the puppy will have trouble gravitating to and befriending your older dog, though. The puppy will likely take your older dogs lead. So if he/she is very well trained you have nothing to worry about. I would be more concerned with introducing two older dogs

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    I don’t think you’ll have any issues since you’e getting a puppy.

    I said other because my family decided to adopt a rescue dog (4-5 years old) several years ago and it was awful. She was an extremely sweet dog and at the rescue place she was excited and running all around- normal dog stuff. We got her home and the first few days were fine. She was hyperactive and crazy dog status, but we assumed she would chill out after getting used to us and our environment. She never chilled, she constantly needed attention and loving. She would do laps around the living room begging for attention, she never tried to play or interact with our other dog, then she started peeing weird places. The vet said she clearly had mental issues, we brought her in to see if she had a bladder infection or something else, she was completely fine. Just a crazy dog. After howling all night and being hyperactive crazy dog all day, our family gave up after 4 months of this.

    Good luck with what you decided, a lab puppy would be insanely cute! 

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    Dogs are individuals, so it depends on the two dogs and their temperments. Some will get along great, others not so much, some dogs might get along with ANY dog but the other will cause trouble.

    I’d evaluate how your dog does with other dogs first (maybe there are certain breeds or types that your dog likes being around more), and visit a shelter and see LOTS of dogs until you find one that clicks. I personally suggest against just picking up any puppy you think you like. Look at other puppies, look at young adults, maybe even the same age as your dog, look at all different breeds; you’ll know when you find the one that fits. Then, bring your dog in to meet him or her.

    If you do go with a puppy, don’t think it’ll just be a clean slate. Some adult dogs don’t do well with puppies at all, so you should still test them.

    Overall, I 100% think dogs benefit from having a companion 😀 Just take the time to find the right one.

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    I have never regretted getting a 2nd dog. It was so great for my 1st dog, it calmed him down. Adopting the 3rd dog..now that has it’s pros and cons. Every day is an adventure, but my boys are worth it!

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    Never. They are the absolure best of friends. I was so worried when we got Ellie that Bentley was going to hate her (and us) but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Here are two pics one from when she was still little & a recent one.

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    Our oldest gets along with with our youngest that we got when he was 6 months old, although we have issues with the oldest and the latest addition who is roughly the same age.  Just depends on temperment of the dogs.  Maybe bring your dog to see how she interacts with the puppies at the shelter.  

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    does your older dog like dogs in general? Does your dog like puppies? And has your dog had any history of aggression towards other dogs? I ask this because our first experience with getting a second dog turned out very badly. You can read about it in some of my old posts, but suffice it to say, it turned out terribly.

    However, when we tried the second time things went much better. The only thing I wish we had done differently is making sure the puppy got used to being alone. Right now she is used to always having the other dog or a person there to keep her company so she gets very lonely when she’s forced to be alone, so keep that in mind. another thing to keep in mind is making sure that you make time for both dogs individually. Older dogs should be fine if you make sure to give them enough time and attention that they do not feel jealous. However, that does not ensure that your older dog would love your puppy, it may just tolerate it. Hopefully you can have a trial period.

    Also, I just wanted to let you know that my older dog, even though he is extremely well trained to the advanced obediance level, decided that he no longer needed to listen as closely and obey once the puppy came along. He knew that and we only have so many hands and the ability to go in one direction to correct misbehaving dogs, so he knows when he can get away with things. We used to leave him out of the crate during the day while we were away, but since he is started misbehaving when the puppy arrived, they both are created for the entirety of the time we are away from the house. I would very much recommend this, as it keeps your sanity while you were away from house, and keeps them out of trouble.

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    We’ve only had a few minor issues after getting the second dog. Once the puppy was no longer a puppy, they had a few fights between them to determine dominance. We stepped down on those fights hard a swift so there was only a few. Every once in a while they get testy with each other buy again, stepping down on those ends them before they get started. Other than that, getting the second dog was the best thing we did for our older dog. They play together, sleep together, and they are rarely apart. 

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    Our dog is terrible with other dogs, attacks them, it was a massive risk getting a puppy for us. We got a bitch and they are Inseperable, he’s so soft with her and so protective it’s lovely!

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    My only experience with having a second dog was when we kept one of my dog’s puppies. They were mostly outdoor dogs, and they loved each other so much and the mom kept the puppy in line. 

    I would definitely be worried about bringing in a second dog, I would only take a puppy if they are willing to take it back if things don’t work out.  

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    It all depends on the dogs.

    I had one dog he was great. I got a second and they get on famously. Then one I had lost was returned to me (someone stole her from my yard and 2.5 years later she was found running outside and since she was microchip led we were reunited) and now I have three. My “old” dog isn’t very dog friendly but thankfully we have never had a fight. Everything is great. We’ve had some “Screw off” growls but that’s it and expected.

    My only issue in having this many is walking them. It’s tedious walking taking multiple trips to walk all of them.  I do find it difficult sometimes as alone I can take one big dog and the small dog I can’t do all three.  Which sucks on all accounts because the one left gets upset.

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