(Closed) anyone gone from cat hater to cat lover? considering getting a cat

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No.. I actually went the opposite way… from cat lover to cat hater.

When I was younger I loved cats! Unfortunately, my mother was the crazy cat lady. She had a soft spot for cats… and every stray cat ended up living with us. At one point growing up, she had 14 cats! No thanks.

After living with that many cats, I refuse to have one. Ever.

When I did enjoy cats, I liked them because they were pretty low maintenance… very loving and a little quirky.

Litter boxes are pretty gross to me, though.

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Growing up I hated cats – with a PASSION! 

When I started dating Fiance he had a cat… a orange tabby named Nala. For the first couple of years we have a love/hate relationship with one another. She would often just stare at me from across his moms house while I sat with him and would get very in his face when I was with him too.

Regardless Nala and I became great friends after some time. Now that Fiance and I practically live together with her I can’t imagine life without a cat and almost dread for the day when we get a dog!

The cat hair really isn’t that bad if you are fine with going around with a lint sticking brush every few days! The only problem is my winter coat as it is black and attracts everything in its path… I always feel like a crazy cat lady going outside.

We’ve actually combined the best of both worlds and started bringing her outside on a harness so we could feel like we had the benefits of being outside with a dog while actually owning a cat! It is such a thrill to be able to leave her at home for a while and be able to come back without as much worry as we’d have with a dog.

Edit: I also failed to mention the scratch factor. If you can’t bear the thought of being scratched then a cat is not for you. Our darling cat never intentionally scratches but she has her moments when we are playing when she doesn’t realize her claws have dug into my skin… she’s never left a serious scratch but they can be a real pain!

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I always thought I was a dog person but I realized a few years ago that I’m really more of a cat person – especially with my current lifestyle (live in a cold climate in a small apartment). Cats are so fun, and yes, less work.

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My family and I (when I was still living with my parents) never had a pet (dog or cat) growing up. One day, one of my sisters brought a kitten home, and my entire family went from thinking very negatively about cats into being absolute cat lovers. Kittens are the best to work with, as you can mold them to your personality. We had an unfortunate incident with that kitten (Simba) – he upped and disappeared one day :(. We did adopt our current cat a year after mourning Simba’s loss (he was 3), and he adored by everyone.

Fi and I adopted a kitten over the summer. Fiance was totally not into the idea (he’s a huge dog person), but he treats Milo like he is our first born child. He actually misses him when we have to leave him at his mom’s for trips and the like. He did pick up “Cats for Dummies” the day we adopted Milo, and we learned so much from that book! I would recommend you do the same before getting a kitten/cat.

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I never liked cats. I made fun of cat people. In fact, I was even allergic to cats. Then I ended up with a stray, pregnant cat on my doorstep. Now I look up cute cats on the internet. I am disgusted with myself. We gave the kittens and mom away to family and friends, but I kept one, and I love her. She’s now 6 years old, and I think it is so incredibly awesome to have had her since she was born. Oh, and my allergy became much milder through exposure.

ETA: She’s longhaired and sheds like crazy, but I have to agree that she is much less work than a dog.




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@cuddlz88:  I also went the other way. I loved cats until I turned 11 years old when I suddenly became seriously allergic to them. They make me feel so horrible. I can’t even be in a house where cats used to live.

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@cuddlz88:  DH has gone from hating cats to wanting one someday 🙂 

We fostered a kitten and brought it back to health so during that time my DH’s views changed. I think it is hard togiven a kitten medicine and not fall in love 

I don’t have a suggestion on breed but do suggest a few things! 

Number one being get a HUGE kennel for the kitten or make designated place for it to stay. All animals (especially babies) need a place where they can feel safe. We set up a kennel for our foster kitten and put its food, water, blanket, and litter box in the kennel. At night we could close the door and during the day we could keep the kennel open. 

You want to introduce the kitten into the home room by room. Kittens are small and need a chance to become comfortable with their surroundings before you drag them all over the home. They also need a little more space than puppies need. It shouldn’t take long for your kitten to get used to your noises and home. 

Here is Ms. Minnie who is now healthy and up for adoption:

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I had a similar situation.  I was from a dog family and I wouldn’t say I hated cats… simply that I treated them with distain… probably because that’s how I felt they treated me! haha.

But like you my flatmate and I were in a situation where a dog wasn’t possible but a cat was.  So we went to the local rescue place and adopted the most gorgeous ginger kitty cat.  She was probably about two years old when she got her.

Most doglike cat EVER.  Maybe I hit the jackpot but Norma Jeane acted so doglike I was quite taken aback.  Loved attention, followed me around, begged for food.  I completely fell in love with her and totally changed my mind about cats.  Sadly she had to go live with friends of ours when I moved in with FH but I will forever treasure the year and a bit I had with her. (Oh, and one of that couple was a bit like me, not so sure about cats, more of a dog person but he’s totally fallen in love with her too)

Gratuitious photo additions (FLUFFY TUMMY!!!):


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I was never a cat hater, but i was pretty meh until we got our cat. I now adore our cat and think it’s the perfect solution. 

Growing up I had dogs and always thought of myself as a dog person. And I still love dogs. The thing about dogs is that most of them are attention sluts. They’ll take it from anybody. So playing  with your friend’s dog is pretty  similar to playing with your dog. Cats are not like that. My cat is way more awesome than anybodu else’s cat. Because he knows me. If I lay on the couch to watch TV, he comes and curls up on m chest. And he can take care of himself, if we go away for the weekend. And I don’t have to walk him in the cold. Honestly, it’s perfect. He was just a stray who needed a home and we couldn’t take him to a shelter becase it was Thanksgiving and then we got attached. I agree that darker is better for seeing hair on your pants!

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@cuddlz88:  I wouldn’t say I was a cat hater, but I remember saying to my ex when we moved in together that I did not want a cat to enter our appartment, ever. As a kid, I couldn’t have pets because my sister had severe asthma, and most of my friends had old, grumpy cats that would never cuddle or play with me. They were independant (hiding all the time) and sometimes aggressive. I grew up disliking cats.

But my ex missed having cats. He grew up with cats around. I finally decided to offer one to him on his birthday. We went to the rescue center in my town and entered the cats’ room. We both exclaimed ”awwwww !” then walked straight … to two different cages that were side by side. We had fallen in love with two different kittens and couldn’t decide which one we would take home, so we ended up adopting both of them ! One of them was sick (rhino) so we had to leave him for another week to get his treatments, but we could leave with the first cat. First thing I said in the car : ”honey, THE CAT IS NOT SLEEPING IN OUR ROOM”. First night, we close the door. The 7-weeks kitten scratches on the door with her tiny paws and meows in such a cute, cute and desperate way, that we couldn’t resist for more than 5 minutes. I went to get her and she hopped on the bed and cuddled between us, purring. 

I’ve not been able to live without a cat ever since. I’ve had many over the years, now we have 3, all rescued, and they’re like my babies. I go out of town for one night, I miss them. They’re not that independant. One of them is, the other 2 constantly seek attention and want to play or be pet. They all have their own personality, favorite toys, favorite spots to sleep in the appartment. I love them and things would be so different if they weren’t there. It always makes me smile when I come home and they’re all sleepy and they come to welcome me. Or they look at me through the window because they heard the car. They’re good company when Fiance is busy or not home, I have all 3 cats with me on the couch to watch a movie. Fi and I don’t want kids, but we want many cats in our house later, and we even want to make a room just for them (instead of a room for a kid or baby, LOL) where they can play, eat and hide.  


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I hated cats. Like, I would see a cat and I thought they were gross, annoying, etc. DH converted me : )

I’m allergic to cats and it wasn’t until a few years ago that I observed white cats tend to have more dander. My eyes will water and I will sneeze like crazy, but only around white cats!

We can’t have pets due to our job, so we sadly had to rehome 1 to my parents and 1 to hubs parents. WE MISS THEM EVERY DAY. I swear. The good thing is we get pictures and even see them on skype : )

furr baby #1

furr baby #2


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Fiance and I were each “not cat people.” And now we lllooovvee our little one.

I grew up in a cat and dog house. We always had between four and six cats. My brother had one cat that started peeing all over EVERYTHING and then all the other cats followed. They drove me crazy and I never wanted anything to do with them.

A few years later I moved out. I went through a breakup and was very depressed. My sister had a cat that her brother in law found and she was looking for a home for her. The cat connected to me instantly and I loved her. I lived with my grandmother so I had to beg her to let me keep her.

Fiance never had cats but he loves animals. He grew to like my cat and now that we live together he adores her. He probably plays with her more than I do.

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I was always a dog person, didn’t hate cats but wasn’t interested.  My husband has a cat and once we moved in together I started really loving the cat.  I treat the cat like a child.  I will never get a dog again!!!


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I have a really chill cat…EVERYONE loves him! (even people who can’t stand cats). This is a bad picture of him, but you get the idea

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