(Closed) Anyone had their nose pierced?

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Sugar Beekeeper
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I’ve had it done twice actually! The first time I had to keep taking it out for work and I left it out too long and it closed… so they told me to wait until it totally healed and then do it again. I love it! (enough to do it twice! lol)

About getting it done: it HURTS, but only for like 1 second. When they actually do it your eyes water and your nose runs (and you cant help it, everyone does it) and it kind of feels like you got punched in the nose, but then as soon as the needle is through it honestly doesn’t hurt anymore. It is a little sore to the touch for a while but not as much as you’d think. Cleaning it can be a little hard bc you have to put your nose in a shot glass of salt water, but its do-able. I did kind of slack on cleaning it the first time and i think it got a little infection (it got a bump next to it for like a week) but then I got back on the ball with cleaning it good and it was just fine. 

That is about all I can think of to tell you about it…. but ask away if you have other questions!

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I have mine done, my guy got it for me a few years ago and I loove it! If you just get a stud it’s not very noticeable and I found out my work was fine with that (they werent with other piercings). What I’ve always done with earrings that mess with me is to paint the part that goes in your ear with clear nail polish and that stops it from irritating my skin some how.

The pain wasnt bad for me, what helped for me is I forced myself not to think about it until the second before he actually did it. After it was done I felt fine and tried to walk out of the room, annd then had to sit down again. I got super dizzy hah, they said that that happens pretty often (they gave me candy which instantly made me feel better =D) so once its all over even if it didnt hurt, you might want to sit for about a minute before you take off. And candy is always helpfull hah.

@CorgiTales: Ahh Yes! I got a bit lazy with the saltwater cleaning and mine got red, so deffinatly try to keep up on it, it helps even though its super annoying.

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Blushing bee
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Ive had mine done twice as well…. Plus, I am allergic to most metals but luckily they use surgical steel for most nose rings so you should be fine!  I loved mine (enough to do it twice) but have had it out for a few years now.  I am huge fan of the small diamond stud tho!! I say go for it… and if you dont like it, you can aways take it out!! I have no scars from either of mine.

Like Corgi said, it hurts for a moment, plus water eyes but will be fine in a day or so.  I kept mine clean with Bactine on a q-tip and you have to keep spinning it for the first week so it doesnt attach to the hole. 

One major tip… make sure they bend the inside post enough so that when it spins, it doesnt peek out the nostril!! I had to have one rebent bc it kept turning and showing!

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Sugar bee
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I had mine done twice. The first time it kept falling out in my sleep. The second time I think I just got sick of it and took it out 🙂 I dont have scars from either of mine either. I dont remember it hurting, but my eyes did water like crazy! Be sure after you get pierced you sit there for a few minutes and let the adrenaline dissipate before you try standing up! It also helps if you drink some water.

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I’ve had mine done over two years ago. I’ve worn it in various professional positions, marketing, public relations, and education (as both a graduate student and a college instructor) and no one’s ever said anything negative about it.

Also, it didn’t really hurt when I got it done. More of a shock than pain and it only lasted seconds.

Just make sure you clean it well everyday and you’re good!

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Helper bee

I had mine pierced over 10 years ago.  It’s probably been 5 years since I wore a nose ring regularly.  I haven’t tried to put one in recently.

I wore a full ring in it for the first year, and I never had any problems with it healing to the ring.

It will definitely make your eyes water.  I don’t remember it hurting, though.

Mine has never fully healed shut.  It’s probably been about 2 years since I put one in and people can still tell that I had a nose ring previously.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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I used to have mine pierced. Advice? Don’t get it done in a foreign country (duh, what was I thinking?). Also, make sure you get jewelry without nickel. It will take a little while to heal, and for that time you’ll have to wear the jewelry that they pierced it with. Which might be a little bigger than the jewelry you want to wear eventually. Make sure to clean it regularly, especially at first, and make sure the cleaner you use on it is NOT alcohol based. That’s VERY important. Where I got mine done, they gave me an alcohol-based cleanser that caused my nose to bleed spontaneously on and off for many weeks! As soon as I switched to a different, non-alcohol cleanser, the bleeding stopped.

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@RayRayFurious: agreed… the only negative reaction i had to mine was when i was a server! My bosses in both restaurants made me take it out or cover it with a bandaid (cute). In law school no one said anything, I wore it to interviews and no one said anything, and I wear it at work. I *do* take it out when I go to court generally, but I’ve forgotten once or twice and have never gotten a second look. Although mine is pretty discreet. Honestly I don’t even think about it most of the time. Here is a pic of it (please excuse the weird pose/expression… was trying to take a pic of me wearing my bridal earrings for my mom haha)


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Helper bee
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I’ve had mine pierced since 2004, and I’ve never regretted it. It healed fast, MUCH faster than cartilage. It got sensitive about two times when it was brand new, but nothing serious or obvious to anyone else. I keep a tiny little stud in it and I’ve even gotten comments from older relatives that it’s “cute”. Haha

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Sugar bee

I got mine pierced um, 12 years ago. Yeah, a long time ago. I was in college, but now, I just feel I’m a bit too old. I took out the nose ring, belly ring, extra ear rings etc. What can I say, I’m a lawyer in NYC. My firm is a tad uptight and as I said, I got old. However, you can do it. As long as it goes with your personality. 

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I actually pierced my nose myself .  I have a very high pain tolerance, but I would recommend having a professional do it 🙂  I had it in for about 9 months- no problems at work.  Just got tired of it.

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