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I had braces and now have the same type of thing as invisalign for retainers. My one warning- be careful of your jaw! I had an overbite that they tried to fix with the braces and I ended up with TMJ. Now I can’t open my mouth very wide, my jaw often makes awful clicking noises and hurts, and I have a lot of problems with my ears. And of course, to get these problems fixed costs more than the braces did.

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I had braces as a teenager and didn’t wear my retainer for years afterward, bad I know. My teeth have shifted ever since so I decided to get Invisalign to get them as straight as possible again before my August or September wedding! I’ll be picking mine up next week. Mine costed $3,500 U.S.

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@reneeheartssam:  Worked well for me. Had them longer than expected (nearly 2 years instead of 1) but mostly because my orthodontist was very particular and really I could have stopped sooner. Had small attachments fused onto my teeth to create resistence against the trays, but the attachments blended in with the color of my teeth. Some people need rubber bands in addition to the attachments but I didn’t. Got used to wearing them often and now I just have trays I wear at night. I am VERY happy and have a broader smile now. All was planned well around the wedding.

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@reneeheartssam:  Not much more expensive than braces tbh… my daughter just got braces a couple of weeks ago and they were $6500. 


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My sister had them and was happy with the results. I notice how nice her teeth are now all the time. When she first got them she talked a bit funny for the first few weeks, but soon returned to normal. I was thinking about getting them and if I was going to move forward with it, I would try to start using them at a time when I won’t be doing any public speaking or important social events, etc… 🙂

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@reneeheartssam:  I had them. I believe that I had 12 trays of my top & 12 for my bottom. I did not need refinements and I was finished with it within 6 months. I still wear the retainers and I like them so much better than the other type of retainers. These are way easier and they make me wear them more because they aren’t as uncomfortable as the ones who cover your entire roof of the mouth. 

I did have Invisalign to fix my crooked teeth bc I did not wear my retainers as a child though. I liked it better than regular braces. I did not get more cavities bc of Invisalign. i just always flossed and used mouth wash. 

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I did and had awesome results! I wore them for 9 months. The process isn’t easy, but you can’t really see them as advertised. I had a friend who was usually notices EVERYTHING and I never told her until I had been wearing them a few weeks and she had NOT NOTICED!


They did grind down my teeth to make room for the movement which was urgh, put the little attachments to help move the teeth but as a PP said they also weren’t as noticeable. I would say when going out drinking and I had removed the trays, these were actually more noticeable than the trays.


My teeth were beautiful after I was finished, my friends noticed my perfect smile!!


Mine was $5500 but SOOO worth it in the end (paid for them myself when I was about 26). I had never had braces and my semi-bucked tooth had always bothered me.


I now have to wear trays at night to keep them straight and I opted out of the permanent retainer behind my teeth cuz I just wasn’t interested in having something there at all times…




PS I’d take a good before and after pic if you are interested in that. I know my dentist did, but I have since moved and never got a copy and I can see a few old pics where my teeth are all crooked but not like you ever get really good teeth close-ups. Idk, just wanted to put that out there.


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I had them for a long time.. my top teeth were finished in 6 months but my lowers took about 1.5 years, then I had a refinement. 

If you have to get attachments placed on your teeth, the first trays hurt like heck. Putting them in stung a bit, but taking them out the first time was absolute torture for me. I would try to eat before putting those first ones in, so that you can keep them in as long as possible before taking them off again. I felt like I was ripping my teeth off and that I was going to snap the tray. Literally in tears in the bathroom trying to get this death trap off! When I started a new tray, I would put them in before I went to bed but when I got a new set of trays, the dentist would usually pop them in immediately. 

Always check what tray number you’re putting in. Once I went into the dentist’s office for a check in and get my new trays. The hygienist put my new trays in and they hurt a lot more than I expected (this was probably tray #16 or something so I was used to the pain from new trays by now). I mentioned it to the doc and he brushed it off because new trays are always uncomfortable. I ended up getting a huge headache in the next hour and when I took off my tray, I saw that she put in #23 instead. 

Use the retainer case to store your trays. DO NOT WRAP IN NAPKINS! 

In my experience, most people don’t notice the trays, but teeth-sensitive people who have had dental work will notice. I remember I saw a girl I had not seen in a long time and the first thing she asked was if I had braces. I will notice if other people are wearing Invisalign. It just has a particular look to it. It’s not a big deal and like I said earlier, it’s almost always people who have had dental work done too so they know what’s up. 

Make sure you wear your retainers! And be clear about what your dental office is going to provide for you post-treatment. Ex, will they make you new trays if yours break (and they will eventually), will they make them in-house or get invisalign made retainers? My upper retainer snapped in half and I got an old school metal one to replace it, but my lowers are still okay. I paid for it out of pocket because my Invisalign dentist had already given me two retainers. Invisalign style retainers will wear out over time (the plastic softens and warps a little), so be aware you may have to do some upkeep. I would not sign up for the program to get new retainers every 6mos though, or whatever it is that Invisalign is offering. 

If your trays get super funky, try dilute distilled white vinegar to clean them off. I had a terrible time getting the calculus build up off my trays and vinegar worked beautifully. Just dip/soak briefly, then gently brush. I prefer it to the denture tablets which will decontaminate but don’t necessarily clean off stuff. 

I don’t regret getting Invisalign over traditional braces at all. And I would do it again if I had to. Good luck to you!

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My biggest pieces of advice are:

1. When you have to switch to the next set of trays, pop a couple Advil and change to the new trays right before bed.

2. Get the permanent retainer(s) put on after your trays are done – then you don’t ever have to worry about forgetting to wear your retainers at night or forgetting to pack your retainers when you travel or things like that.

3. Keep a little makeup bag or something similiar as a teeth “kit” in your purse – then you will always have a tray case, floss, travel toothbrush, and mini toothpaste with you at all times.

I had to get the little “button” attachments put on also, and they definitely made getting the trays off that much harder – I had that “OMG I’m going to rip out my teeth by accident” feeling more than once.. but it’s worth it! 😉

Here’s my before/after:

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@Seattlegrl:  wow, exact same story for me! Lost my retainer and now have invisaligns. Luckily, they didn’t move too much so I am opting for the express 10 set which is only 10 trays for 5 months.  It will only be 595 CAD.

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My dad had Invisaligns and he loved it, and you could never tell he was wearing them. His teeth look great now. I know they work well when there isn’t a lot of movement needed.

I have traditional steel braces because a lot more movement is required. I wish everything could be done with Invisalign. So I say go for it!

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I’m using them now and almost done.  It’s worked great, you just have to be REALLY GOOD about putting them back in as soon as you are done eating and brush your teeth.  It takes commitment.  I would recommend them.  I too was always insecure about my smile and then once I saw some pictures from the night my Fiance proposed to me and I hated half the pics my friends took because the angles made me look like bugs bunny I decided there was no way I was going to have this fear on my wedding day.  There are a lot of money but I don’t regret spending one penny on them.  Go for it!

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I had them after my braces as a teenager because i didn’t want to keep my metal braces. i kept losing the pieces in the swimming pool, seriously, don’t swim in it, lol. my teeth shifted in the 11 years since that time and my orthodontist swears it’s because i used invisalign to finish treatment and not traditional braces. i just think it’s because i never wore my retainer. btw, my teeth looked fabulous right after treatment.

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