(Closed) Anyone have experience with Nuva ring?

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I have been on Nuva Ring since 2003 after I had my first daughter.  Honestly, I love it.  

Pros: It is so easy not to have to worry about it except once a month. If her Dr. says its ok, you can leave it in for 4 weeks (instead of the 3)- this is what my physician recommends.  I have also had very few side effects and my period is barely there.  Like I get a little spotting for 3 days.

Cons: There is no generic- so insurance companies do NOT have to offer it for free (or nearly free) under Obamacare- so you will have to pay much more for it than other options that have a generic equivalent.  Sometimes I do need to remove it prior to intercourse because of the position it sits in- which is not too big of a deal.


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i know a lot of people who like it… i personally got really really depressed and emotional for the couple months that i was on it. i couldn’t even try it for longer to see if it would level out because i was suicidal and once my mom and Fiance realized what was new in my life they made me stop using it….  a week or so after removing it, i felt 100% better.  this is just MY experience with it- everyone responds differently.  i did really like it aside from the depression- i have had spotting on every birth control pill that i’ve been on, and i didn’t have any on nuvaring! so i was really sad that it just didn’t work for me.  

oh and i always took it out during sex because my Fiance felt it and it said in the package that as long as it isn’t out for more than a few hours it’s fine (i never had it out for more than 30 minutes or so :P).  i know you didn’t ask about that, but it’s a common question. 🙂

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I’ve heard that a lot of people have gotten pregnant while they used Nuva Ring.

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I was Ok with it for the first two months or so and then it started giving me yeast infections constantly and I had to go off it and go on the pill. I’m not sure if that’s common. I don’t usually post such personal stuff but I don’t want another woman to go through that. It wasn’t fun. Maybe it will work for her though.

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I have friends who swear by it, but I hated it myself for the same reason as sleepyhead22: . It made me really emotional and depressed–my brother, who I was living with at the time, said it was like living with a different person. I also bled for weeks and weeks on it (5 in a row, I think). Eew.

I have since been very happy on the mini pill. 

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I tried several different pills to control my periods ehich are a big mess because of PCOS. None of them worked and I put on weight, got depressed, had migraines and lots of other horrible things. I used Nuvaring for over a year and loved it. Regular, light, painless periods, no mood swings, no weight gain.

I only stopped as were are TTC. I miss it…

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MrsRevolutionize:  I know people who love it so I tried it out myself.  After a few months it was evident that the ring was causing me to have severe itching in my lady parts.  I felt like I had a yeast infection for the entire 3 weeks the ring was in. By the time I recovered during the week off, it was time to put the ring back in.

Even though I had a negative experience, I still recommend women try it out for themselves because it was very convenient not having to remember to take a pill everyday and again I know a lot of women who really like it.

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Have it. Use it. Love it. I’ve been on it for years, it’s so much easier than the pill. Not to get all Too Much Information but the only time it’s annoying is during sex, for me and my Fiance we used to refer to it as playing ring toss if you get my jist lol. Now I just take it out before sex and then put it back in right after (this is fine says so in the instructions). Oh and it’s free for me under my insurance 🙂 

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I’ve had it for years and was always happy. I like the pill better because to me it’s easier to remember sth every day instead of after three weeks, but hey this is what calendars ate for. I was switching due to health reasons as well. 

I didn’t get emotional, gain weight, felt it during sex, etc. Nothing negative to report. 

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I use it and love it! Oral BC caused weight gain and mood swings for me, but not on Nuva Ring.

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MrsRevolutionize:  Yup, I used it for 2 years.  I thought it was good.  It’s super easy to use and you don’t feel it at all.  Vastly superior to taking a pill daily IMO.  For me there were only 2 downsides:

1) After 2 years my period became irregular which was annoying, so I switched to a new form (IUD).  My doc says it’s common for this to happen after a few years on one form of birth control.  It’s not at all unsafe, it’s just inconvenient to not know when your period is starting.

2) I found that the tip of a condom would occasionally get entangled with it, thus pulling off the condom.  As we were primarily using condoms as a backup form of birth control and not for disease prevention (monogomous relationship with my now DH) this wasn’t a huge deal and it only happened a few times.

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MrsRevolutionize:  I was on it for maybe 3-4 months a few years ago. At first I really liked it, didn’t have many side effects at all, except now Darling Husband didn’t like the idea or feeling of it during sex… After a month though I started having crazy discharge because of it. Not a yeast infection or anything, just super moist all the time- I’m sure in conditions like that a yeast infection wouldn’t have been far behind if I continued using it so I stopped. I’m on the Paraguard copper IUD now and while it was also rough at the beginning (alhtough now I have very few side effects, maybe a heavier more painful flow once a year) I love my hormone free, 12 yr lasting, totally passive BC… 

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I used Nuva Ring for a few years and loved it. I always kept the ring in for four weeks instead of 3 and almost never had a period. I would allow myself to have one every few months just to be sure hahaha. I loved it but I stopped using it when I lost insurance coverage because it was so expensive full price. 

Pros: Easy to remember, don’t feel it, ability to skip periods, you can take it out during sex if it bothers you or your partner and put it back in when you’re finished

Cons: You’re supposed to store extras in the fridge which could be awkward depending on your living situation, your partner might feel it during sex, more expensive than generic pills

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MrsRevolutionize:  it was ok. only think i hated was one time it fell out. its like there just wasnt enough room for my Darling Husband and me.. and the ring. i freaked when i found out it was just gone!!! i started to take it out before sex because it just didnt feel good. theres nothing like “oh hold on a sec and let me take my birthcontrol out” ……so i switched to the pill. but ive tried depo and the patch as well. if your partner fits you like a glove i would suggest seomthing else. 

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