(Closed) Anyone have tattoos but your DH, DH, FI hates them?

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Busy bee
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That’s a tough question.  Tattoos can be such a personal thing, with meaning behind them….if they are beautiful, and you love them, I certainly wouldn’t get them removed, or cover them. Especially if you had them when you got together.  Are you asking if you should cover them up for the wedding?  If that’s the question, maybe you should discuss it with him.  Ask him if that’s something he’s worried about. It may not even be an issue for him. If you don’t care either way, and he does, then cover them.  If he doesn’t care, don’t. 

I have a 3rd of my back and my entire shoulder covered in a tattoo. I asked FH if he wanted me to cover it for the wedding, and he said no way, it’s part of you.  I was the one feeling weird about it, because Im not sure I  want to feel the grandparents judgments burning a hole in the back of my head during the ceremony. haha.

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Helper bee
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@Crazyhair:  FH said that to me too. He loves every part of me but he also thinks tattoos are hot

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Me!!! He doesn’t hate them and told me I don’t need to or have to cover them. But it’s just not his thing. I have a reallly big one on my back   I thought of covering it just out of respect 🙂 I might be opening my whole back of my dress so I just might cover it. I just think it would look more nice.  I have 6 total and if I did cover 3 on my back,only my love one would show on my wrist. I love that one!! I have had them since we have been together. The big one is a coverup(new) and 2 others are new. Oh well!! I’ll see how I feel when it gets closer! 

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If you feel like it would give you a piece of mind then cover them. Part of me wants to bc my dad was like “I didn’t know you were that into tattoos?” emailed mailed him a pic of my dress,woopsy!!:) Fiance just does not care for them and I’m not getting anymore. I don’t know if I want to look at my wedding pictures down the road and regret not covering them. I think I might do it just to look a bit more elegant. Not saying tattoos are horrible and everyone should but it’s just my choice. I sure do love mine though! 

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I have loads of piercings and two tatts. He always says how much he hates them all and is hoping that I will just get rid of them all one day. I got a new tattoo when we were dating and he was really cross and had the massive hump. My body though… so tough… and I’m not removing them. That said, I have no plans to get any more any time soon.

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he has more than I do lol so this has never been an issue. I have stars on my chest on the left side going up towards my shoulder, I also have a newer one that extends over my shoulder and is on the left upper part of my back. I think the only one who truly hates it is my grandmother. everyone else, including Fiance like my tattoos.

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I have a half sleeve, back piece and various others! My BF is covered 🙂 I hope to wear a lace sleeved dress when I marry, not because they will look ‘ugly’ (I love them!) but because I love lace and also for the benefit of older relatives who would be very shocked!

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Sugar bee
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My Fiance was a tattoo artist, so obviously he likes them on women and loves them on me.  Though, he should love them on me, he did all of them but one. 😉

If you love your tattoos, I wouldn’t get any removed.  I’ve heard tattoo removal is more painful than getting tattooed and takes a long time to do.  Your Fiance knew about the tattoos when he met you right?  It doesn’t seem like he’s asking you to change them just because he dislikes them.  He loves you for you.  So don’t worry about it.

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Helper bee
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My DH doesn’t love tattoos or piercings for that matter, but he also doesn’t actually hate them. He just thinks that they don’t add anything, like it won’t make me more sexy in his eyes. I plan on getting my first tattoo later this year and he just kind of seems indifferent about the whole idea. But it is still very important to me so he supports me in my choice, even though he doesn’t love them personally.

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Honey bee
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Once upon a time, my now DH told himself he would never date (let alone marry) anyone with tattoos. 

I have three of them, but had fallen out of love with them, because they remind me of a traumatic incident in my life, and I’m ready to move on from it. So I cover them, but usually just don’t remember them since I can’t see 2 out of 3 of them. One night, about 4 months into the relationship, I was spending the night at his place. He saw one of my tattoos because I was wearing a tank top (started dating in winter) to bed, and sort of looked disturbed. He said, “so, this is your tattoo!” and I said yes, I thought you’d seen them before, and showed him my other two. So he hates them, but by the time he discovered I had any, he was hooked on my personality, so it didn’t matter. But one of these days, I’m going to have those bastards removed. 

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Sugar bee
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I have several tattoos, including a rather large back piece that I put A LOT of time and money into and absolutely adore.  

My fiance has never been a concern, but I come from a strict catholic family, and my father’s mother in particular is very “old school”.  Her opinion is very important to me, and I love her dearly– she was disappointed to learn that my fiance and I will not be getting married in a church (he is an athiest and wasn’t comfortable with the idea) and she has stated time and again that tattoos are “poisonous” (not in the paranoid you’re gonna die way, but in the disgraceful way) she knows I have them, but I try to be discrete about them when I am around her.  For this reason, I am having my wedding dress altered to cover them completely for the ceremony. 

I would never dream of removing them, or even putting makeup on them to hide them; but I am comfortable with the compromise of making them more discrete. 

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