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@cbee:  That Aug 15th thing sucks for a LOT of people! That really sucks that you’re on the wrong side of that date.

I’m not a big sports person either, so I ignore all that! I grew up in northern IL so the winter here isn’t much different! But if you’re coming from somewhere without a winter, it’s quite a change!

My Maid/Matron of Honor used to live on the south side just off the Todd Drive exit and took the bus to campus. She really liked it there and it was bigger/cheaper/less students than anything downtown. She always took the bus though, so if you want to be walking distance to campus, you’re right – your options are limited and expensive!


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@cbee:  I’m barely getting by. I’ve cried to my Fiance about how miserable I am! I know he feels terrible but it’s just the way it is right now.

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@MrsElopement:  That sounds an awful like how I was last weekend. Not totally miserable but I am so homesick it hurts! 

I am glad there are people out there feeling the way I am. Not that I’m glad anyone is feeling this way but I like finding people who understand. I’m not getting a lot of that lately.

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@cbee:  I totally understand and see why it is not right for you guys. Thanks for explaining things. I am sorry that you have had a bad time there πŸ™


@hisgoosiegirl:  cool! Did Darling Husband tell you what an awesome work campus they have? they have such an amazing place. It is unreal when I go there πŸ™‚ Thanks for the dinner suggestion, I have not been there and will def go next time! 


@MrsElopement:  wow, I think you moved to the town I grew up in! I am really sorry that you are in that situation right now πŸ™ You are way too pretty and sweet to be stuck in a town like that!!  I hope things turn around for you soon πŸ˜€

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I HATE HATE HATE where we live. St. Louis CRAP missouri. We have been here for 4 years while he finished law school and is working his firt job. I moved here from LA and its sooo boring. The people here do nothing but eat and work. There is no ocean or even a nice body of water. Not great shopping or night life. SO will be applying to jobs in DC, NYC and LA come August so hopefully we will be up and out of here! 

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I hate where I live too! I moved up here 8 years ago (shudder) and we’re stuck here until FH gets a great deal more career progression. The only reason he had a job in his industry at the age he does is he works with his family and has no on-paper qualifications for it. If we went somewhere else, they wouldn’t want to employ him as he’s young for the industry. He’s moving into a slightly different job where he is with a track of career progression so we’ll probably stick around at least another five years. It sucks, because we both hate it here, but it’s the financially responsible thing to do.

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I really struggled when we moved here (Seattle) from Spokane (we were both students at Gonzaga). I’m from a small town originally, and while I was excited to leave the small town gossip and people with no aspirations to leave (I know those people are everywhere, but they seem so much louder when there are less people around). But I thought after 4 years in Spokane, it wouldn’t be much of an adjustment. But it’s been hard.

Two things make it hard. First, the weather. Growing up in Eastern Washington, I LOVED the sunshine. So I do miss the warm sunny days. Although I’ve learned to appreciate them much more. The last couple days have been beautiful and I’ve been outside. Second, it’s been hard for me to meet people. My husband is one of the youngest at his company, and all my coworkers are 20+ years older than me, so we’re not meeting many people through work. I consider myself lucky that I have friends from college here & Darling Husband has friends from high school. Also, I’m happy that we’re now living in the city proper. We used to live on the eastside and it…wasn’t a good fit for me. I learned that I don’t do suburbs very well πŸ˜€

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I live in a city in an apartment and wish I could run away!

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@cbee:  LOL, we currently live in Chicago and can’t wait to get out of here, and would LOOOOVEE to move back to Madison! It sounds like you need a little more elbow room than a big (or big-ish) city provides. My sister currently lives in Denver and loves it, but it is more expensive than Madison and it’s a big city. She has also lived in Fort Collins, CO, which she also really liked, but it was a little too small for her. Maybe that would be a good fit for you? Lots of access to outdoor activities, fairly low cost of living, slightly warmer weather than the midwest (although this year our winter has been far milder, but it’s been kind of a weird winter). I also love Boulder, but that city is mega-expensive!

PS- I have to ask- where in the world does your Darling Husband work that he has a 2 hour commute??!! He must work half a state away from where you live, because one of the advantages of Madison is the lack of traffic!

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I don’t HATE where I live, but it’s not the greatest. The ONLY reason we are out here is because of money. Fiance is a manager of a hog farm and he gets a house to live in as part of his compensation. His company does treat him pretty well and I think he’ll move up quite quickly, so hopefully we won’t be here forever.


We live in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. 45 minutes to the grocery store. 32224038 hours to everything else.

Our house is really crappy. Since it’s been a rental home, it hasn’t been taken care of.  It is home to mice and the snakes that eat them (thankfully the snakes stay in the basement…at least for now. I think the minute I see one in the actual house I’m out of here)

I don’t know ANYONE out here. I guess more than anything I’m just lonely.

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I know how you feel. Fiance and I are both 21. I graduated with my Bachelors degree in May 2011, and since then have found no work in my field (French major). I work as an administrative assistant instead. The people are great, but I never thought I would be making under $20,000 a year as a college graduate. I am also in $70,000 of student loan debt, most private.

Fiance is in construction and can make great money when there are jobs. Unfortuately due to the nature of the job, the paycheck is enough to cover him, but not steady and stable.

We are at a point where we can no longer afford our $400/month apartment and the bills that come with living alone. As I type this Fiance is building a room in my parents basement for us to live. Obvously this is not ideal (what can I register for when all I have is a bedroom?), but it is what we need. This way I can carpool to work with my mom, and I can put double the money towards my student loan payments.

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I’m not a fan of the town we live in and I’m really not a fan of our house – Darling Husband bought it long before we were thinking marriage and kids and all that. Unfortunately, we’re probably stuck here for at least a few years.

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