Anyone have any experience taking Zantrex-3 Rapid Weight Loss Supplement?

posted 5 years ago in Wellness
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    I wouldn’t recommend it to be honest.. I didnt take Zantrex but I took a pill similar to it. I took it for about 6 months and lost  weight but that was in addition to working out for an hour or two and eating sensibly. It was used as a supplement, but it made me VERY jittery, and I had no taste for food and loss of appetite. I also had trouble falling asleep, and would often stay up to 3 am every night, tossing and turning, because of the high caffene level.My hair was also getting dull and brittle, and the days that I skipped taking the pill, I didn’t have the endurance to get through the same workouts, because I wasn’t used to working out without all that caffene. After I stopped using it, my weight yo-yoed for a while, staying within a ten pound range though. Now I just work out, and try to eat healthy and that works just fine for me.

    Is there any way you can afford joining weight-watchers? It doesn’t cost that much, and it has worked wonders for alot of people i know, and its easy to use. Have you talked to your doc about seeing what type of execises are safe for you to try?

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    Yeah I did. I became tachycardic and developed palpatations, chest pain,sweats, insomnia and a whack of other symptoms. I also did slim quick, slim fast, xenical (or ally). We’re not even going to talk about what xenical does. Worst of all, it did not work at all. Diet pills are a scam, plain and simple. 

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    I am still trying to strengthen my immune system after battling an eating disorder 6 years ago. during that time, I spent hundreds of dollars on diet pills mostly because they gave me the energy to get through my day when my 300 calorie/day diet left me completely drained and my body was threatening to shut down. I don’t recommend taking them. they’ll give you more energy and dull your appetite in the best case scenario. in the worst case scenario, you’ll experience the symptoms listed above by pp along with the risk of other, more serious complications. once I stopped taking them, my weight shot up again. If you’re truly done being the current size you are, drink tons of water, try as much as possible to buy lean proteins when they are on sale and freeze them, find a fresh market outside of a grocery store for fruits and veggies, try to replace a few meals a week with a healthy, hearty soup, eat breakfast everyday and get a good night’s sleep. if you can fit in walking or something low impact, all the better. to be honest, those pill are only good for losing a few lbs of water weight. they aren’t conducive to long term or significant weight loss.

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    I have taken Skinny Fiber for a while.  I have had some results, not as dramatic as some of the other people I know who have taken it, but it DOES however help me to have more energy and I just FEEL better. I am less lazy, so to speak and I have more get up and go.  Here is a link to the group I’m a member of on facebook.

    Jackie is awesome and can answer any questions.  You can join even if you don’t take it.  The people on there are very supportive, friendly and helpful and I have found a lot of tips and inspiration from them.  So even tho I personally haven’t had the CRAZY results like some did, I still feel and see a difference.

     BTW I am pretty much the same size as you.  I am 5’4″ and I weigh about 250lbs.  

    This pill DOES NOT make you jittery (it doesnt contain stimulants or appetite surpressants).  The only side effect I’ve experienced is some bloating/gas, but if I don’t eat too much bread/junk, stick to more light protein and if I just add some extra fiber to my diet (which most people dont get enough anyways) it isn’t a problem.  



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    Diet pills made me incredibly sick, but upon a friend’s recommendation I have had tremendous success with the LoseIt app.  It’s free (woohoo!), and I believe you can just use their website if you don’t have a smartphone.  It is very similar to the Weight Watchers app – you tell it your current height/weight and how much weight you want to lose per week, and then you track everything you eat and all of your activity.  It has a barcode scanner to make entering food a cinch, you can ‘copy’ previous meals to save time, and it has a ton of restaurant foods already loaded.  I find myself working out (which includes housecleaning, sex, shopping, etc) just to gain more calories that I can eat during the day!  

    It was a bit of an inconvenience for me at first but has totally become a habit now and I just pull out my phone before or after every meal and log what I’m going to eat or have eaten.  I can eat whatever I want, but I have learned that I need to ‘budget’ my day.  If I know there’s going to be dessert after dinner I’ll do a lighter lunch, or I’ll drink no-calorie tea instead of my caramel macchiatto during the afternoon, or I’ll go for a long walk or jog to gain calories back.  I’ve also learned the loveliness of light mayo and light salad dressing, and that I can easily dress a salad with one tablespoon of light dressing (I was using more like three before this).  

    As for the price of healthy food, I have really become a fan of farmers markets…there aren’t any during the winter where I live, but when it returns in March I’ll be the first one there.  I go to one that is out in the country vs in the city, as I find it to be much cheaper, and it’s only about 20 minutes away – well worth it.  I found that as I became a ‘friendly regular’ every Saturday morning I was getting my fruits and veggies at lower and lower prices each week.  WAY cheaper than the grocery store, for sure, and you can’t beat the freshness of local food. 

    Anyway, I’d highly recommend the LoseIt app (and farmers markets!).  I easily lost the 20 lbs that I wanted to lose, and my fiance took off 65 lbs in the same time period.  Like I mentioned, it just became habit and we’re both still using the app, but on the ‘maintain my weight’ mode instead of ‘lose weight’ mode.  Good luck!!           

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    @Sweet_Tea:  I wouldn’t go with pills, too dangerous. The only way for me at least to drop Lbs is to go on the south beach diet..the first three days is rough but trust me, the weight WILL fall off and you’ll feel healthier! Try it!! 

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    @PurpleGal111:  I love LoseIt! Using it has made me pay way closer attention to what I’m eating and how much I’m eating.

    I’d definitely recommend LoseIt to anyone who wants to count calories–it IS more work, but it’s worth it to know what you’re putting in your body. I can’t even count how many times I’ve been about to eat a piece of candy or something, then realize I’ll have to enter it into the app, and so I don’t eat it!

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    I don’t know anything about Zantrex but I took oxyelite pro for months & while it gave me more energy, it also fucked up my body & I missed my periods for 5 months. I didn’t realize it was the pill & went to 3 doctors. When I stopped the pill my period came back after a month. I am really gun shy with diet pills now so I’d be hesitate to suggest taking ANY diet pill.

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    There’s no magical pill that will truly help you lose weight over the long haul without proper diet and exercise, and very few or possibly even no pills that do enough for you that diet and exercise don’t do.

    Most of these pills have a lot of diuretic ingredients in them. You lose a lot of “weight” in the first 2-4 weeks because they are making your body shed water, not fat. Your body will attempt to bring its water levels back into balance in a month or less. So what you lose in the first week is going to come right back in less than a month.  Rapid drops in body weight— pretty much anything over 4lb/week or so (less for people who are not extremely overweight)— is all water loss, and water will always come back.

    Most of these pills are loaded with caffeine and other stimulants, and are designed to “help” you lose weight by giving you energy, on the theory that being more energetic makes you more likely to exercise. It’s the exercise that is actually driving the weight loss, not the pills.

    OP you should speak with your doctor about exercises that you can do safely, keeping your health issues in mind, as well as any Rx appetite suppressants that he/she would feel comfortable prescribing for you. Do not go the over-the-counter or over-the-internet route, especially when you have an existing health condition.

    As for it being “too costly’ to eat healthy, I’m not buying that. You do need to put a little more work into things, but there are tons of recipes for nutritionally sound, healthy, and delicious meals that cost only a couple of dollars to put together. Soups are great because they are tasty, filling, and if you avoid cream soups you can have dinner for ~400 calories a bowl; $10 buys you plenty of ingredients and makes 6 bowls or more, Freeze the leftovers or take them to work for lunch.

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    Please don’t take this. I took something very similar once and have regretted it ever since.


    I ended up having a six hour panic attack. As a result of freaking out about this and the heart palpitations, I developed severe chest wall pain and couldn’t wear a seatbelt without flipping out. I couldn’t have caffeine without feeling like I was going to have a heart attack. I ended up going to the hospital and getting an EKG on two separate occasions. It took a good six months before I stopped feeling like I could just drop dead at any minute. Seriously. My heart felt like it was going to stop, and any minor stressor aggravated the palpitations to the point I had to basically stay at home, and carry this one particular self-help book around with me when I did go someplace so that if I felt a panic attack coming on, I could retreat to the nearest bathroom and read it and drink copious amounts of water from the bottle I had to carry around until the feeling passed. 


    I spent six months out of my life being essentially cukoo for Cocoa Puffs because of the things my body did after I fed it diet pills for a few months. I had never had a panic attack before, but to this day (all this happened in 2008) I still get them, though with decreasing regularity. You think eating right is expensive, but you should have seen my doctor bills. 


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    Weight Watchers <3

    Here are some of my favorite bloggers who keep me weight watchin’ when I feel like giving up.

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