(Closed) Anyone ever rented/purchased a digital fetal heart doppler system?

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I have no experience purchasing one for home use as mine is professional and waterproof thus significantly more expensive.  Having said that, why do you want one or feel the need for one?  I don’t think it’s a bad thing, but here’s an anecdote for you.

I had a client call me once, saying that she had been listening at home using a doppler for the past few weeks (she was now 18 weeks) and had recently only been able to hear the baby’s heart beat around 100 for the past few days and was concerned.  I’ll be honest, the first thing I thought was, “you’re using it wrong” and I asked her if she was sure it was the baby’s rate and not her own.  She said she was sure.  I said, “If you’re sure, you need to come in right away and be checked out. 100 is not normal and there could be something seriously wrong.” The baby could’ve been dying, but I didn’t say so.  She came from work right away, a 1.5hr drive.  Guess what? It was her heart beat.  The baby was fine.  That was a LOT of stress on both our parts, unnecessarily in my opinion.

I do understand a woman’s desire to feel connected to her baby, and I also understand that some people experience heightened anxiety during pregnancy for any variety of reasons.  I think, however, that the best solution is to manage those expectations in healthy ways rather than feel the need to increase surveillance.  I don’t know your reasons for wanting to buy a doppler and I admit that my opinion is unsolicited given the information you requested, but I generally don’t feel that most people should have a doppler for home use.  Of course, every situation is different and I don’t know the particular details of yours. 


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I think it’s easy for todays pregnant women to go overboard. There is no need to stock yor home with medical eqipment.

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newbabybee:  I purchased and used the Sonoline B pocket fetal doppler. I was able to find baby’s heart beat very early.. I don’t remember exactly but it was like week 9 or 10.  I loved having that reassurance every night that baby was still ticking away in there. (I had two miscarriages prior to the pregnancy I used the doppler with.)  I cleared it with my doctor and he was fine with me using it. 

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Same as mariwithani … bought the sonoline and loved it! I’d listen in maybe once a week for less than a minute. It took me a while to figure out how to find the heartbeat but loved hearing it, especially when it was too early for kicks or if baby was having a quiet day. 🙂 To me it was worth the purchase! 🙂

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I rented mine from Baby Beats for like $19 and it works perfectly. I was hesitant about getting one bc I didn’t one to be someone who freaked out if I couldn’t hear the heartbeat. It gave me a peace of mind though and I think if it makes you stress less then you should get one. I only rented mine until 6 months because her kicks are reassuring enough to me. Good luck!!

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I borrowed my friend’s Sonoline B doppler because I was having very few symptoms and with the stress of prior MCs I just wanted the reassurance. I was realistic about my expectations and knew I may not always be able to find the heartbeat, and that I also might be listening to my own more often than not. I watched youtube videos so that I knew how to look for the baby’s HB and how it should sound and I was able to find mine easily around 11.5 weeks. I used it probably twice a week from then until around 16 weeks when I could start to feel baby move. After that I only used it sporadically. Once you are feeling baby move, you should not use the doppler if you are worried about a lack of movement or think something is wrong. Hearing the heartbeat doesn’t necessarily mean that everything is ok and a call to the doc should always be made.

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I bought mine for 35$ new on eBay. I’m pretty fluffy and have a c section scar but I’ve been finding the baby since 9 weeks. It’s fun because I make videos for my fiancé who is working states away from us and missing all my appointments. The sonoline B tends to be more expensive and mine has the same strength wand so that’s why I chose it it’s about half the pricez

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newbabybee:  I bought one on Ebay. The Angelsounds fetal doppler jpd-100b with 3mhz probe. I found it gave me piece of mind. 

For using it, I found looking up YouTube videos helpful. Basically I was around 10 weeks when I first tried it, knowing that would be early. I put the ultrasound gel on my belly really low, like top of pubic line. Then placed the wand. It took a little bit, but I found the baby’s HB. Your HB will be around 85-100bpm. The baby’s will be faster like 140-180. If you hear a whooshing, that is the placenta. Find that then move around really slowly from there. The baby’s HB sounds like a washing machine or train. You might have to press down pretty firmly. I have an anterior placenta, so sometimes the sound of the blood flow through the placenta inteferes with the machine reading the HB correctly, so I just close my eyes and listen to baby behind the placenta.

I understand what others are saying about potentially causing stress. I went into it knowing there was a chance I couldn’t find the HB and promised myself I would not worry excessively. For me, I find it very reassuring between appointments to give a listen every once and awhile. 

Now at 16w4d, I place the probe just an inch below my belly button and find baby instantly. My home HB bpm match up with my doctors. 

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I was gifted a sonoline B, I was able to hear my baby’s heartbeat around 9 weeks, and I stopped using it regularly once I started feeling movement. It was a great relief to know things were ok in between those first appointments. That said, early on you need to realize you may not find it every time, so just because you don’t doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

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Honesltly, I just counted movement and kept track of that and drank a big glass of orange juice if the baby didn’t move enough for my liking.  I figured I’d freak myself out with a fetal heart doppler.

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Dependibg how far along you are there are actually iPhone apps that work just as well and are only a few dollars. I downloaded one when I fell at 28w pregnant and it worked beautifully. I think it would have worked sooner too. 

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My son’s sitter gave me hers to use at home. I was not feeling movement at 20 weeks, which turned out to be anterior placenta (can finally feel “flutters” at 22 weeks). I believe it is the Sonoline B others have mentioned. Having it was a huge reassurance and eased my anxiety about losing the baby.

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