(Closed) Anyone get pregnant without counting and planning?

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I’ve gone off BCP after my last cycle. Were planning on TTC right after the wedding. I’ve been on the pill since I was 14 though, so I really don’t know what my natural cycle is. This really is a trial run to see how things go, and see if I will have regular cycles. For the first little while we’re going to just try and see what happens. If we’re unsuccessful I’ll do what needs to be done like charting, temps etc.

I do know three girls that were very successful in getting pregnant without planning. They didn’t have to chart or worry about it all. They each got pregnant only a couple months of stopping BCP. Each woman is different, and some have to try harder than others. Ahh, the mystery of the female body lol

Good Luck!!

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@viewfrmhere:  I am with you!! We are starting this month and I don’t know what to expect! my Darling Husband is not as worried as he states “do you know how many teens get pregnant without trying????’ Men! And he also thinks he has super sperm.

I am hoping it will be effortless but as @Future_Ms.Bostonceltics:  said all women are different. Some get pregnant without trying hard and others try their hardest but it takes time.

My fingers are crossed for everyone!

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I had my IUD removed in the end of Augast 2011 and found out I was pregnant Febuary of 2012. We conceived in January. We werent “trying”, we werent charting or planning it just sorta happened. ๐Ÿ™‚

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I’ve actually asked this of my friends because we are TTC now and only one of them did the whole planning thing- the rest basically went off all forms of BC and it happened whether or not they were actually looking to get pregnant. My friend that was charting did not get preganant until she and her husband decided to stop stressing about it and just letting it be. Reading the boards on here has freaked me out some because the charting sounds like a whole new job! I’m hoping that it happens more easily than it appears on here..but if not, I’m ready to chart and do whatever necessary to better our chances.

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I have a friend and sister that both got pregnant on accident. Another friend that told me she just prayed a lot for both of her babies but didnt really chart just read TCOYF. Another few friends charted, temp’d, visited ferility dr’s and did the rounds of medicines to even have 1 (1 girl is still not pregnant after years of specialists and drugs)… hopefully I can fall in the middle and charting/temping work for us. 

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With my DS I got pregnant a month after going off my BCP and I did not chart or do anything.  I am hoping it will be just as easy this time, and if it doesn’t happen within 6 months then I will probably chart.

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Not a frequenter of the TTC board but had to respond. When I took an antibiotic on my BC, and I wasn’t totally careful about taking it every day, I got pregnant right away. Oops. So don’t worry, just think of us moms of “happy accidents” and have hope that it’ll be just as easy for you ๐Ÿ˜‰

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@viewfrmhere:  I was very scared and overwhelmed, but I knew I’d have trouble, and my desire to have a baby overruled my fear and I started charting before TTC. I did the learn as you go thing, which has worked out well so far it’s not very overwhelming.

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I got pregnant ON birth control. I had always been on TriCylen (about 7 years) and then my doctor switched me to Alesse and BAM! Preggo in 3 months! I took the pill religiously and found out a routine visit to the hospital. 

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I basically googled “ovulation calculator”, entered my info and then tried to have sex in the week it told me I would ovulate. I now have a 2 week old ๐Ÿ™‚


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I got pregnant on the pill (I’m now 10 weeks along), but I definitely had the same concerns as you.  We were planning for me to go off the pill in another year or so, and take a relaxed approach to TTC (a lot of people here call that NTNT, but to me, if you are having unprotected sex you are TTC, even if it’s just “TTC lite”) in the hopes that it would Just Happen.

My mom had some problems TTC, so I was worried it might not be easy for us, and at the same time, I really didn’t want to make TTC into a full-time job because it seems like being so clinical about it and trying to time everything like a Navy SEAL operation would take the fun out of sex and strain our marriage.  So the prospect of hardcore TTC with charting, temps, OPK, etc. was definitely scary.

As PPs have said, every woman is different.  Some of us get pregnant with little to no effort.  Some of us have to be a little more strategic about it.  Some of us end up doing fertility treatments or adopting.  But all those roads lead to motherhood, and we will all get there in time.

And if it makes you feel any better, I think that people who chart and temp are over-represented on the TTC boards here and elsewhere on the internets, because the people who get really strategic about it are the same people who are most likely to seek out similarly situated women for advice and support.  Those who get pregnant easily are more likely to just get pregnant, have their babies, and go on with their lives because they have less occasion to seek out advice online.  So we are less likely to hear from those women.

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I charted for a month and got pregnant.  It didn’t feel stressful or clinical to me or my husband and didn’t take more than 2 minutes each morning.  Take temp, put in chart.  I don’t get what all the fuss is about.  It was exciting to see that my body was really ovulating and doing what it was supposed to do and that made BDing even more exciting. Maybe if I was doing it for a year, I might get tired of it, but just as a tool to see what my body was doing, I loved it.  I can tell you that as excited as we are to have gotten pregnant so quickly, my husband was bummed at first that the “trying” was over  ๐Ÿ˜‰  I didn’t find it confusing or difficult.  All I did was put in my temps on fertility friend and wait until it told me I was fertile. 

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I went off BCPs and decided to chart right away as I had a history of irregular cycles and a sibling with PCOS. I figured if I started charting right away I would have something to take into a doctor if things didn’t level out. Darling Husband and I weren’t planning to try for a bit, but we ended up pregnant on my second cycle.

My first period was normal, my second was ridiculously long. If it wasn’t for charting, I’d have no idea I ovulated (I ovulated on CD108), so while I was charting, it really was completely unexpected and totally unplanned.

If it wasn’t for my history of irregular cycles and my sibling, I would have not charted. Honestly, just go at it when you are ready, start charting only if you are irregular or things aren’t working. You could just start monitoring things like cervical mucus if you really want, since it’s usually a good sign.

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