(Closed) anyone get results with weight watchers?

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I’ve done a bunch of diets before, including weight watchers, which worked.  But nothing worked as well as South Beach diet and eating clean.  Good luck!

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15-20 lbs is do-able in 20 weeks. Don’t forget though that it’s not all about the pounds. If you are working out and following Weight Watchers you will be getting smaller even if you are building muscle mass.

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@meldiano:  My friend’s bf lost a lot of weight on it, but as soon as he went off he gained it all back.

I usually don’t like diets, but this is more of a lifestyle change. Basically it’s about portion control. You’re given X amount of points a day and you can use it all by having a Mcd’s meal, or you can space it out by having 3 healthy meals (you get the idea).

I think that you will have results with this and you won’t have to do anything too extreme. I don’t think you’ll see AMAZING results, though since it’s not about depriving yourself too much.

I’d probably just cut out the bad foods and double the exercise and you’ll see big results.

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Yes! I lost 40 lbs with it and went from a size 10 to a size 0-2.

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I originally lost 70 lbs with Weight Watchers Online about 6 years back…. currently I rejoined to lose about 15.  It’s been about a week and I’ve dropped about 3.5 lbs.  Pretty happy with it so far.  It’s easy to do!  It keeps you accountable.  I’ve used sparkpeople.com too!  That one is free it’s a like a counting calorie database.  I feel that using WW and Sparkpeople has both helped me become more aware of what I put into my body- even when I was maintaining.  I like it better than doing nutrisystem or Jenny Craig because I can make my own food.  It could work for you! 🙂  

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I will ask a question that may seems kind of dumb, but what exactly is weight watchers, i know it  helps loose weight but what exactly do they do to help you loose weight?

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@Genny1687:  WW gives a point value to every food.  you are allotted a number f points per day based on a bunch of different factors – gender, weight, etc.  You count your points values for the foods you eat!  you can “earn” more points by exercising.  Also, you get a weekly balance of 49 extra points that you can use if you want, but you don’t have to.


I recently rejoined WW and am down about 5 pounds in 4 weeks.  I’m a slow loser though!  Good luck, OP!

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I had great success with WW a few years ago, right out of college I needed to loose the freshmen 15 which turned in to the senior 20. I ended up loosing about 25 lbs total before I ended up stopping, I don’t remember why I stopped, but I have been considering starting it up again. I love thier mobile app. 

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WW is awesome — I lost 80 lbs four years ago, and have been successful in keeping most of it off. Good luck!

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I did WW several years ago and I was the thinnest I had been in a while. I’m not considered obese or anything, but I did want to drop to the lower end of my healthy BMI. I didn’t do the points method but the other one where you avoided certain food products and could eat as much of the other food products as you would like (to the point of being satiated, not overstuffed). For example, you should avoid white bread and rice but you could have as much broccoli or spinach as you wanted. I think this method works well for the long-term too since it is just a whole different way of eating and living, rather than a traditional calorie-counting diet.

I know people that did the points method and honestly, I got exhausted and overwhelmed just trying to eat at the same table as them. One point, one point there and they were eating unhealthy/processed food that was low in points and in tiny portions rather than “real” food. I’m not saying all the point counters are like that, but the ones I knew personally were.

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I have been on weight watchers for a year now – i lost .5 of a pound to 1 pound a week which is healthy- I go to a meeting every week, I found it helped me to stay accountable. It’s totally a lifestyle change! I am aloted 27 points a day and found that if I used my extra 49 points that I would gain so I personally don’t use them. Make sure you eat all your points or you won’t lose.

I lost 25 pounds on weight watchers over 5 ish months and have kept it off. Once you hit your goal you can’t just go back to eating whatever you want – in all honesty i don’t deprive myself of anything. I used to eat a dairy milk chocolate bar at least one a week now instead I eat Creme Brule Skinny Cow Ice Cream everyday ! It’s 3 of my weightwatchers points and it curbs my sweet tooth. I find WW just helps you to make better decisions and look at something like a plain old white bun and think .. do i want to waste points on a bun for 4-5 points depending on the size or would i rather have an icecream bar later for 3 ? 🙂

Good Luck !

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I love WW.  I lost 50 lbs around 6 years ago and have kept it off.  I stopped tracking points years ago, but it taught me so much about portion control that years later I am still able to think about what I’m eating.  FI was on WW when we met and lost 80 lbs, 3 years later Fiance has still kept off those 80 lbs. 

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That’s it! I’m now joining WW after reading all of your posts 🙂

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TO – Genny1687: Weight Watchers is a worldwide company in the Weight Loss Industry. They have a “philosophy” that they use to help people lose weight. It is mostly about portion control and changing one’s outlook about food (a lifestyle change). Exercise is encouraged but not stressed, or a large component of the program.

Instead of counting calories… you do something similar but it is actually counting points… A point value is assigned for all foods in a serving portion (so for example a slice of bread is valued at 2 points). This is determined because, a WW Point is equal to aprox 50 calories (give or take depending on how much fat or fibre is in an item)

On Weight Watchers a woman is generally allotted aprox 1200 to 1500 calories / somewhere in the neighbourhood of 20 Food Points per day (depending on her starting weight, and a Goal Weight determined to fit in with her Height, Age and Lifestyle). And the Food Points are amassed daily in all of the major food groups. There is a stress on Proteins, Fruits & Veggies, with attention focussed on how much one consumes in regards to Carbs in the form of Grains & Cereals – Starches – Dairy – and Sugars (including Alcohol)

A large portion of what makes Weight Watchers a success is that it is a relatively easy to follow program. And they have info for how to fit ethnic foods, restaurant foods and even fast foods into their plan.

Support Groups are also a key component, and Members are encouraged to “check in” regularly be that on-line or at a WW Meeting. Accountability seems to be a proven factor in weight loss and keeping it off.

In the Weight Loss World, WW is highly respected, and their program does have good results for most people. It is also a very affordable weight loss program and so popular that it is easy to find a Meeting in your Neighbourhood, or near where you Work (they even have groups that have been formed by groups of employees and meet at Companies over lunch hour… check with your Employer’s HR & Benefits Office for more info). And of course now they have on-line 24 hour access as well.

Lol, if there is one controversy… it is the fact that after you reach your Goal Weight, a great many people go back to their old habits and gain back the weight (I would certainly be one of those people). Weight Watchers, being the “smart” company that they are have implemented a way to address that aspect as well. Once you lose all your weight and achieve Goal, you are rewarded with a Certificate and a Weight Watchers Lifetime Membership. Which means Membership is FREE as long as you never gain back the weight. And if you do, you just pay the Weekly Meeting Fee and do not have to ever repay the “Initiation Fee” again.

An attractive option for sure, and kind of ensures that those who fall off the wagon think of WW first when they are looking around for a weight loss program.

For more info check out these websites…

Wikipedia – Weight Watchers = http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weight_Watchers

Weight Watchers USA = http://www.weightwatchers.com

Hope this helps,


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