Anyone got pregnant on the first try?

posted 2 years ago in TTC
  • poll: How soon did you get pregnant?

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    The only Aries friend that I’ve had (that I know of- I don’t spend too much time thinking about people’s star signs) was one of the most even-keeled people I’ve ever met. 

    Took us 5 months, for what it’s worth. Having a Leo- only know that because the Bump app reminds me whenever I open it. 

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    Honestly, it really does not matter when your due date is, you could wait a month and then go into labor early. Of all the things you can try to control, you really need to try to let this one go. 

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    A horoscope has no bearing whatsoever on your child’s disposition. How would the stars influence your child’s attitude?

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    I’m an Aries and while I do have a “fiery temper”… it takes a LOT to get me there. I’m definitely the calm and rational one in our relationship and have a lotttt of patience.  I’m due in a week so this baby will be an Aries quite possibly as well! 


    But to answer your question, my husband and I got pregnant on our first try. I actually bought a huuuuuge box of ovulation tests because I figured it would take quite a while but turns out it happened even before we charted my ovulation (according to my due date!) I was off birth control for a month before we started trying. I know we are in the minority though, I think my family is just very fertile lol.

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    missyjz :  honestly horoscopes are a bunch of crap. If you read em all, there may be certain aspects of each that you connect with 🙄 You can be any sign and have a fiery attitude. As far as getting pregnant there are soo many people who don’t get pregnant for 6+ months, myself and many others included. Even if you do get pregnant on the first try, it doesn’t mean you will go into labor on or close to your due date. Try when you want, but be aware it may not happen right away.


    I’m on month 14…maybe month 15….still not pregnant. It sucks. It’s hard. It is what it is. 

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    2 years 4 months still not pregnant.


    ETA: also even if you get pregnant first time, doesn’t mean you will have your baby when your due date is. Or even worse you could lose that baby. You never know what will happen.

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    I really liked the idea of having an April/May baby as it ticked multiple boxes on practical and preferable scenarios (e.g. summer off for maternity leave, not being heavily pregnant in hot humid months, etc). So I had my IUD taken out in early June and decided to TTC in July. Got pregnant first try and felt very smug that everything had worked out so nicely. Then I had a MC at the end of August. Now 6 months later and I haven’t been able to get pregnant again.

    So you just never know, I wouldn’t worry at all about horoscope because if you don’t get pregnant right away you’ll start to feel really foolish that your focus was on precise timing and not just getting pregnant and being thrilled to have a baby on the way. frown

    I will never again take fertility for granted. And I probably am perfectly fertile and chances are good that I will be pregnant again soon and have a healthy baby – but these 6 months have been very eye opening that getting pregnant is harder and more emotionally fraught then I ever imagined and at this point I just want to BE pregnant and could not care a single iota which month the baby arrives!!

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    On cycle 20, never been pregnant.  We are perfectly healthy and have unexplained infertility. I could not give a damn what month or day my child could be born, at this point just hopeful there is actually a child. 

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    NicLE1218 :  <— what she said. Horoscopes are BS.

    I feel like I can’t really vote in your poll, since I’m WAY past the 6 month trying mark. We did fall pregnant fast, but that pregnancy wasn’t our take home baby and welp, here we are, still trying for our take home baby 2 years later with a failed IVF cycle under our belt. You never know what can happen. IDGAF when my baby is due as long as I HAVE a due date!!

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    I feel this is one of the things you think about as a non parent (like “my kid will never eat sweets!” Or “I’d never use a tablet to entertain my toddler!”) When in reality it’s just not going to matter.

    I’d start TTC as soon as you’re both ready for a kid. I’m sure a little Aries baby will be just as loved as a taurus or gemini, and if you do have issues getting pregnant, I think you’d regret throwing away that extra chance at getting pregnant. Anything can happen between trying and getting a baby to take home.

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    We got pregnant on our first try but it ended in a miscarriage, we then got pregnant on the second month trying and had another miscarriage,  got pregnant two months after that with our rainbow baby. You can’t predict how TTC will go so I say start when you’re ready not in certain months in order to avoid astrological signs. 

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    It took us 9 months to get pregnant.  I have an Aries daughter.  I don’t really believe in that stuff, but I loved reading about it as a teen, and personally… I was STOKED to have an Aries daughter (I’m a Leo, so if anyone follows astrology, you might get it).  

    But back to how long it took us, I wouldn’t have skipped a month TTC for anything.  My daughter’s due date was April 12th.  Everyone I talked to and everything I read told me it was most likely I’ll have my baby after my due date.  I was DEATHLY afraid of having a baby on April 25th – it’s my MIL’s birthday and she’s psycho/estranged.  Anyways, we had her on April 1st…. much earlier than anticipated and completely spontaneous.  On the other hand, a ton of women in my April birth group had their babies early, even like 3 weeks early due to ICP, high blood pressure/preeclampsia, low amniotic fluid.  So even if you wait a month, you could still have an Aries baby.

    Side note – my daughter was born 24 days before my MIL’s bday… my cycles were 25 days long.  I sometimes think that if we conceived just one month later that my child could have been born on my MIL’s birthday.  Eeeekkk.

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    My grandmother had ten kids. My aunt on that side was trying for a second baby, decided that maybe it wasn’t the right time after all, but she was already pregnant 😂

    I went off of the pill, had the withdrawal bleeding, and then conceived two weeks after that. Literally the first cycle.

    We are talking about trying for number two in a few months and I was talking about going off of the birth control to track my cycle but then I was like…. never mind 😂

    I do know that it was pure coincidence, and that it could take a long time for number two but I hope we are just as lucky 

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