(Closed) Anyone have a jack Russell terrier and/or a dauchsund

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minipenguin:  I have a dachshund! She was the runt of the litter so I don’t know that I can answer that specific part of your question, she’s super submissive.  I’m going to preface this by saying I love my pup and am so happy to come home to her every day and snuggle her every morning, but my SO and I agree that the next dog we get will NOT be a doxie.  They’re stubborn.  She was so hard to house train, and still has the occasional accident.  I know that she knows certain commands (sit, paw, lay, stay), but sometimes she just really really doesn’t want to listen.  But they’re sweet dogs, and really really funny sometimes.

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minipenguin:  I have a dachshund too! Actually, I’ve had dachshunds since I was kid. Right now I have a 15yr old, long-haired male and I’ve had him since he was 8 weeks old. I love the breed because they are so independent and just plain fun dogs. I like that their energy levels are a good match for me, they love long romps outside but are also perfectly happy to veg out on the couch on lazy days. I’ve been around Jack Russells and find them too hyperactive to suit me. 

PP is correct on the stubborness in dachshunds, they basically just do what they want to but they are not badly behaved. My guy still has occasional accidents but now I think it’s mostly due to old age. I highly recommend puppy training classes so that you learn how to play the alpha role. Also with dachshunds you have to be extremely cautious that they don’t strain or injure their backs ie. no stairs, no jumping off furniture, no standing on hind legs, controlling their weight and supporting their length when carrying them. 

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minipenguin:  jrt/dachie mix! 🙂

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We had a doxie when i was VERY young. From what i can remember (and been told…) he was super stubborn, aggressive and just not a nice dog. My parents had to get rid of him while i was still young because he just wasnt suitable to a family with young kids.


ive never had a jack russell, but i have had family with them… They are super hyper, crazy, mind-of-their-own dogs. Theyre terriers, so they are also stubborn, can be yappy and nippy.


esthetically both breeds are cute… I dont know that i would ever choose to live with one though lol

what has enticed you towards these specific breeds?

if you like the compact size, and easy maintenance of the short coat, have you considered an italian greyhound? They have a similar look, but a calmer, more affectionate personality.

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minipenguin: oops, I forgot you wanted a pic:)

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minipenguin: I don’t know any Dachshunds but I’ve met a couple of Jack Russells and they’re fun and loyal dogs. I’ve got three dogs currently, I think next time I’d like to have a bitch first as I think they can help keep the dog and his hormones in check.

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minipenguin:  I have four dogs and my jrt mix is literally NUTS. And as a PP said, FULL of energy. Even if he gets a lot of exercise he is always the one who is up til like 9pm. The others can crash way earlier. And it’s just go go go go go go go! I love him, though! I will put in a vote for rescues. Lots of times a rescue dog will live in a foster home and they can give you an idea of that dog’s individual personality (does he pee inside, does he like other dogs, how energetic is he blah blah blah). Good luck!

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I have a jack russel! She lives with my parents because I moved to NYC after college and she HATED apartment living, but I took care of her from when I got her in 6th or 7th grade until I went away for college.  Jack russels are awesome dogs, but you need to have a firm level of training with them.  If they don’t respect you, they won’t listen at all.  To this day, I’m the only one she really listens to because my parents never set up that type of relationship with her.  They’re smart dogs, and they know who’s a pushover and who’s in charge.  Terriers also LOVE to get into small, dark places and dig under fences.  When you fence your yard, make sure a good portion of it is buried underground.  My dog actually burrowed into the bottom of our couches and would crawl inside to sleep there.  Eventually my parents got couches that did not have enough space for her to get underneath because they weren’t home enough to stop her from doing it. Jack russels will learn quickly, but they’ll also try to outsmart you, so you have to be pretty on top of things with their training. My jack russel is super sweet and loves to cuddle, but can be protective of the family and really didn’t like certain people (mostly construction workers) coming in our house. She’s great with my young niece and nephew, though!

I’ve never owned a dachshound, but from working in a vet’s office I know that they get terrible back problems later in life from being so long.  Jack russets are definitely a hardier breed and pretty indestructable.

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I have a doxie/chihuahua mix, and he is a sweet, loving, and fun little guy.  He’s playful and likes to go on walks, but he doesn’t have the overabundance of energy that JRTs have.  He’s more content to hang out on the couch with me, and he’s literally the last one out of bed in the morning, haha.  Doxies are master cuddlers and make great lap dogs. Ours has always been very gentle and patient around children, even though he’s quite nervous around unfamiliar adults!

As far as negatives go, I will echo what PP have said.  He is incredibly stubborn.  He has been tough to housebreak and doesn’t always follow commands because he just flat out wants to do whatever he wants.  He is also super territorial and barks at anyone or anything that walks by our house. I think a lot of doxies tend to have a high prey drive because they were bred to hunt badgers in the wild.  He will rip most stuffed toys apart and pull out the squeaker within minutes of giving them to him, but he has never been destructive with my FI’s or my belongings. 

Here’s my little darling after tearing apart a stuffed toy at Christmas. 🙂

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minipenguin:  I have a 15 year old JRT that I’ve had since he was a puppy. He’s definitely the smartest and most easily trained of my dogs, but that also means that he knows how to get in trouble and needs constant stimulation, or he will find something to occupy his time, and it probably wont be anything I’m happy about. He’s calm now, but he didn’t start calming down until he was probably 12. Also, I don’t believe in the whole “alpha dog” thing in regards to with people. They definitely have their own doggie hierarchy, but people are not included in it. Behavior problems are just that, behavior problems. Solved with positive training methods, and definitely not with trying to dominate them.

Here’s my little old man.

If you have any specific breed questions, feel free to ask! I’ll tell you all the good, bad, and ugly about them.

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minipenguin:  I don’t have a pic but I did have a jack russell growing up and he was absolutely the best dog ever! He was so good with my younger siblings. He was smart, obedient, and quiet. We absolutley loved him!

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minipenguin:  We have a dachshund and she’s great! She was a terror when she was a puppy (but what puppy isn’t?) but she’s great now (5 yrs old) and listens to commands for the most part (dachshund’s are STUBBORN!) and is 100% house trained. She’s the sweetest dog and I love her to bits!

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