Anyone have experience with CBD oil for migraines? Or any issues in general?

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I used it for arthritis which developed in my knee after an injury, but honestly I didn’t notice any real relief from the pain or inflammation. I used it daily for about 3 months then gave up becuase it’s not exactly cheap.

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Yes. I got it for my knee after an injury, but while I haven’t had luck with it in terms of helping that I’ve noticed my stress headaches are gone, my anxiety levels have dropped off considerably and I am sleeping SO much better. Like, I can sleep straight through the night now without waking up once, which makes it worth the cost IMO. For a while I was thinking I’d have to go to a sleep study because my insomnia was getting so severe because of the stress of finishing my certifications. I don’t know how I’d be handling my work load if it wasn’t for CBD. 

The brand really matters, though. Herbstrong and Charlottes Web are the two that work the absolute best for me. 

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Bumble Beekeeper

We treated our cat who had terminal cancer with CBD oil for three months. It’s illegal here, so we had to get it from California, but our vet was supportive. We believe (and vet agrees) that it helped our cat enjoy a good quality of life til the end and bought him some more time. Before we started him on the oils, he was lethargic, barely eating, and woudl spend 95% of his time lying under the coffee table. After a couple weeks on the oils, he was virtually back to his old self – interacting with us a lot, being naughty, eating a bunch – it was really amazing. He literally stayed that way (normal!) up until the last day of his life, when we had to put him down very abruptly because he started having seizures the vet couldn’t get under control. (The seizures were due to the cancer reaching his brain.)

Anyway obviously you’d be using it for a very different purpose, but I think it is absoultely worth trying. I have a (human) friend who uses CBD oil for her GI issues and it has helped her immensely. It’s really a miracle plant! Just make sure you get it from a reputable place and that you’re using the type with THC. 

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It takes my migraines down a notch so they are just regular headaches, br doesn’t totally make them go away. That being said, all the other prescribed migraine meds I have tried didn’t even do that. 

A friend of mine who has migraines has treated hers with CBD that has a very small THC component and said that it worked significantly better for her. May be something I try in the future when it becomes legal in my state. 

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I have tried cbd teas and edibles but recently tried a pre-rolled joint that was 85%cbd and 15%thc and WOW it was so much more helpful. I tried that in Portland as thc is illegal where I live and after doing some research I have read that actually smoking the cbd helps it’s effects. I know inhaling smoke isn’t the best health wise but I’m just sharing my experience. There are shops here that sell cbd in flower form to be smoked and after my experience I am sold on its effects from smoking. I’d try the teas first and see how they work but for me the flower was significantly more effective! 

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Busy bee

I use an oil that has a 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC and yes, it helps with my migraines. I take my drops before bed and sleep LIKE A ROCK. My pattern of migraines and regular headaches was emerging during sleep deprivation, which is also linked to dehydration, which can be linked to headaches and migraines. My experience is anecdotal and there is no real science behind my results (that I know of), but I am glad I tried CBD/THC and I will continue to use it for as long as it helps me. 

It was actually recommended by a friend to go with a lower ratio of THC, but I was curious about what “high” this ratio would deliver, so I chose this one. It gives me what I’d call a bit of a “cerebral tickle” but nothing crazy. I would NOT drive after taking these drops, which is why I take them before bed. 

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Bumble bee

I don’t know about CBD, but I take a few big hits off a joint when I feel a migraine coming on and it really helps.  I’m able to fall asleep quickly and when I wake up the migraine is gone. 

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I don’t get migraines so I can’t comment on those, but I tried it for anxiety and for sleeping and it has really helped me with both. The stuff I use just for sleeping has some THC in it, but it knocks me out completely. The stuff I use for anxiety doesn’t have THC but it has made a difference for sure.

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Helper bee

I am an avid CBD oil user. My favorite brand is Select brand. They are super well tested and regulated here in Oregon and are always doing cool deals….

My mom uses it for her pain and sleep after 4 back surgeries …and I use it for chronic migraine disease and various other issues I have and it really takes the edge off things. 

I dose daily at bed time…30mg of CBD. 

I can honestly say it has changed my life. I still get migraines but not as frequent and when I do, I can take another dose and usually ease it back some which gives me time to get home and take my emergency pill.  ^_^

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I have Crohn’s Disease and when I began to treat with CBD oil I went into full remission 🤗

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I use the THC free type from a health food store for chronic pain due to a hip replacement 10 years ago. It allowed me to do physical therapy and I stopped my ibuprofen/alieve cycle. 

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