(Closed) Anyone have heart problems? PVC’s? Advice needed.

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Boy, do I know what you are talking about. I don’t think my heart stuff has ever been as serious as what you described, but I definitely get the palpitations more often than I would like. I actually just got back from the Mayo Clinic, I had a pituitary tumor removed, but before surgery I got completely checked out by a cardiologist there. She just told me that since my echo and ecg(?) were perfectly normal and my heart is structurally normal, then the palpitations are more or less something I just have to deal with.

I’ve personally found that there are also certain ‘triggers’ that cause the crazy palpitations. Even though there are still times when it’s kind of a mystery as to why i’m having them. The cardiologist also just kind of reiterated that caffeine can cause it for a lot of people, and for me coffee and chocolate are the perpetrators most of the time. Still, like I said, there are times when it just happens and it’s hard to breathe and really irritating. In these cases, I just have to take deep breaths and try not to focus on it. My mom has these also, and says that sometimes rubbing her neck (with thumb and pointer finger in a slow, solid motion) while deep breathing can help. I’ve only tried it once when the palpitations were just getting started and it seemed to slow them down. Not sure if that’s more of a placebo effect or not. 

But yeah, no fun at all. I haven’t heard of that medicine before, but who knows..maybe the palpitations are related to stuff you eat or drink. Good luck with getting it figured out/under control! 🙂 

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I have them too but not as bad as what you’ve described.  My cardiologist told me to take magnesium oxied to help eliviate the frequency.  I’ve also had to give up caffeine which sucks but I’d rather be a little tired without my coffee than freaking out that my heart is going to stop at any moment.

I guess the best thing is to realize that these are normal for your body and there isn’t anything “wrnong” per your Doctor.  It helps to stop the fear and adrenaline that make the PVCs worse or more frequent.

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Me too!! …but mine don’t sound as bad as yours.  I went to the doctor when I started having palpitations all the time (like several off-beats every minute) this spring.  My EKG was totally normal (I also got the PVC diagnosis), and my doctor also ran some bloodwork to see if my electrolyte levels were off (apparently that can be a cause of arythmias).  My levels were totally fine though.  The palpitations finally went away a few weeks later — as it happened, right after I got engaged!  I still get them on occassion, and I definitely notice a link with caffeine consumption, so I’ve stopped drinking coffee. 

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Yes, i have super-ventricular tachycardia (sp?), and have had ever since i can remember. at least since age 10 or 11 or so. sometimes it’s frequent, sometimes rarely happens. when it happens, i have super-duper-super-speedy heartbeat, and it can last — going on and off — for hours. very unpleasant, and uncomfortable, but since i’ve more or less always had it, actually totally not scary for me.

after, like, two decades of watching this happen, i’ve noticed a few things that trigger it for me. and if i am mindful not to do these things, i get episodes much, much less frequently.

the things that set it off for me are:

• being run-down, and tired, especially staying up all night in college

• not eating much; serious dieting

• quick, sudden movements where knees come towards chest — this could be squatting quickly, or suddenly bending over to grab something, etc.(it has something to do with the diaphragm in your mid-section kicking off the electrical impulse that sets the heart racing by mistake)

• exercising a lot and THEN doing one of the above — especially the quick knees-to-chest kind of motion, say — will often set it off

i’ve also found a few ways to try to control it;

• as i said above, avoiding certain motions when tired, run-down, etc, means it happens much less frequently.

• if it does happen, i splash ice water on my face, or submerge my face in icy water (!!) this was suggested by my doctor, and it often does work. again, it’s something about the electrical impulse being flashed on or off. hitting the icy reset button!

• if it’s going on and on and on, i lie down with my feet elevated above my head, to basically make sure i don’t fall over (as has happened to you)

All this said, not to be paranoia-inducing, or overly dramatic, and I hope you forgive me for saying this, but: just to be extra-double sure, please go and TWO OPINIONS on your diagnosis? i know this sounds semi-inappropriate to mention, but i had a friend, maybe ten years ago, who thought she had exactly the same thing as me…. we’d compared notes on our symptoms. but we found out — too late– that she didn’t have the same thing as me. they had made a mistake. (to be brutally frank, she fell into a coma after blood was deprived from her brain, following a bad episode of what turned out to be something other than simply what you/me/we have. i know that the typical case of what i have (which, after all, hasn’t had ANY real effects on my health at ALL… and i can safely just ignore it) starts in adolescence, so if yours is sudden, that’s just another reason to just make sure everything is cool by getting a second opinion. 

in other words: i’m sure it’s totally cool, and like the rest of us you’ll be totally fine and dandy! but always question the doctors, just to be extra-double sure!

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My Fiance has tachycardia since he was little.  He takes half a pill every morning – Atenolol.  Sometimes if he doesn’t take it right away, he will start to feel a little “funny”.  (Not sure how else to describe it, because that’s the only way he describes it to me!)

He actually has an appointment set up with a cardiologist at the hospital where I work in a couple of weeks.  This doc works in electrophysiology, and he can go in the heart with a catheter and either burn or freeze the small portion of the heart that is the “problem” and it’s just fixed, just like that. 

Fiance had never considered anything like that before, but recently he’s had issues with getting his prescription refilled.  He keeps pills everywhere…..  like emergency ones in the car, one in his wallet, etc.  Naturally, he ends up losing a couple this way every now and then, so last time he went to refill his pills, they said “you should still have 4 days worth left” and practically accused him of abusing his pills in some way because he was short on them.  Abusing his heart pills, LOL….nice. 

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I know this thread is old…but maybe bumping it up will make more people aware of this.  I too suffer from SVT and PVC’s…if you realize that they are benign (you had normal EKGs and tests).

They will increase with stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, and when you’re hungry. They also increase for more well known reasons like sugar, and caffiene. 

Just wanted to make you aware that you can control the way you feel them at night, by slowly realizing you’re OK.  The more you think about them, the more apparent they are. 

I sometimes feel them so bad that I can feel is stop in my throat and head…never dizzy or fainting though, as you described. 

It’s good to know other bees are out there with the same issues!

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I was having a lot of PVCs, turns out it’s because I have mitral valve prolapse. It was irritating my heart and making my heart rate speed up too much at times. I have had multiple near-fainting spells as well. I got put on a low dose beta blocker and I’m 100 times better! No more PVCs and the best part of all is I’M NOT TIRED ANYMORE!!

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@kerri13:  Great to hear Kerri! 🙂  I had an echocardio and it was normal…no valve issues or defects..luckly..but I kind of wish there was a known reason!  I’m not on medicine i’ve learned to control it.

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Bump! I have been experiencing increasing heart palpitations for the past two years, ever since my grandfather suddenly passed away from heart issues. I ended up going to the cardiologist after a scary episode and was given a heart monitor to wear for 4 days. Everything looks normal but I was diagnosed with PVCs. These things terrify me! I keep telling myself they’re harmless, but sometimes they just get to you. On average I probably get like 5 a day that I can feel, except today I felt more than that so now my anxiety is up. And I think all of this wedding stress is definitely increasing them.

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