(Closed) Anyone have an odd allergic reaction to something?

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I get strange allergic reactions to many things.


One time, I was out with a friend and my legs were itching like CRAZY. I get home and I have these HUGE hives all over my legs. Hives so big I’ve never SEEN them that big! (I usually get teeny tiny hives.) I freaked out. I didn’t have benadryl either, but I had tylenol PM, which has benadryl in it (thank you to my EMT ex-bf for teaching me that), so I took that. I still have NO idea what caused them.


I also get strange allergic reactions to some metals sometimes. My finger will break out in a raised, painfully itchy rash around my e-ring sometimes even though other times, I have NO reaction. 


I also once had a strange reaction to the antibiotic, Avelox, which caused my toenails to turn blue and a strange, blotchy blue rash to spread up my arms.

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@inky_1:  omg turning blue would freak me out!!

I had itchy skin and took zyrtek, I thought maybe pollen was making me itch…… and the zyrtek made me break out in hives from my knees to my forehead. It’s weird because it’s an antihystimine and it’s supposed to STOP hives.  The Dr.’s wherever I go now and list out that I had that reaction think it’s hysterical. 

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If I eat too many cherries, I break out in hives and my lips swell. I have to limit myself to just a few…

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I had a bad allergic reaction to a makeup trial lol.  Glad I planned that a few weeks before the wedding! My whole face swelled up like a balloon and I had hives all up and down my arms and chest. Ended up having to get a prednisone shot at the walk-in clinic. Fun times.

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i’ve had tons of weird reactions. all as an adult. so yes, very normal. most likely you have had some sort of occurrence or exposure that set your immune system on guard. when i was 17, i stepped on something while drunk on the beach at night. no clue what it was, but it caused a huge lymphedemic reaction in my foot and leg. ever since then, my immune system has been shot. 

shellfish – i grew up eating it my whole life, but after the incident i just described, i started having anaphylactic reactions. now i can’t eat any and have to carry an epi-pen because i live in the seafood capital of the US.

bees/stinging insects – i get huge hives from mosquitoes. one bite gets to be about two times the size of a 50 cent piece. i have anaphylactic reactions with swollen tongue and throat to bees and wasps now. i’ve had to use my epi-pen after a bee sting.

certain medications/other things – i’ve reacted to an antibiotic, an anti-fungal, an antidepressant, you name it. i can’t use spermicide or i will very literally swell shut.

every single one of my allergies started out relatively minor with hives and itching. repeated exposure led to anaphylaxis. that’s just how it works.

@pink lantern:  i hope you realize how badly you’re playing with fire by continuing to eat any cherries at all. allergies get more and more severe with each exposure, so you could be slowly working your way toward a truly life-threatening reaction.

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I have never had a reaction that bad lucky but I did develop all of my allergies later in life!

Benzol Peroxide – prescribed as OTC acne med when I was a teen. It was fine for months and then all of a sudden i became allergic to it and my face swelled up so bad I could barely open my eyes!

Mango – Been eating it since I was a kid and looooved it. Then BAM one day I got all these blisters on my lips and in my mouth after eating one as a snack. I repeated a few weeks later to make sure that was what it was and YEP, allergic to mango now (lame!)

artificial sweetner – been a diet coke drinker my whole damn life with no problems at all. then all of a sudden i became allergic to it

laundry soap with fragrance – I started getting really weird zit-like bumps all over my torso and they were really painful/itchy. I went to the dermatologist and was told it wasn’t acne it was an allergic reaction. Turns out my body randomly revolted against the same laundry detergent I’d always used. 

With the exception of the benzol (which happened when I was 16), the other three all happened within a 2 year period when I was in law school. After talking to my doc about it I’ve learned that sometimes periods of high stress in your life can trigger new allergies. So yea… sucks but it happens!

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I am now allergic to raw pineapple! Was fine when I was younger. My tongue gets filled with these little painful bumps that lasts a very long time. (your tongue touches the roof of your mouth or moves around, so it’s very painful because I can’t be sticking my tongue out the whole day!) I am fine with “cooked” pineapple like in pizza or on top of a roast… So whatever, I just don’t eat it raw anymore!

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Busy bee

HAHA!!! I get allergy shots, and had a horrible reaction to these shots yesterday! Sitting here doped on benadryl with an ice pack on my arm. SO this post made me LOL just to see it

Also, had an allergic reaction to midol once. Had to be rushed to the dr as my throat started to close and I broke out in hives!

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i get really severe allergic reactions to random food every now and then. within minutes, its hard to breathe, im covered in hives, my eyes and lips will swell and i will be running to the bathroom. 🙁


I went to the doctor before and he couldnt pin point it since it occured with such different foods (lucky charms, orange chicken, grilled cheese, blueberry paczki) so he chalked it up to a COCKROACH allergy.  He said every time i get this severe reaction when i eat food, is due to a cockroach being present near it (or on the plates/silverware/etc)


Pretty gross to know i am my own health violations checker for resturaunts.


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Yeah bug bites as well….. red/purple areas all over my body (mostly lower half of body)… so itchy! I had to put cream on them for two weeks and it took weeks after that for my skin to get back to its normal color…..

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I am extremely allergic to penicillin and some strains of blue cheese are made with penicillin mold. Yep, found that out in the ER after eating 1 piece of bruschetta with blue cheese on it. I had hives for a week, it took 125mg IV prednisone and an antihistamine injection in my butt to get it to go away!

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Sour Patch Kids, the candy.  I am not ridiculously allergic to them, but I get a rash down the side of my left cheek (only the left side..again..weird) and it gets itchy.  I usually stopped after that, so I don’t know how bad it would get.  It went away after a few hours.  To this day, I still don’t know what is in them as the other candies similar (Maynards Swedish Berries, Fuzzy Peaches) do not bother me at all.

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I am allergic to artificial berry flavoring in alcohol – my face gets red and puffy and sometimes get a fever. It’s only when I drink alcohol with artificial flavoring, if it’s natural flavoring, I don’t have a reaction. 

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