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I had mine out my freshman year of college… and I’m going to be completely honest it was horrible. BUT 100% worth it, haven’t had a sore throat/strep throat since (7 years ago). It was really only horrible for about a week, then it wasn’t so bad… I just remember being so hungry and not able to swallow anything. even chicken&stars soup with the teeny tiny pasta stars were too difficult to swallow.

Sorry I hope I didn’t convice you not to do it, just wanted to be totally honest. But I would completely recommend it it’s only a week or two of your life in exchange for a lifetime of benefits. And they it’s different for everyone so maybe your recovery wont be as bad as mine was. Good luck!

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I got mine out the summer after my freshman year of college and I’ll be honest – the recovery from that surgery was the worst pain and most miserable I have ever felt.  It is what I use as my 10 on my personal pain scale.  I was out of commission for a full 2 weeks, taking the narcotic pain meds they prescribed as often as I was allowed and taking OTC pain meds in between narcotics doses.

It brought me to tears to even try to eat applesause, soup, pudding, yogurt (which you have to eat food to take the pain meds so there is no avoiding it – it took me 30 minutes to eat a pudding cup because I had to eat that slowly to even be semi-not-miserable).  My mom had to wake me every few hours at night so that I could choke down more food and pain meds so that I’d feel semi-okay in the morning.  Swallowing just hurts so badly during recovery.  My ENT said that tonsilectomies on adults is by far the worst surgery (in terms of recovery) that he performs.

That all said – the surgery was 100% worth it.  Once the two weeks of recovery was over, I’ve had ZERO problems and pain since.  If you have a constant issue that the doctor say that removing your tonsils will solve, get the surgery, survive the recovery, and you’ll be in much better shape!

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I have a co-worker who had his tonsils removed at ~age 35.  He had a horrible experience.  Severe pain, out of commission for a while.

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I had my tonsils done at 24.  It wasn’t pleasant by any means but I no longer snore and I no longer get sick on a regular basis.  Definitely worth it AND i lost 7 lbs!!

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i had mine removed when i was in the 6th grade. i was definitely out of commission for a while (i think like two weeks).  i remember the stitches really annoying me and being in pain but i don’t remember how bad the pain was. i remember eating a lot of soft foods like pudding, soup, and popsicles. i’d say it was worth it. i used to get strep a few times a year but since i had my tonsils removed i haven’t had strep once! 

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 I was in my mid-late 20’s when I had mine out and just as everyone states, the recovery is the worst but it really is worth it.  I used to get tonsilitis all of the time and rarely get sore throats anymore.

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I had mine out the summer after my sophmore year of college . . .and like all the PP’s it sucked.  The pain wasn’t too terrible for me, but I was supposed to lay around for a week or more.  All I remember was being super bored and getting yelled at for taking out the trash.  I also got really tired of eating cold foods. . . so tired of ice cream and pudding that near the end of the first week I ate cold mashed potatos.  Gross.

Prior to ahving the tonsils out, I had strep throat almost constantly.  It got to the point that I was on an antibiotic for two months straight before I could get into the ENT.  Since having them out, I haven’t had strep or a even a sore throat. . . that’s 10 years without a sore throat.

If you’ve got a couple weeks to lay around I’d definitely do it.

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I have chronic infections in my tonsils and recently went to the doc to get antibiotics for it AGAIN, and she said it’s time to get them out. Two of my siblings have had theirs out as well and were laid up for a week, but have not had strep/sore throats since. It’s worth it, they say. 🙂

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I had mine out and I needed about a week to recover.  It was pretty rough.  I also was taking liquid hydrocodone, (which now I know I am alergic to- don’t get me wrong- it was prescribed) and it gave me the worst nightmares/ daydreams.  I also got sort of hooked on it, when I didn’t want to take it anymore later that week, I was awake an entire night- like having withdrawal- but I was SO tired.  It was horrible.  Anyway, you probaby know what pain killers do and do not work for you 🙂  However, I was not in a quiet or supportive setting inwhich to recover.  I definitely think it was worth it because I had holes in mine where food would get caught and chronic tonsillitis.  I still get bad sore throats on my right side, but not my left…  For about a week after surgery it felt like a knife in my throat and I had a rough time… but I like to think it was worth it.  Good luck.

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I got mine out when I was 19 I think & it was horrible afterwards. However I haven’t gotten strep throat since and have only had about 3-4 sore throats. It was totally worth it too because mine were huge and messed up my breathing, it’s much better now.

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I had mine out at 16 for the same reason – they were way too huge for my throat, and when I got sick or my allergies flaired up, I had trouble breathing.  Now, it was definitely uncomfortable, but manageable.  It really didn’t feel that much worse than a raw sore throat (which I was used to at that point). I would say I was out of commission for about 3 or 4 days, but that was it. My sister had her adnoids removed 2 years ago,and hers was about the same recovery, actually she was closer to a week cuz she also had to have one of her sinus cavities fixed from when she had her nose broken when she was younger.

But since then, no strep, and only a sore throat during allergy season.  It is definitely a surgery that will make your life a lot better

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as all PPs said, it was terrible (got them out in my mid-20s). I was at my parent’s house for two weeks eating lukewarm chicken broth, lost about 8 lbs and even after two weeks, could only work for a couple hours at a time for another week (worked at a restaurant). but it was SO WORTH it. my tonsils used to get HUGE, to the point that i thought i was going to swallow them and die in my sleep (okay, i was sick and really out of it, but still). i used to get sick every other month for a month at a time for years. getting them out was the best thing i ever did even though recovery sucks. if you have two weeks to rest, then do it. you won’t regret it.

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