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*sigh….it’s really hard!  I have been there! At my heaviest I was BMI 40. I’m 5’7. I just ate too much, ate when not hungry, etc. I found it sooooo hard to restrict my calories and portions.

Losing weight takes controlling your calorie intake every day for a long time. I could never do it long enough on my own to see any substantial results. I got super hopeless and chose to have gastric sleeve surgery, which restricts the size of my stomach. Without that restriction, I would never have been able to lose 90 lbs in 11 months.  I realize this isn’t an option for everyone, but it was what I wanted and it has helped me so much. I still have to watch what I eat. I use my fitness pal app. I still have about 20 more to lose (I think), and I do cardio every other day for about 30-45 min. ( walk on treadmill on highest incline).

Anywayyy, try my fitness pal and track what you put in your mouth.  try to get about 60-80 gms of protein a day. limit carbs. its one day at a time.  If you are going to focus on one thing, (which I always find easier), focus on what you’re eating, rather than working out. yeah, working out is great, but it can be discouraging to excercise all week and not see a drop in the scale. keep in mind you would have to burn 500 calories a day every day to lose one pound if you don’t change your eating habits. ugh!

I didn’t work out for the first 4 months after having surgery and the weight fell off. Then it slowed and I had to count calories and excercise. I keep under 1300 calories per day, and use the excercise to feel better about myself, get stronger, and sometimes to justify a few hundred extra calories.  Anyway, Im sorry I wrote so much. I just really identified with your post.

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Noelliemar:  My partner used to have a problem with eating when he wasn’t actually hungry. He was about 15-20 pounds overweight, so he went cold turkey and quit keeping snacks, chips, etc in the house (this was 10 years ago, before I met him). Whenever he felt the urge to snack – it was almost an oral fixation, he said – he’d drink water or diet soda. Within a year, he was down to his normal weight. We still don’t keep snacks in the house, and he’s healthy.

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Unfortunately there are no silver bullets.  You just need to calculate what your total daily energy expenditure (TDEE) number, track ALL the calories you put in your mouth using my fitness pal or something, and make sure you stay at least a couple hundred calories below your TDEE most or every day.  Don’t diet per se, just track your calories and stay below your maintenance level and you’re guaranteed to lose weight.  In the words of the great Michael Pollen, “Eat food.  Not too much.  Mostly plants.”  Load up on veggies and fruit to stay full while keeping your calories down.


The #1 thing that helps me not eat crap, is not to buy crap and keep it in the house.  If you buy yourself naughty food, you’re going to eat it.  When you go to the store, avoid all the middle aisles with the fatty processed crap.  I stock up on fruit, veggies, lean protein, and a few “treats” like sugar free pudding, diet soda, etc.  (I know that stuff is also bad, but in moderation I think it’s fine.)  

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What do you do for work?  If you have an office job, start going to the far bathroom, take the stairs, set an alarm, and go for a quick lap every hour.  Do a 20-30 minute walk after work.  The pounds crept on, and they are going to come off just as slowly, so even if you don’t see progress, know that everytime you do any activity, you’re helping to lose it.   Exercising also gives me energy, and once it becomes routine I feel bad for skippign days.  It’s always hard to start, but force yourself to do it and it’ll be hard to stop.

I think it sounds like you know what you have to do, all the tips in the world aren’t going to help you do it.. this is where you just need to do it..  Everything you eat matters.  I don’t know how to take control of eating, except to just do it.  If you’re not hungry, don’t munch, find another hobby to keep your hands and mind busy.  If you have to munch, keep healthy snacks around, celery, carrorts, just drink water to fill up space in your stomach.  Don’t crash diet and starve yourself.  Eat when you’re hungry and make sure you are eating healthy options.  Allow yourself to “cheat” too, but watch the portions.  If you’re not calorie counting, dont lie to yourself about what you’re eating, oh just one more bit… maybe this isnt so bad.. I didn’t eat *that* much.. own up to it.  Get Myfitnesspal and count calories, it doesnt lie.



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For right now, I recommend on not restricting yourself. If you binge because you feel super hungry and can’t take it anymore, you’re never going to get anywhere. You need to train yourself to eat different typs of food, it doesn’t mean you have to go hungry or feel like your tummy is constantly grumbling!

I would recommend starting with simple swaps. Drink only water instead of sodas or juices. Use healthy substitutes, like snacking on fruit, nuts and kettle popcorn instead of chips or whatever’s closest. I think focusing on these changes first, instead of counting calories, will help you alot. Going into everything with the mindset that everything needs to follow these super strict rules is stressful and you’re going to view it as a short term thing instead of a lifestyle change. As for eating when you’re not hungry, I recommend taking ten seconds to stop and think about how you’re actually feeling. If you just finished lunch and are reaching for a granola bar ten minutes later, stop, and consider how your feeling. If you’re legitimately still hungry, go for it, but if you’re just bored or it’s routine, think about a more productive way you can utilize your time.

Baby steps 🙂 Try not to get discouraged. Don’t go into this full swing or you risk taking on too much at once. I promise it will get easier as you get used to it!


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TwinkleBoss:  I agree! Start off slow – I lost 60 lbs with exercise and healthy eating, but I started off by switching to water and not eating fast food for lunch. I found that what I really needed to do was learn portion control and to wait 15 to 30 minutes after eating a meal or snack to decide whether I’m still hungry or not. It can take your brain that long to signal your body that you’ve had enough to eat. It was all hard at first, but 2 years later, it’s all second nature to me.

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Personally, I think the main problem of dieting is that people do it with the thought that you either just be extremely dieting or not doing it at all. Then this starts a really hard, circular dance between getting off and on the wagon. 

I started losing weight 5 years ago, and the way I did it was eating the same (just healthier decisions, like always grilled, etc) and reducing the amount. Also adding in a 30 minute exercise each day. These small changes have gone such a long way. I lost so much weight steadily and have still kept it off despite no longer dieting/exercising regularly. In fact, I spent a year abroad eating out almost all the time and I still stayed the same weight. So my metabolism definitely increased.

My method won’t make you a size 2, but it’s a happier way I think. Just for reference, I went from a 14/16 to a 6/8.

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Noelliemar:  write down every single thing you eat or drink for one week. i did this and just having to write it was a deterrent not to eat it (eg a piece of candy from the work candy bowl)! it really is eye opening and you train yourself to be like do i really want this? do i still want it if i have to write it down?! good luck 🙂

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you should get a personal trainer who can develop a healthy, steady nutrition plan for you. 

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My Fitness Pal, as a PP recommended.  Makes it very easy to track everything you eat, so long as you weigh and measure everything you’re putting in your mouth, and I find it keeps me accountable.  Somehow the act of logging it makes me think twice about whether I really need to eat it or not.  I also agree with the idea of swapping water for soda etc etc.  Don’t buy junk food, then you can’t eat it.

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Omit grain, dairy, added sugar and added salt. Build you menus on veggies of all colors, berries or green apples, unsalted mixed nuts, and egg whites, with one whole egg per day. Use Stevia or Truvia as a sweetener. 

I’ve been living like this for the last 16 months. Lost 85 pounds.

ALSO- take a good luck at My Fitness Pal. Very helpful!

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I’ve been there. Still am sometimes depending on the day. Everyone pretty much covered the bases of what will help in the weight loss department. Keeping a food journal, drinking water when you feel the need to snack, exercise, etc.

I think one of the best things you can do overall is to never give up and feel failure. Everyone falls at times, but just because you fall doesn’t mean you have to fail.


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Physical activity adds up. You could take the stairs rather than elevator or park farther from the store and walk across the parking lot. As for mindless snacking, you could eat fruits and veggies rather than cookies and chips. Good luck!

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