(Closed) Anyone have a cartilage piercing?

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I have lots of ear piercings (tragus, cartilage, rook etc) and I found that the 2 on my cartilage were the hardest to heal. My first one was done at a place in the mall (Bad!) and took probably 6 months before it didn’t hurt at all. My second one was done by a piercing place and didn’t take nearly as long.

As far as I know clear fluid is ok… That is lymph and a natural part of the healing process. That includes the ‘crusties’ that are there when you wake up. If the liquid is milky that is pus (gross I know haha) and that is probably an infection.

I find the best thing for me was a sea-salt soak. Get some very warm water and mix a bit of salt in and put it in a shallow dish. Then I would lean and put my ear in the dish (kind of difficult) and let it soak. And Quit Pickin’!!! I know it is hard but it really helps.

As for the steel I have never had a problem with it. Do you know if your jewelery is Pure Stainless Steel? I think it has been long enough that you could get it changed to a 14k Gold or titanium ring if you go back to where you got it done.

Ha that was longer than I intended but hope it helps!

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@SleepingWithNuns:  You sound so young and cute. I got mine pierced and a YEAR later they were still tender. One day in my dorm I got pissed, took them out and threw them away. I was having trouble sleeping on them at times still after a year. I should mention this was 10 years ago! lol

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Mine was sensitive for months and months and months…finally I changed out the earring to a titanium ring and it healed up right away. It never bothers me now. I was definitely allergic to something in the “hypoallergenic” stainless steel.

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Mine got so infected that I had to take them out.  They always hurt even months later.  The clear discharge is fine, I still get that on my regular holes sometimes and I have had them for over 10 years now.

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I had mine done about 15 years ago. It took over a year for me to be able to sleep on that ear. I took my permanent type ring out about 7 years ago, but the hole is still there and open and I can put a ring in it whenever I feel like it. I love the piercing but the pain was terrible.

Edit…this post got me thinking I may go get another hoop put in lol…

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@xx_ambyrr_xx:  <<<knows her stuff! The clear fluid is likely just lymph fluid. It’s perfectly normal. Also, don’t touch it or play with it!! and I definitely recommend sea salt soaks! Just look up “sea salt soaks for piercings” on google and I’m sure you’ll find the directions somewhere. I’ve had the same piercings for years with no issues so I don’t remember the exact amount of salt per 8oz cup, but I’m sure you can find it online.

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From my personal experience, everything you’re experiencing is normal.

The first rebelious thing I ever did as a teenager was, when I moved for college, I ran out to a tattoo shop and got my tragus pierced. I was warned and warned it was going to hurt, but the only thing that hurt a little was when she put the hoop earing in (its super ridiculously hard to get the ball into it to close it shut)

I went out and grabbed some Bactine right aftwards (this is SUPER important if you have sensitive ears, as I do and it helped SO much) I used it every morning and every night. You just pour it over the piercing and then twist/turn the earring. If there is any built of fluid crust, its fine and if you have addl. fluid thats also fine. This specific piercing takes the longest to heal, I think its est. at about 12-16mo. But if you play with it frequently, and use the bactine I think it will help out a lot. From doing this, I didnt have pain after about 3weeks unless I bumped into something. Its important to not sleep on that side for a little while in the beginning too. 

I actually took out my piercing after about 9mo for a couple of months and was super scared it closed up, it did a tiny bit (only one gauge) and so I can still fit in a regular size earring. Ultimately its what makes you feel the most comfortable, I highly recommend using bactine twice a day though. I really felt like it helped my healing process. 


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Salt water soak or if you have money to splurge I loved H2Ocean. My roomie at the time was way into piercings and let me steal one of her bottles! here’s a link.. you can get it at hot topic i think or anywhere they do piercings


My piercing still gets irritated at times just like any ear piercing and it’s been 4 years? this is if I take it out for a long time and then put it in. 

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