(Closed) Anyone have induction stories to share?

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I was induced after going 10 freakin days past my due date!

I had never been in labor before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was hooked up to a pitocin drip at about 5:30am and within an hour my contractions had started. They came on really strong and one right after another. I was told by my doctor that induced labors are often more aggressive than naturally progressing ones. The last few hours there was no break during contractions and I was in back labor. I labored for 24 hours, had an epidural, took a nap, then started pushing. After 30 hours my daughter was born!

I was so relieved to just get labor going. Plus it was nice to be able to say “Yup, I know exactly when I’m going to the hospital.” I went home from my appointment that day, cleaned the house, packed, watched a movie, went to bed and woke up bright and early for my hospital stay. All in all, it was a good experience.

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check out the blog “everybody births”. There are a few stories on there 🙂

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Baby number 1- Went in on a Wednesday night, had cervidil inserted, slept the night away. Started pitocin at 10 am, slept, slept, slept, got epidural, broke water, slept some more. Epidural wore off around 9 pm, got new epidural. Checked me, I was at 5 cm. Sent my parents home. Just as my parents walked in the door (15 minute drive), called them back at 9 cm. Delievered at 1:21 am on Friday.

Baby number 2 was muuuuuch quicker. Cervidil inserted at 9 pm, HARD contractions at 6 am. Multiple tries for an epidural but the contractions were so centered in my back I couldn’t hold still very well. I only wanted the epidural for my tubal ligation so I didn’t need the general anesthesia so other than that, I wouldn’t have had it. Epidural finally in at 8:30, delivered at 9:59 am.


I was induced at 38 weeks for my oldest because of my blood pressure. I was induced with baby number 2 because I couldn’t even walk (39 weeks). My feet were so swollen that I couldn’t work and I only had 5 weeks of time built up for maternity leave. I went back to work after 5 weeks with both and I couldn’t afford to not get paid for all of it. I had pretty decent experiences.

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I was induce with my first. Other than the fact that he was born healthy, it was awful and I never wanted to be induced again. I’ve had 3 more kids and wasn’t induced with any of them.

Is this your first? First time moms on average go a week “late”

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I have been induced 2 times

With the first I was 17 days late (I was closely monitored up until then) I started having contractins and when they checked me at 3:30 in the morning i was only at 1 they had me walk to see if that would help but it didnt and it and it made my blood pressure go threw the roof… So i got stuck in a bed and they started giving me pitocin as soon as i could the epidural i did because it hurt soo bad. By 5:57pm and almost 2 hours of pushing i finaly had my baby girl.

The second time was ALOT diffrent I was induced when i was 5 days late (but once again a very closely monitored pregnacy) I went into the hospital at 6pm with signs of pre clampsia (Not sure how to spell it) I was checked out and was only at 2 They kept me and monitered me for awhile and noticed i was having REALLY bad contractions (that for some reason i could hardly feel) They desided i needed a IV and ended up poking me 11 times before they did it right (5 nurses total and a Vein ultrasound thing later) then after about a hour the checked me again and there was NO progress but i had a amazing nurse that knew my induction was postponed for the 3rd time and she lied and said that i was at 3 so they would keep me. They hooked me up to pitocin and I had a very hard night (no epidural) and hooked up to the highest amount of pitocin that oregon can legaly give a patient but by 11am exactly and less that 5 minutes pushing she was here!

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I was induced with my first daughter.  I went in at 5:30am and they had eveything set up and started by 6:30.  I thought that the contractions were very intense, however I have nothing to compare this to.  I had my daughter at 3:30pm after 15 minutes of pushing- so it all went relatively quickly I think.  Since it is the experience I am familiar with, it seems like how birth “should be” now.  I am a little afraid of going into labor naturally if it happens this time around!

Edit- I was induced 2 days before my due date.

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I’m not sure as Im still hanging out in pregnant world too.  But I’ve heard if you’ve already started dilating and effacing induction can go a bit smoother.  Also, I’ve heard membrane stripping helps get the process going and then when it’s augmented by pitocin or something it can go a bit smoother but again I have no idea personally.

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Thanks for asking this. I’m totally freaked about induction since I’ve trained for natural and naturally went into labor with Moose.

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I was 10 days overdue when I was induced. I had an apt on Tuesday and was about 70-80% effaced and 1+ cm dilated. By Friday I called and asked to be induced Monday instead of going to my midwife for an apt and being induced Tue or Wed. I was put on pitocin by 9am on Monday. I had manageable labor through most of the day. They upped the pitocin every half an hour until I was having frequent contractions that I couln’t talk through, but were bearable. They stopped the pitocin to see if I would take over on my own. Labor started to slow down. I got in the tub, since i was off pitocin to relax and get out of the bed, expecting to have to go back on the pitocin in about 30 minutes. The water was just what I needed, and my contractions picked back up. I ended up staying in the tub for almost 5 hours until I was 8cm. I got out and the contractions were nonstop and really unbearable. I tried the shower in my room, but there was no way I could stand where I was comfortable. I gave in and had a spinal block. I relaxed for about 45 minutes and then started pushing. I had to push for 3 hours, but was able to deliver vaginally. He was 10lbs 9oz though and his chest was bigger than his head, which was part of the trouble.

Overall it was a positive experience. I wish I had been able to hold out and go natural, but it was just so much pain. I think that had a big impact on me having to push so long, because I had to be flat on my back, and I was intending to deliver squatting or on my hands and knees.


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Just wanted to bring this thread back to life and see if anyone else had any stories to share or comments.  I am looking at an induction in the next week so I am trying to do research.  Because my Bishops Score is a 5, they would induce with Cervidil first and then start Pit in the morning. 

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