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Helper bee
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I believe I have it and actually saw the doctor today to discuss getting a referral for an endocrinologist. 

I’m concerned because goiters run in my family and I have many of the symptoms.  I don’t know much about the problems as I’ve just recently started learning about all this.  I’ve started reading this book:  http://www.thyroidbook.com/

I’m sorry your symptoms are so severe.  I’m interested in knowing what you do to alleviate it all.

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@HappyK:  I have hypothyroidism. I was DX with it back in March, I had many of the same problems you are having, infections weren’t as severe (but they can be different for everybody).

Being hypo isn’t anything to be scared about, and it’s good that they ran the tests. Once you get your results back, make sure they ran not only TSH but also your Free T4 and Free T3 levels, if they didn’t get all three request for the missing ones to be drawn. All three are essential, as your TSH can show up normal, but your FT4 and FT3 could still be off (meaning you could still be hypo).


I hope you get a diagnosis, not in a bad way.. it’s just nice to have an answer to problems sometimes. I wasn’t thrilled to be diagnosed, but I was over the moon to have a reason and solution to all the problems I was having!

If you are treated for hypothyroidism, please be patient… it takes a few months for your body to adjust, because in most cases it has taken years for it to become so bad. My doctors can trace certain health problems I was having 7 and 8 years ago to my hypothyroidism, which I wasn’t treated for until March.

I hope they find answers for you! Let me know what you find out after you get your blood results!

Also, pay a visit to this site, it has tons of very helpful info: http://www.stopthethyroidmadness.com/


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Helper bee
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I started out with hyperthyroidism and had to have my thyroid taken out after a few years of treatment. I never got sick like that. Being tired is a symptom and so is gaining weight but I guess all you can do right now is to wait for results. I’ve never had anyone tell me they got sick a lot before being diagnosed.  

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@HappyK:  I have it.  I just found out in June or July of this year (I think, I’m awful with dates).  I’d been gaining weight like crazy, body cramps, soreness, sleeping all the time, hair falling out, mood swings like crazy, cold, and all kinds of fun stuff all while trying to plan my wedding for Sept 1! haha 

If you do have hypothyroidism, it’s really not been all that big of a deal. I take a pill every day on an empty stomach and that’s about it.  Where I live they’re all of $12 for a 3 month supply, without insurance.  I’m finally starting to get back to my old self with energy, hair is growing back, weight is slowly but surely creeping off.   I was relieved to find out what it was because I knew it was treatable and I wasn’t just going crazy. =)

Although I’ve heard others have different experiences, it’s been a fairly simple process for me. Hopefully it will be for you too! I know what you’re going through and oh child, is it miserable!

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Honey bee
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Yes, I have Hashimoto’s. It’s very common. It sucks, but there is basically nothing you can do about it. If it’s low, your doctor will rx hormone replacement. I still have symptoms and likely will for life though. You just have to keep up with blood tests and keeping your hormone levels balanced. Take good care of yourself in general with good vitamin supplements and diet. 

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Helper bee

I found out I had it a year ago. I gained over 40 lbs before and shortly after being diagnosis. But I agree it not an end all type of things it just something you need to be careful of. With the meds I am on I have to watch when I take because I need to have a four spacing between taking them. Other then that and the weight gain it wasn’t been to bad. Although I have thought about going back to the dr to see if I need an adjustment because I been trying to lose weight for health reasons but I’m waiting a bit before going back. 

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I’ve had an under active thyroid since I was 9, I’m now 25 (it developed when I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes). Living with it isn’t too bad, as long as your taking the appropriate medication! I’m on the same dose that I was as a child, and i should probably have blood work done and my dose changed because it’s not nearly as effective anymore! I’ve experienced several of your symptoms, like weight gain, being exhausted, headaches, hair loss, but not all of them. I hope they have you sorted out soon! Try not to worry, if it is your thyroid, treatment really should help you manage everything 🙂

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Sugar bee
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I have it. I got sick and whatever I had killed my thyroid gland. I was then hyperthyroid and now I’m Hypothyroid. I was put on meds and that helped me a lot. After about a year and a half I the meds started making me sick so I weaned myself off. Currently, I am waiting to see if my thyroid will bounce back to normal or if I will be hypo forever. It is def not fun and I’m so sorry to hear you are having troubles. Good luck!

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@HappyK:  I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism about 5 years ago, it was amazing to have a name to what was wrong with me. While the thyroid medications never seemed to work for me, cutting gluten out of my diet (for 3 months anyways) seemed to improve my quality of life. At the risk of sounding like a broken record about going Girlfriend, I dropped weight, didn’t have foggy brain, no repeated trips to the bathroom, didn’t feel like a bag of broken glass when waking up, hurt less, and was even happier when I stopped eating anything with wheat/gluten.

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One of my (ex)physicians had a test of one of my TSH levels (I’m not sure which one, the letter she sent me didn’t tell me) when having a blood draw to check some of my liver enzymes (I’m on a medication that requires regular liver checks.  She had this test done without telling me (we won’t get into how I feel about physicians ordering tests without patient knowledge/consent in detail, because that’s a LONG discussion), because she’s a little bit obsessed with trying to figure our why I have trouble losing weight (I am overweight, but not severely so).  Apparently the test came back indicating that I may have hypothyroidism, and she suggested that I follow up with a request for a full thyroid panel with my GP.

I probably will have my GP run a thyroid panel on me, but I’ve also switched to a different physician for the condition that I was (previously) seeing this physician for.  I am absolutely not okay with someone ordering a test on me (or on blood, urine, or any other bodily fluid or tissue taken from me) without informing me that they are going to do so.


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