(Closed) Anyone have experience with Copper IUD?

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I was considering it before.  How long will you have it in?  The upfront cost is pretty high if you will only keep it in for a couple years.  Plus it seems pretty hard to get a doctor in the US to give one to a woman who has never had kids.

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There were a couple of threads recently about this, I would look back because one of them was pretty long.

My experience: I had it for over two years. As time went on my periods got heavier and the cramping got worse and worse each month. Eventually I had to have it taken out because of my periods. In the begining I loved it. When I had it taken out the nurse told me it was a very common problem with thte copper ones.

When we are done having kids I will probably get the mirena. I have taken the low dose progesterone pill that is identical hormones as mirena and I had few side effects.

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I have Mirena, but I don’t recommend this if you are TTC within a year.  Putting in an IUD, no matter what kind, hurts.  You’ll spot for a few months, and even six months later, random spotting can happen at the most inopportune times. 

If you wanted to wait like, 3 – 5 years, I would totally recommend it.  But if it’s a matter of months, I say use condoms if you don’t want to use hormones. 

If you decide to get it, Planned Parenthood will do it for you even if you haven’t been pregnant before.

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I have had one, with NO issues, for way longer than the recommended time frame in years. My GYN said, the companies that make them tell you to remove them so they can sell you a new one but honestly, it’s metal with no hormones and no moving parts so really there is nothing to go wrong in them.

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I have the copper one! Absolutely LOVE it. I have had it for almost 5 years now. There is one piece of advice I will give you that I wish I was told before I freaked out.. (TMI) Your first period after it is inserted is beyond imaginably heavy. Aside from that, everything else is normal. I have had no accidents (knock on wood) and no issues.

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Not the copper one, but I have Mirena like a PP said. And if I were going just for a year, I wouldn’t do any IUD… I was in bed for 2 days after.. 

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Doubled over cramping and 3 week long periods. 

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I’ve had one for about a year. Overall: I definitely recommend it but there are certainly some things to deal with in the beginning.

Putting it in was the worst pain ever — they don’t tell you that measuring your uterus feels just like insertion, so you have to deal with about 8 seconds of pain 2x. (Lucky for me mine expelled instantly and I dealt with it 4x!) For about 2 days I could hardly sit or lie down even on 800mg of ibuprofen. I’m petite and a little bony so any pressure felt like pinching inside. I slept on my knees the first 2 nights so my torso wouldn’t be compressed. Walking around helped but I was also very crampy. I nearly had it removed but stuck through it and after a few more days felt decent enough. For about 2 weeks I minimized my walking about — after a long day of walking around campus I remember one day I had to walk very slowly home so I wouldn’t be in pain. The heaviness of these first few periods was really surprising, especially coming from nearly period-free years of birth control pills. 

However, each month saw an improvement and after about 6 months my periods were nearly normal. I take it easy because of cramping for one day when it starts. They went from being about 8 days long to 4-5 with pretty average volume. I can hike and walk all day and have sex with no pain. It just took some patience and pain medicine at the beginning to get here. Not having to think about it 29 days of the month for ten years is a huge treat. 

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I have a Paragard (copper IUD). I like it a lot. Don’t have to worry about it at all, never have to worry if you took your pill or not! I love how you can keep it in for up to 10 years, never having to worry.

If you decide to get it, just keep in mind that it is Very painful getting it inserted, and your periods will be heavier, but after a few months, it’s not as bad. 

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