(Closed) Anyone fall off the diet bandwagon?

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Busy Beekeeper
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I’m sure off the bandwagon!  But I’m re-dedicating myself tonight by returning to yoga class.  I’ve basically been doing my regular job and then working all of these additional ER shifts, and it’s been killing my diet motivation.  All I want to eat is something quick, easy and comforting… and I’ve been too tired to exercise.

But I’m going to come back strong with 4 months until the wedding!

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Sugar bee

Bee, I definitely fell off the wagon this weekend!!  My friends and I are big college basketball fans and we have an annual tradition of getting together to watch the NCAA tournament.  Of course, we began that tradition back in college, when we could all eat crazy amounts of junk food (think chili cheese fries and buffalo wings).  I tried my best to stay on track (at least I worked out all of the days), but I fell prey to a cheese steak and french fries…among other things.

My first official dress fitting is Saturday, so I’m hoping that rededicates me to my goal.  For me, I always get distracted once I start eating poorly.  The key for me is to leave the past in the past.  Tomorrow is another day!

And FWIW, I feel like diet makes WAY more of a difference in my weight loss than working out. 

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I would love to join you in getting back on the wagon! Before Christmas me and my Fiance did the South Beach Diet for about month and half and both had great results but then I went back to school and got tired and stressed it was just easier to eat junk but I am going grocery shopping Friday and will be restocking with healthy food and "diet food" tonight I did a little Wii fit and will be going to the gym tommorrow (on my day off) so good luck to you and let’s keep up with each other’s progress!!! Did you already have your wedding?

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Bumble bee
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I fell off, and already got back on a week and a half ago … and it feels great!!

Get back on track ladies, remember how good it feels to work out!!

Ms. Ballet Flat motivated me!

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Worker bee

I was doing good till the holidays rolled around, I’ve only gained back about 2 lbs of the 10 I lost. I can thank the stress and surgery for the 10 I lost LOL, but I’m 5lbs away from my goal which was 120lb I’m still 125. Eh I’m happy though.

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Buzzing bee

I got off – and then back on – but then back off tonight!

I am not trying too too hard.  My dieting consists of just eating better choices and exercising daily.  But, I have failed miserably the last month!!

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Busy Beekeeper
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Fell off bigtime Mrs. Bee!  I lost 7 lbs and gained back 2.  I blame it on pms, stress, the awful vacay to Jamaica, and then got sick …thought I lost but was wrong.  I also ate due to stress today more than I usually do …b/c son’s sick, I’m tired, etc..up late tonight b/c he’s sleeping and waking up coughing his head off.  I worked six days a week ago and then took five days of call..I’m a zombie I tell ya!

I read an interesting article too..said that you can lose up to 15 lbs by not dieting and SLEEPING more.  That I definitely need to do.  I feel like a zombie.  Article said 7 hours a must.  They said diet is irrelevant.  That cortisol builds up due to lack of sleep and stress.

I also am with you Mrs. Bee, and I agree that with me, diet is more important than exercise and dieting makes me lose quicker than running or aerobics does. 

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Helper bee
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Ugh, I have fallen off… one word… finals.

 Now, my finals are done and I am ready to get back on track. 🙂

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Busy bee
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@Mrs. Bee ~ I totally agree with you that diet seems to have a bigger impact on my "wagon status" than exercise does.  In fact, last year I started running regulary (a first ever for me), and felt so good about my health only to find out that I was GAINING weight.  So annoying!  

I talked to my doctor and a dietitian about this who both told me that it’s usually necessary to gain control over your diet before exercising so that your blood sugar is stabilized and the change in your energy exertion does not result in a drop of energy which is usually followed by over eating. 

So thiiiiiiiis year, I started off the New Years by eating right, and now that it’s getting warm out and I am still eating right, I am ready to reincorporate exercise back into my week.  Keep your fingers crossed! 

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Bee Keeper

I had a "binge week" last week.  Cookies, candy, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!  I was an eating machine!  But my boss said something like "See, your discipline is slipping now and you’ll just be back where you were before…"  (He’s just like that)  I thought "OH GOD!  I don’t want to look like that again!!  I like the new me!"  So this week I recommitted to my diet.

@mrsbee: I usually buy all my food on Saturday and cook all day Sunday.  Then I just pack my single serving breakfast and lunch each day, along with two pieces of fruit and a TUB of fresh cut broccoli. cauliflower, snap peas, and sliced cabbage to munch on.  I can’t fall back on the snacking because I have ready to eat snacks with me all the time!  It only takes about 4 hours to make food for the week. 

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Busy bee
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What a great idea!  I find it really hard to plan dinners around my fiance.  To put it nicely, he’s a picky eater and can eat anything without gaining weight.  I know, I know.  He should be eating healthy to support me as well, but easier said than done at this point in the battle.  I’ve just started eating a small serving of the main entree and supplementing it with a nice big salad.  So far that’s worked well, but he keeps complaining that I’m hiding all the good stuff in the cabinet above the fridge.  And then I say, "WELL IT’S THE ONLY ONE I CAN’T REACH, OKAY???" Good thing he loves me so much!  😉

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Helper bee
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Oh that sounds like my fiancee!  I am on South Beach right now, and I basically have altered my recipes so that they are diet friendly.  For example, chicken parm is now breaded with almond meal.  I think he misses the heavy pasta dishes and pizza, so I always stock those items for him to make when I’m too busy to cook dinner. 

 It’s hard to watch him eat pizza or mac and cheese, but I remind myself how hard it was for me to get to where I’m at, and that it isn’t worth it!

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Buzzing bee
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I feel so groossss.  I have been so busy, I used to have pilates a few times a week and go to the gym, now during those times I’m soo busy with wedding stuff!!! I got engaged Feb. 15th this year, fell off, and am trying to get back on. It’s almost April. I have to get back ON!


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Helper bee
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yes!!!! My boudoir shoot was Friday, and all weekend I ate like crazy because I was so relieved that all of the exercise and dieting was done after the shoot. I need to suck it up and keep it going! I’ll start my work outs tomorrow again and lay off the crazy sweets… again. 😉

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