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I’m sure that they can do the MRI without the dye if your insurance won’t cover it.  Though I doubt the dye will cost very much if you had to pay out of pocket for it.  I haven’t had a MRI but I have had CAT scans with the dye and it stung a little but wasn’t that bad.  I really don’t like needles but I have had to get used to them after having 8+ surgeries.

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i have had a regular MRI, and i have had a CAT with dye.  really, the dye just feels like warmth all over your body – like what i imagine a hot flash feeling like!  the test itself is nothing to worry about.

i don’t know what to tell you out your insurance though.. i am from canada, so i didn’t have to pay for it.

but don’t stress about the test itself…it is easy peasy!

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I’d call your insurance company. Maybe they won’t approve the MRI at all if you go with the dye–you really better check. MRIs aren’t cheap

I’ve had MRIs with and without dye–the dye burns a little, but nothing major, seriously. And you just have to hold still for a bit. They’re much faster than they used to be! i actually fell asleep having my jaw MRI’d a few months ago. Literally, passed out with the bit in my mouth.

The dye identified a cyst i have on my brain, actually!

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I had an MRI when I was a kid. I had no side effects. They just stuck me in the machine for a few minutes and then I was done. Mine wasn’t done with dye.

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I had a CAT scan and an MRI with the dye. Like pamphilia said, it spreads warmth through your body and for some reason for women it feels like we wet ourselves. I don’t do needles so I nearly passed out a couple of times from the IV but in the end I ended up being more amused by the fact I hadn’t fel that way since I was 5 then concerned about the whole needle part (which is something.)

I would talk to the techinicians before they use the needle or even better, who ever you check in with when you reach the site. They hopefully will be able to clear everything up.

The purpose of the dye is to see where your blood is, how it’s traveling, etc. They were worried that I had clots in my knees and brain (seperate times) so I had to use the dye.

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Ive had an MRI with and without dye and each time my arm was a bit sore where the needle was for a tiny bit but nothing like not being able to move it.  It was a little cold when they put the dye in as well.  Defintely check with the hospital and your insurance before – I had a breast MRI done and my insurance only paid 80% for it and I am stuck with a $500 bill because they said it was “diagnostic” and not “preventative” even though it was preventative.  You dont want to be stuck paying a ton of money to no fault of your own.  Had insurance not paid any of it, my MRI was almost $5k.

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I can’t give you any insight about the dye, as I have not had that. However, I did have an MRI a couple of weeks ago, and the written orders the technician had were different from what I thought we were scanning. I sensed something was awry and asked the woman to check again with my Dr. to make sure. She was able to reach the doc, and indeed found out that the orders were incorrect. In a few minutes, she was able to reach the insurance company to approve the test that was actually supposed to be done. So my advice would be to arrive early so any discrepancies can be taken care of. Good luck!

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I haven’t had the dye, but I ahve had an MRI. I was a little freaked out at first because of how small the space is…but I ended up falling asleep and I am not the type of person who generally falls asleep easily. Don’t worry too much and GL 🙂

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I’ve had them done. Like other bees have said they’re not too bad. Just try to relax and you’ll get through just fine. 

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I’ve had a few MRIs, the dye isn’t scary so just try to relax! It just feels like a warm sensation everywhere, no biggie. Definitely check about the dye on the insurance though, there’s no harm in double checking.

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The one thing I wish someone had told me the first time I had an MRI done (years ago, now I have them every 2 years) is how LOUD they are. It seriously sounds like someone is banging pots and pans right above your head. I have them done on my spine and brain so I suppose its different if the MRI is of your leg or something 🙂 So my suggestion is to take 2 aspirin before you go. Oh, and you can’t wear ANY jewelry so leave it all at home so you don’t lose it. 

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I’m going against the other bees and say that when the contrast went in in felt cool, The noises were annoying, but i think that was because my head was what was in the machine.

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The main thing I remember from my MRI is that they strapped me in before having me put the ear plugs in. So the technician tried to put the ear plugs in for me and didn’t quite get them in right. When the whole thing started it was CRAZY loud because (as I discovered when it was all over) the ear plugs were barely even in my ears at all!

So definitely make sure your ears are protected before they begin. 🙂

The other thing I remember is that I started feeling like I was going to pass out right after they did the dye. They had to stop the MRI for a minute to make sure I wasn’t actually going to faint. I felt better then and they were able to finish it, and the technician said she had no idea why that happened to me. So I don’t think that’s a common thing at all.

Hope it goes okay!

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I had an MRI with contrast dye three weeks ago.  I didn’t have any of the effects you asked about, nor any of the sensations described here.  No big deal at all.

Since you noted you’re afraid of needles, you should know they use a very thin needle–not like the larger diameter ones they use for blood donation.  You’ll barely feel it.  For my MRI, they put a small IV connector in/on my arm (they only used the needle to put it in–the needle didn’t actually stay in—remember, it’s metal!)  They didn’t start the IV until they were doing the MRI—I believe they took some images without the dye, then started the IV and took several more images.

Didn’t hurt when they took the IV thing out, which they did as soon as they were done with the MRI series, and my arm wasn’t even sore or tender afterwards….this was even less of a not-a-big-deal than donating blood!

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