(Closed) anyone had experience/can give advice on the labradoodle dog?

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All dogs smell like dog if they have an undercoat, particularly if they are not brushed with an undercoat shedding tool. I dont know about the breed specifically but I can tell you that much. And really people’s dogs smell because of lack of grooming not simply for the fact that they are a dog (generally)

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No help here.. but I know they are cute!!! 🙂

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@nearlymarriedlass:  Our friends got a female goldendoodle puppy, loved  her so much that a year later they got another femalegoldendoole puppy. Labs and goldens are the same think, different colors.

She is a lovely dog, but much of that is because our friends are home all the time and they train her.


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@FauxPas2012:  Labs and goldens are the same think, different colors.

Labrador Retrivers (also called labs) come in three different colors.  Yellow, black, or chocolate.  Many people mistakenly refer to yellow labs at “golden labs.”  Breeding a yellow lab to a chocolate lab, for example, still produces a purebred lab.  They are a completely different breed than Golden Retrivers, (also called Goldens), which come in varying shades of the same basic “golden” color, ranging from almost cream colored to a dark “red” color.  They have longer hair than labs, and have feathering on the backs of their legs and the underside of their tail.  

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@FauxPas2012:  Labs and goldens are different breeds. Black labs and yellow labs are the same though, as are chocolate labs!

@nearlymarriedlass:  I adore labradoodles! I would probably get a lab over a labradoodle personally, because I prefer the typical lab personality, but labradoodles are great dogs. Lots and lots of energy, but really sweet, goofy personalities, in my experience. They definitely smell like dog, lol, especially after they exercise. Like all labs/lab crosses, they are prone to weight gain without sufficient exercise. They also tend to have higher prey drives than pure labs, so be careful if you have other small pets. Those are the only negatives I can think of, though–we just love labradoodles! (I have only been around doodles that shed a lot, haha, so I’m not sure about less-shedding varieties.)

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FIs colleague and our neighbors have goldendoodle puppies (girls).  Both are very sweet.  They have light coloring – I think our neighbor’s dog is almost white.  Neither of them sheds considerably.  Very friendly, super active dogs, but this might be because they are still pups.

Fiance and I have two poodles and they definitely don’t shed if you’re looking for a no-shed dog.  We have to bathe them at least once every 2 weeks.

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@nearlymarriedlass:  Because they aren’t a breed but a mix, it is diffcult is not impossible to find a responsible breeder of goldendoodles, labradoodles, or any of the -doodle or -poo dogs.  It is also difficult to predict which breed the dog will take it traits from.


If you are interested in a puppy, I would encourage you to look on at breed rescues for golden retriever, lab, or poodle and look for puppies mixed with the other breed you are interested in.  I know the golden retriever rescue near me, for example, frequently get puppies or pregnant bitches rescued from puppy mills, and since doodles and poos are popular mill breeds right now, they sometimes get goldendoodle puppies.  

If you absolutely must have a puppy from a breeder, I would suggest reading the sticky thread on this board for information on finding a responsible breeder.

ETA: Forgot to say that “Dog smell” is influenced by diet, grooming, and overall health.  There are some breeds that are known for having less dog-smell than others, (Havanese, for example).

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With respect, there is no getting away from the fact that the labradoodle (and the cockerpoo, the jackapoo and every other so-called “designer” mixture of two breeds) is a cross-bred dog. And with any cross bred dog you cannot be entirely certain which half of the breed will be dominant. So you could get more of a lab than a poodle or vice versa. 

Most labradoodles I’ve met (and a family member has now got an adorable 3 month old golden labradoodle) are nice dogs. A bit on the goofy side but with  sweet personalities. They do smell like dogs because actually, they are dogs! They also shed. So if shedding and smelling of dog is something you aren’t prepared to tolerate then I’d avoid the labradoodle. However, if you groom the dog properly then you can minimise both shedding and smell.

I like the labradoodles I’ve met.  Would I buy one? Well probably not and mainly because I’m not prepared to pay the US equivalent of $1600 for a cross bred pup whose ultimate nature and breed characteristics can’t be predicted. Also, there are some distinctly unreputable breeders of labradoodles. 


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We have a mini goldendoodle and love her so much. She is a rescue and we got her at 6 months old. You can tell her previous owners didn’t socialize her or mistreated her because she is fear aggressive, especially towards men. However, we are working on that and besides that, she is the sweetest dog. She is very loyal, playful, and loving.

I absolutely LOVE that she doesn’t shed, especially coming from living with a Terrier who shed insane amounts of hair that would be all over our whole house.

If I had to do it all over again, I’d still get either a goldendoodle or labradoodle, but this time straight from a breeder in order to avoid any behavioral issues as much as possible.

Either way, you can’t go wrong with that type of dog.

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Here’s our girl.

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@nearlymarriedlass:  We have two goldendoodles. Coats vary from dog to dog and a breeder cannot gurantee a type of coat before the pup is born (so if you run across someone who does, run in the other direction!!!). Ours don’t shed because they don’t have undercoats. When they are brushed, however, they do leave hair in the brush. They don’t smell but smell often depends more on what the dog is fed, how clean they are, grooming, etc.


If you want infomation on doodles (golden, lab or otherwise) my best suggestion is that you check out doodlekisses.com. It’s a doodle enthusiast site with all kinds of information from what to look for in a reputable breeder to information about food. It’s a lovely community filled with people who care deeply about their dogs. I love weddingbee for weddings but find it filled with mostly judgy haters when it comes to doodles…


And for good measure, here are our dogs:


Douglas Fur on Christmas Day (4 years old):



Wallace before his most recent haircut (1 year):



Wallace (with Doug on the couch in the background) while I was cleaning yesterday:



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