Anyone got pregnant on the first try?

posted 2 years ago in TTC
  • poll: How soon did you get pregnant?

    First try

    2-3 months

    4-6 months

    Longer than 6 months

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    I hope you know that this poll is going to be extremely skewed considering most people who it took longer than the first try for probably won’t click on the link based on the title of your post.

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    I love astrology and think it’s super interesting. It’s absolute nonsense, of course, but I kind of care about it for fun. Even have a tattoo of my sign symbol on my wrist. Go sea goats!

    I have two close friends who are Aries. One is very much like the description, and one isn’t at all. I’m sure I could explain that using their Moon and Ascendent signs, but the ability to apply any sign to anyone is sort of the hallmark of astrology. With an Aries you’re liable to get someone who is very social-justice oriented, not afraid to stand up for what’s right, etc, so that’s an upside. And as someone else said, you could also go into labor a month early and get a Pisces so I wouldn’t count on that either.

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    My first two pregnancies we weren’t even trying. My second we were actively preventing and we still got pregnant but we didn’t make it through that pregnancy. We are actively trying for baby #2 and it’s been 3 months so far. 

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    Who cares if OP has a preference because of zodiac signs. Everyone has their “why”. No input on TTC as I never have, but I am an Aries born on the very first day of the zodiac and I definitely hold true to the description 😉 Best of luck! Everything will work out as it should!

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    My thoughts exactly! Pretty sure the actual stats don’t reflect 50+% of people getting pregnant on the first try…  

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    tulipdazey :  

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    I’m married to an Aries who perfectly fits the description of your typical Aries man. One of my good friends is also an Aries. I obviously love them haha. That said, I’ve been TTC for 13 months now and have had 1 MC and 1 CP during that time. Going to the fertility doc Monday actually. At 34, I personally wouldn’t want to wait any longer just because you don’t want to have a baby born with that astrological sign. It’s true you could get pregnant first shot, but that unfortunately doesn’t guarantee you won’t miscarry or go into labor early or later, etc. 

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    I think results on this poll will have a high chance of being skewed. Many people will reply who got pregnant the first try or those who had to try much longer than 6 months. I think it’s because they will likely have the ones who share their story. Of you can see right now, the 2 middle options of the poll have little percentage. 

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    missyjz :  

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    I don’t have an opinion on the astrology thing. We all have our “illusions of control” when it comes to TTC/parenting in general.

    One of my friends TTC for the first time in her life when she was 39 – the very first time she and her boyfriend did the deed unprotected, they concieved.

    I have another friend who was 31 when she and her husband pulled the goalie, got pregnant first time.

    Another friend and her husband got pregnant by accident the first time they didn’t TTP, the night before their wedding. They know b/c that was the only night they managed to do the deed that week, they were so stressed.

    My husband’s COWORKER and I recently went to lunch to discuss baby stuff b/c he and I are nearing TTC, and she has the same story. Been with her husband 11 years. Pulled the goalie when she was 33 and BAM, pregnant first time.

    I honestly feel like I’m surrounded (IRL) by super fertile woman. It gives me hope that I won’t have problems on the one hand, makes me nervous I WILL have problems on the other (b/c SOMEONE has to offset the odds, right?!?)

    But overall, I agree with the second poster who said you could put off TTC for a month and then go into labor a month early. I get the impulse to “choose” and “control” though. 

    Oh, PS – I’m a Scorpio, but I am the most level-headed, empathetic, non-emotional, loving person ever. I would NEVER be vengeful, hateful, envious, or jealous.

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    I fell pregnant the first month we tried (and only TTC really twice – we were not totally committed to the idea really!) so that was a bit of a shock. I was 36 at the time, my husband was 44. As we only want one child I realise now that we need to be super careful! I really didn’t think it was going to happen so quickly given our respective ages… 

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    I got pregnant on the first try. I was shocked since both DH and I had been sick and really didn’t BD that much during my fertile window.

    Unfortunately, I miscarried at 5 weeks. We got right back on the horse though and AF just showed up today in our 2nd month trying overall.

    You didn’t mention in your OP, so not sure if you’re on the pill or any kind of hormonal birth control right now? You might want to consider going off of it right after your wedding to let your body reaclimate to not being on birth control and normalize again. If you are on the pill, you might want to stay on it until the wedding so you can guarantee that AF won’t rear her ugly head on your big day :).

    Good luck and lots of <3 your way!

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    Did anyone get Implantation bleeding? I am currently 8 dpo and was so sure about possibly being pregnant.

    Now I checked my cervix yesterday and today and there were tiny specks of blood. (Graphic photo moderated)

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    When I first started TTC I cared a lot about things like “not having a Christmas baby.” 15 months later, eff it. I’ll take a baby born during any month, no matter how inconvenient. I’m basically the “Green Eggs and Ham” of wanting a baby. “I’ll take a baby in a house, with a mouse. On a train or on a plane.”

    What I’m saying is, I understand where you’re coming from, but on this side of things, I can honestly say, take the baby you get and be grateful as hell for it.

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