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@vorpalette:  THIS. You want to lose this weight in a healthy manner and using fad diets can destroy your metabolism. By doing it the right way, you have a better chance of maintaining your weight loss. Best of luck!

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@chemfemme:  This is very dangerous advice. I hope you are not eating 500 calories a day without careful medical supervision and please do not encourage others to do so either.

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intense, interval cardio. Like skipping or intervals of sprinting/jogging.

 Don’t eat ANY sugar or simple carbs. Up your protien intake.


Sugar is what makes your body need to store glucose fast, so it goes to the tummy. Intense, interval cadio makes your body need release glucose fast, so it comes out of your tummy.  Coz it’s closest to your pancreas maybe?? IDK. But I can look at my stomach and see a noticeble difference the day after I eat sugar, or do interval cardio.


Cutting calories or going for a slow jog with make you lose weight, but more evenly over your body. It’s kinda like tummy fat is your chequeing account for energy, and the-rest-of-your-body fat is your savings account.

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I do low carb and cut out all sugar; I’ve lost 33 pounds since August. I eat hard boiled eggs for breakfast, salad with a protein for lunch (olive oil + pepper on top, no dressing) and a protein (fish or chicken normally) and green vegetable (broccoli or asparagus) for dinner. I drink coffee with cream in the morning and then a lot of water throughout the day. My body responded quickly and well to low carb. I lost 5-7lbs/week the first 2-3 weeks, and now trend about 2lbs/week (3lbs if I’m really good.) Good luck–two months is still plenty of time if you’re strict with whatever you choose.

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@Happy2bMrs:  yea wheat belly! Was it me who recommended it? Either way, OP that is 100% the way to go. You feel better and you’re no longer hungry at 3 in the afternoon and I don’t crave dessert anymore. I highly recommend it not only for weight loss, but because it encourages the things we need for good health, and discourages those we don’t. 

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Very simple. Eat clean. Meaning no processed foods, no fast foods…pretty much veggies, fruits, protein (chicken, shrimp, beef, fish, eggs). Brown rice is great too. 

That ^ and Ab Ripper X. I’ve been doing this plan for about 3 months now. You will see results right away from Ab Ripper X, plus clean eating. Sounds like I’m advertisting, but lol I kid you not it works. SO and I are health and fitness nuts. If you want to try out Ab Ripper X, google “ab ripper x” there are videos from the DVD — ab ripper x part 1 and ab ripper x part 2. 

ETA: Everyone has a 6 pack/abs, it’s just the layer of fat that is over it and covers it. Once you eat clean, do ab ripper x, cardio/running, you will see a difference. AND DRINK WATER, WATER, WATER…and oh yeah water! 🙂 Of course, like others said, you cannot “spot reduce.” 

Hope this helped! Good luck! 🙂

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@Natto:  I also monitor my sugar intake.  I try not to eat too many sweets, try to stay away from processed food and try not to drink pop.   These are empty calories that aren’t necessary in your diet and are terrible for your health in general.  Hard to do during Halloween season though!! 

Eating kit Kats as I read this….


I hear intermittent fasting works. That is, eating your calories withing a certain time frame of the day, and only drinking water for the rest of the time. For example, only eat from 1pm to 7pm every day. I keep trying to do it, but it is SO hard for me at the end part of the day not to eat outside the window. 

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I bought the Insanity workout videos you see infomercials and let me tell you it is hard as hell, but it is working. I recommend them if you wanna lose weight and tone up. Kinda hard to lose just belly fat though because your body loses weight in the opposite way you gain it. The first place excess fat is stored is the stomach then the thighs and finally the face and arms, which means you lose weight in your face and arms then your thighs and finally your stomach last. This means you have to lose weight all around to truly lose your stomach fat. 

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@honeybee1999:  Ugh. Tell me about it.  My workplace is surrounded by candy bowls and superb bakers.  Let’s just say that I now have a fondness for pumpkin hershey’s kisses and spiced cheesecake…Embarassed

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Pumpkin hersey’s kisses! Oh, Lawd! You are in trouble!

I went grocery shopping. Told myself no candy. Not sure how those KitKats wound up in my house….Humnnnn? Innocent

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I’ve been doing weight watchers since August, and I’ve lost a little over 20 pounds. I’d highly recommend it – I still eat a lot of good food (had chicken parm for dinner tonight and an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie for dessert!), but I eat a lot less carbs and much smaller portions. I’ve found it to be a lot easier than I thought. I didn’t think I would stick to it to be honest, but it was easy for me to eat good food and not be miserable (like eating all veggies or cutting out carbs completely). I’d suggest with any diet that you don’t make anything off limits, it makes it so much more difficult to stick to. I try to keep my main meals smaller so that I can have little treats throughout the day – it honestly keeps me more satisfied than having three large meals. I find when I go into a meal starving, I make awful choices, so I try not to let myself get to that point.

Obviously, I’m not a doctor and I don’t know if it will work for everyone, but I’ve been really happy with it and I’d def. suggest trying it, even if you combine it with some of the other suggestions on here.

Good luck!

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I don’t understand this theory of ‘only eat between ____ and ____’. The amount of calories consumed is still the same whether you eat at breakfast at 7am or at 10am!

I lost over 30 pounds in 5 months eating dinners between 7pm-10pm depending on when work finished, and that was with some pasta dishes.

It’s simple. To lose weight you have to burn more calories/ kilojules than you consume. Work out your BMR (basal metabolic rate) and go from there.

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I did ab ripper X for 2-3 times a week and within two months had awesome results. To put it into persepctive, I have been uncomfortable in a swimsuit for the last 5-6yrs and now I can rock a bikini 🙂 They esp. have a lot of exercises that help with the lower belly area, which is where my problems were!

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