Anyone got pregnant on the first try?

posted 5 months ago in TTC
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    missyjz :  I was an aries child and my mom always says I was an easy kid for what it’s worth. I have 2 friends that get pregnant first try every time but that’s definitely not the norm. I know more people who have done IVF than hot pregnant on the first try. That’s not to scare you just to say horoscope is a silly thing to worry about. 

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    We got pregnant with our first on the first try.  The 2nd one took 11 months.  I’ve wanted a third/fourth, but haven’t been able to get pregnant again, due to male factor.  

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    I got pregnant on the first try, but miscarried.  Then I got pregnant on the first try again after the miscarriage.  About to try for a second child, hoping it happens quickly again, but I know that’s a long shot.

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    missyjz :  as an Aries myself, I’m rolling my eyes at your logic. My kid is a leo and if he wants to be fiery, he will. The only person I ever fought with was my own sister and our stars weren’t going to change that. 

    Regarding your question, I got pregnant on my first try, though a little bit of luck was involved since it turned out to be a couple weeks later than I thought I ovulated. For round 2 I got my positive a few days ago. That took a few months because my period came back wonkier than ever, we were ok tired to bother, we got sick or on vacation (with our parents)and skipped that round, etc. as soon as I was certain of ovulation, we managed it again. 

    The thing is my story of ease and anyone else’s of struggle, in the end has no bearing on how it’ll go for you. By all means, skip a month if it’s that important. But I was aiming for a June baby (summer vacation, more time at home) and will be having one in October or November. You get what you get! 

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    Horoscopes are based on the assumption that a constellation of very far away stars has a disproportionate impact on the lives of only people who were born during a certain range of dates. Sounds implausible? It is. So many things wrong with the very premise. 


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    missyjz :  No.  But both times after my miscarriage I got pregnant immediately

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    First kid:  Third try, I was 32

    Second kid:  First try, I was 34

    I am an aries and I am not particularly fiery.

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    Our baby was a surprise.  We didnt intend to ttc until after a year of marriage. But we are reasonably certain it didn’t take more than a month but was probably more like a couple weeks. Our baby turns 1 year just a few months before our 2nd anniversary 

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    I don’t follow horoscopes. At all. So I looked it up and, if I were to buy into it, my husband, baby-on-the-way, and I are all aries. Hubby and I are opposites in a lot of ways: easy going/competitive. Competitive/in it for fun. Try to stop me/oh, okay, I’ll not do this…

    This is all a bunch of hooey and I wouldn’t delay getting pregnant (in hopes you don’t go early or late!) to TRY TO get a certain personality. 

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    Aww all of you that got pregnant first try are sooo lucky! We’re on month 5.. it’s getting harder emotionally every month. Going to go to a fertility clinic soon. 

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    missyjz :  Actually, the poll results are only ‘interesting’ because they are skewed due to the nature of your question. 

    You asked ‘who got pregnant on the first try’ – that’s just click bait for people who did. People who took more time are less likely to even open your post. Also people who did get pregnant on the first cycle are more likely to vote to ‘boast’ about it (for want of a better word), and those who took 6+ months are also more likely to vote to ‘set the record straight’ (and quite rightly so). 

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    missyjz :  Better than a poll: there’s statistics on conception rates for couples trying. You’ll get far better stats by googling it then creating a thread called “did you get pregnant on your first try” which will obviously skew your results. If you’re curious, here’s the stats on pregnancy:

    Of all couples trying to conceive:

    • 30 percent get pregnant within the first cycle (about one month).
    • 60 percent get pregnant within three cycles (about three months).
    • 80 percent get pregnant within six cycles (about six months).
    • 85 percent get pregnant within 12 cycles (about one year).
    • 91 percent get pregnant within 36 cycles (about three years).
    • 93 to 95 percent get pregnant within 48 cycles (about four years).
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    missyjz :  As others have said if you get pregnant right away you may have the baby early or late… you may try and get pregnant right away or it may take a while! I learned the hard way that you have little control when it comes to these things. If you guys are ready to have a kid I would start trying when you are ready and let the cards fall how they fall. I wouldnt let horoscopes influence your decision but that’s just me. But I get it! I tried to plan it all as well when we first started trying and I dreamed about how it would all go… ended up not going anything like I planned!  When we first got married we started ttc about 6 months in and my dh got diagnosed with cancer … it set our ttc plans years back. He is in remission now and doing well but due to the chemo it took us lots of rounds of fertility  treatments and 2 losses before having our daughter. Now our situation was extreme and I would in no way worry about that happening to you guys I only share my story to show that… gets in the way and you can only control so little. As far as if you will get pregnant righr away….you wont really know until you try. I wish you the best of luck! 

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    missyjz :  So I’m an Aires and I don’t know anyone that would ever describe me as fiery or hot-tempered…

    Also, we started TTC when I was 34 as well. I was super worried it would take a while but we got pregnant on the first try! We were both shocked! The only way I’ll try to “plan” another birth going forward (if we decide to have more children) is that I don’t want a winter baby. Our son was born 2 days after Christmas and being cooped up with a newborn in the wintertime really didn’t help my emotional/psychological state. So there’s no way I’d ever voluntarily do that again. Also, babies right around Christmas are EXPENSIVE! 

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