(Closed) Anyone got pregnant while on the pill???

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Yes I got pregnant while on  the pill. Think of it this way – it’s supposedly 99% effective and millions of women take it in the US alone – which means thousands will get pregnant while on the pill!

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I have four “Nieces” (daughters of my best friend) three of whom were, technically, non planned. The first was because the condom broke. Her mom decided to move on to better protective measures and…the second girl was born when the mom was 1 day late for the depo shot. The third girl, she beat the birth control pill. Then it was difficult to plan and have the last!

I also have a friend whose parents did not originally want children, so they used bc, an IUD, sponge and condom. When they found out they were pregnant with my friend, they decided that they just HAD to meet the kind of person who could beat the odds like that!

Guess the lesson is, never say never!

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I am the product of a on-the-pill pregnancy. My mother jokes that for all the years she took the pill and was careless and missed them here and there she never got pregnant, and then when she finally started taking them like clockwork, she got me. 

The call me a happy accident- both of my parents had kids when they got married, so it’s not that they didn’t want me, they just really weren’t financially in a place to try for more kids at the time. Lucky for me, my parents love kids 🙂 

If you are truly, completely concerned, I would use a backup method like condoms or switch to the shot (which is more reliable than the pill) until you feel more comfortable with the idea of a surprise pregnancy. 

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@Jenniphyr: I used Mirena in the past and I would not recommend it for someone who has not had any children or actually to anyone, really. The insertion process can be very painful for someone whose cervix has never been dilated – I nearly passed out when they put mine in. I only kept the Mirena device in for 6 months. During that time, I felt a lot of random pain in my abdominal/uterine region. Finally, one day, it just kept hurting so badly, and I went to have my doc take it out…only to find that she couldn’t! The strings that are supposed to hang outside of the cervix had wound themselves up inside my cervix/uterus and she could not reach them. The next day, it hurt so badly I could barely take it, so I went back and insisted that they get it out somehow. Well, they finally were able to get it out, and I’ve fortunately not had any problems since then.

I don’t know if all of those issues are because I had never had any children prior to using it, but I really would not recommend this BC method to anyone.

Sorry, don’t mean to threadjack, but I don’t think Mirena is the way to go.

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I did. I take the pill like clockwork. The alarm on my cell goes off every night at 9pm. I hadn’t taken any anti-biotics nor did i have any other things that would have pointed to why it happened. I did not know I was pregnant and continued to take my pill. I eventually miscarried.

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I got pregnant on NuvaRing and had a miscarriage at 11 weeks. I have terrible asthma, and the only explanation the doctors could give is that the steroids I take for my asthma somehow make my body less accepting of drugs. I guess that is what happens when you have been a walking pharmaceutical experiment for your entire life.  

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The pill is 99% effective when taken perfectly (ie:  same time everyday / don’t miss a dose).  It also decreases in efficacy if you’re significantly overweight (I am overweight and was one the pill for 3 years without any pregnancy scares).  Certain antibiotics and other medications can decrease the efficacy so always double check with your MD if you should use back up when starting a new medication. 

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Don’t forget that alcohol decreases effectiveness!

I’m a double miracle- BCP and vasectomy! I guess I was just meant to be.

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First thing to keep in mind is, not all birth control pills are created equal. Some have highers doses than others.

My gyno said, in her professional opinion, that while it is NOT impossible to get pregnant on the pill, it is much likelier that a person saying she did was not very diligent about taking it than that it just didn’t work. I know 2 people who claimed to have gotten pregnant while taking the pill, and I don’t believe either of them. They have both been irresponsible in other areas of their lives, and I have no trouble thinking that they skipped a few days. I’m not calling everyone who says this happened to them a liar, just saying the two I know of I believe to be lying.

Even if you did miss a day, I would think it would be pretty unlikely. Hormonal birth control works in three different ways, and it’s not like if you skip one day you will just ovulate on the spot and get pregnant.

Anyways, other than the two I mentioned, no one I know has had an accident on BCP.

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I was on the pill for 10 years and never got preggers, but with that said, we were TTC for 18 months and I still never got preggers. ehh.

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@KLP2010: A peer-reviewed study is not a survey of your friends’ experiences. It is a rigorously-designed scientific study with tons of controls, the findings and design of which are then read over and critiqued by experts in the field. If the study doesn’t “measure up”, it’s not considered valid enough to be published.

@Bubu82: Different people take to different forms of birth control differently. Just because the Mirena wasn’t right for you doesn’t mean it won’t be for the OP. Mrs. Mary Jane (on Weddingbee, and many other Bees for that matter) have an IUD (without having kids) and have had no difficulties. Not trying to say that the Mirena is the ONLY option, or even the BEST option for the OP. I was only mentioning that it’s more effective, and since effectiveness seems to be a sticking point, I suggested that they look into it. That said, I am sorry that you had to go through all that, and I’m glad you found a birth control option that works for you.

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im on the BC pill. Have been taking it like clockwork for 4 years. no pregnancies. im getting married in november and i keep waiting for an “accident” but nothing ever happens lol.


When they say…99% effective…what they REALLY mean is that the 1% who get pregnant are classed in the medical profession as ‘user failure’. meaning that you cant get pregnant on the pill unless u do something to cause it.


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