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My aunt and uncle have had a cleaning lady for years. Basically she comes in every Friday morning and cleans the house, top to bottom. For the most part it’s just base cleaning like vacuuming, mopping, toilets, showers, counters, dusting, windows (but I don’t know if that’s every week), etc… No dishes or laundry. 

Whether or not my aunt is there when she’s cleaning really depends on what she has going on for the day. Their cleaning lady has been a family friend forever so she’s fully trusted. 

ETA: I can’t wait for the day that we can have a cleaning lady. This whole mopping crap is for the birds! lol

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My mom used to have a cleaning lady.  She would come every other week to dust, vacuum, mop, bathrooms top to bottom, clean stove top, cabinet outsides, appliance outsides.  Sometimes my mom would have her clean out the fridge or vacuum the couches.  If I forgot the cleaning lady was coming and had my room a mess, she would put my clothes away, make my bed and tidy up.

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My parents have had a cleaning lady my whole life (since my older sister was born). They come weekly and mop, vacuum, dust, wipe down tables and countertops, clean toilets and tubs, change the sheets, etc. If there’s something extra she wants them to do, she just asks. They have a key and come when my parents are at work, but we’ve also had the same person for 30 years so she’s obviously trust worthy.

We’re actually going to be gifted a cleaning lady from my grandma when we have our baby. I’m assuming she’ll also just do the normal cleaning, and if I have anything extra I will just ask her. I’ll also be fine giving her a key b/c she’s worked for my grandma for a while, but I’m assuming I’ll be here most of the time anyway.

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We are hoping to start having a cleaning lady come at least once a month.  We’re just having a really hard time finding someone!

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My parents have had a cleaning lady come to the house every Friday since ’89…she’s like a friend of the family now, she’s even invited to my wedding!  She vaccums, mops, and scrubs all the bathrooms.  She used to clean our rooms when we were kids unless they were too messy, which they usually were.  It was always really nice to have her there once a week and you can definitely tell when she hasn’t come.  I think if you have someone coming to your home then you can ask them to vacuum the furniture after they’re done with the floors.  That is a part of my cleaning routine so I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t do it (or charge extra for it) She’s there for like four hours and I think my Mom pays her $60

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I’ve had cleaning ladies when I was abroad, but never here in the states. I’m totally just curious, but what do you all pay for the basic cleaning? How long does it take them? Do you just pay by the day or whatever?

Our house isn’t dirty really, but chores are the one thing that cause tension between Darling Husband and I with any sort of semi-consistency. We’re moving again soon, but I think I’d definitely just want to pay for someone when we find ourselves here again.  

So what’s a cleaning lady run in the US/Canada? I always assumed it was just way out of our budget.

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My mom had a cleaning lady come once a month (or once every two weeks, can’t remember). She was a friend from church, so we trusted her. She cleaned while everyone was gone, and usually was still there when I got home from school. She was very thorough, to the point of cleaning in between the rails in our staircase. I think if you pay someone money to clean your house (depending on how much) they need to clean everything thoroughly.

Side note: she didn’t clean our rooms, like make up the bed or anything. My mom would make us clean our room before she came so she could vacuum. She told her if the room wasn’t clean enough to vacuum the floor them she could skip vacuuming that room and she would make US do it when we got home. Haha! Not like we didn’t vacuum and clean ourselves… but this was just a monthly thing.

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Bee Keeper

We hired Merry Maids.  We are here when they come to clean.  Their duties are:

Kitchen: Clean the countertops, stove range, sink. dust the blinds and vacuum/mop the floor.  And take out the trash/recyclables.

Living room/family room: Dust, vacuum the couch, vacuum and mop the floor.

Bedrooms: Dust, vacuum the floor, make the beds, change the sheets if they are laying out.

Bathrooms: Mirror, sink, counter, bathtub, shower, toilet, and floor.

What they don’t do: Wash the dishes, do the laundry, or knitty gritty details like wiping the vents and baseboards.  They only washed my windows the first time they came (when they do a deep dive), but now they only clean the patio door which is usually full of baby kisses on one side and doggy smudges on the other.

We have them come every two weeks.  That’s definitely the LONGEST we want to wait for them since we have dogs.

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I think there is probably an hourly rate and they could tell you what they can do in a given time.  The family I babysit for uses a maid about once a month, only in the summer when they are busy.  She only does the bottom floor, as instructed.  Sweeping and mopping the floors are the key thing and she cleans the kitchen and bathroom really well.  I try to take the kids out for a walk when she comes. 

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When i was a swinging single gal, i hired a weekly housecleaner. She dusted, did baseboards, cleaned the bathroom, vacuumed and mopped and tidied my porch. She came every friday afternoon and I LOVED HER. I loved coming home from a week of work to start my weekend with a sparkly apt. I paid her $80. I felt like it was totally worth it. 

When i moved in with my partner he wouldn’t even consider it …booooooooooooo. 

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Both my parents and my future in-laws have household staff. My mom’s housekeeper comes in from 8-12 M-F. Usually she sweeps and mops the floors, does the dishes, cleans the bathrooms, makes the beds, does the laundry, and sometimes does the grocery shopping. Occasionally she’ll come in extra if there is company coming and my mom needs help preparing a meal. I always find it a little awkward to have someone running around the house doing stuff, but they live in a part of the world where 1) it’s not that expensive, and 2) they’re expected to have a housekeeper (you’re considered rude and greedy if you have the money for it and don’t employ someone). My parents’ gardener doesn’t really do much… just comes in once or twice a week to trim the bushes and keep the yard looking nice. 

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my ex & i had a housekeeper that came every week or two, depending on what was going on.  she used to clean all the thing that you’d expect, & then do the things i HATE to do.  like emptying the dishwasher, cleaning inside the microwave, and changing the sheets.  i think looking over the agreements from a couple of places you’re concidering can be helpful in deciding what you are looking for.  once you know what you want, be clear about it up front, it’s better for everyone that way. do you want someone to bring their own supplies (i did not simply because i am picky & like to use as few chemicals as possible)??  do you want a team so they are in & out faster (i didn’t, as they often have different helpers & i wanted to know who was in my home, & the helpers are not all as good)??  as far as them coming when you are there or not, the first few times i was home, i stayed in my office the whole time though, then i would go in & out while she was there- but didn’t tell her when i’d be back, then once i was comfortable with her, we would leave a key out her her on the days she was coming & we’d come home to a nice clean placeSmile

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Nope! I’d love to have someone come clean my house though, that would rule.

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My parents used to have a lady that came in every fortnight.

She would do windowsills, floors – mopped etc, benches, bathrooms, toilets. It was quite a big house so it would take about 4hrs.

She never ever came into our rooms as that wasnt allowed and it was our own job to do our own room. 

Then when we moved out of home, mum would get her to come in once a month and do a big clean – would take most of the day. Cleaning the oven etc.

Then now my parents dont get a cleaner except when the go on holidays. They come home to a spotless house and they love it!

Just depends on the lifestyle. We cant afford a cleaner at the moment, but i might go eventually down the road of once a month.

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