(Closed) Anyone have tattoos but your DH, DH, FI hates them?

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  • Wedding: December 2013

Mine is impartial to my wrist one (the huge feather), and just never notices it because I’m in a tshirt or tank most of the time. I guess he’s just used to it.

My “This too shall pass” under my boob that wraps around my ribs and onto my back, he makes fun of a lot. I don’t think he actually cares, but he makes fun of it all the time.

“Nice tattoo indie girl, that’s soooo profound.” Variations of that, haha.

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I have a tattoo which I hate, and he loves actually!  I think I’m allergic to the ink, either that or they just did a really shitty job, because the colour is all patchy, and it gets puffy/irritated all the time (10 years later).  It just looks awful.  Also, it’s on my lower back… sigh.

He thinks it’s hilarious though.. he calls it my “prison tatt”

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Last year I got a huge peacock tattoo on my back my boyfriend was madtried to stop me but I love it, he hates it still lol 

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  • Wedding: May 2013

I don’t have any tattoos but I can say that I strongly dislike the tattoo of SO’s ex-wife’s name (to put it mildly) but I think he hates it more, he calls it “the scar”.

I do like his lion one though.

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I have several tattoos as well but most are in private places (stomach, thigh, and calves). The only ones I plan on showing the day of will be my chest tattoos which consist of two large black and gray flaming stars (which will go along with my black dress) He on the other hand is covered in tattoos like 70% so no issues there!

However I would suggest if you decide to cover your tattoos, use clothing – I’ve heard makeup cover up can come out pretty bad and can easily get on your dress. And of course removal is just way more painful lolz.

If he’s not helping out, I would suggest you thinking about how you will feel when you look back on your wedding pictures.

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I only have 4 and going to have SO’s friend do my 5th tattoo soon.  I really think he wishes that I had way more! I would totally be into that if I didn’t have a traditional office job. He has his WHOLE back done, writing on his chest, and two really bad tattoos on each upper arm.

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My Fiance has tattoos that I feel “eh” about.  And, I have two that he feels the same.  He said they’re cliched Asian characters.  Umm…hello?  I’m Asian!  lol  We both gotten used to each other tattoos; it is as if it’s not there.

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  • Wedding: August 2012

Fiance hates tattoos, especially on women. He thinks it is the most un-sexy thing a woman can do. That being said, I have 5 lol!!

I have a leo sign with my daughter’s name above it on my L ankle, Huge flower w/ a vine on my L foot, Breast cancer ribbon on R ankle, AND my daughter’s BIO father name on my back. He hates all of them just the same.

But I love them! (Except the one on my back of course).

I don’t have the $ to spend getting that laser removed. I don’t want something to cover it. It is pretty big and I don’t want another large tattoo on my back. I know some people that have had success with http://wreckingbalm.com/ So I am going to do that after the wedding.

For the wedding, I have no idea what I am going to do yet ๐Ÿ™ I hear make up can smudge and I am not covering up so I don’t know ๐Ÿ™  

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@FreckledFox:  my DH is the same. We’ve been together for 4+ years and he’s gotten used to the fact that I have two tattoos (one on my back and one on my right ankle) but he’s never liked them. He has said numerous times that “if there was another person that was an exact copy  of you that had no tattoos, I’d pick that one”. 

It hurts, and I’ve seriously considered removing the one on my back, but it’s very expensive and very very painful (10x more painful than getting it, I’ve heard) so I’ve just stuck with it. He isn’t mean about them though, he just lives with them so I think we’re okay.

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  • Wedding: February 2012

My Fiance dislikes tattoos and I’ve got 3 (including a large one).  But we honestly forget they are there!  Sometimes I look down in the shower and am a little surprised to see them.  He says he’ll do the same thing when I’ve got them uncovered.  

I don’t have any super-visible ones– long shorts will cover my big one and the others are on my torso.  I’ve considered an arm tattoo but he’s iffy about me adding more on– though it’s not his decision, since it’s my body.  (I’ll respect his hesitancy and keep him informed, but I also just haven’t figured out what I want yet.)

I think bringing it up over and over isn’t the smartest plan.  If he really wanted them covered, he could come out and say it himself.  Drop it and do what makes you most comfortable.

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My husband is not a fan of tattoos… I have two small ones, and although I have thought about getting another one, knowing my husband doesn’t like them I will refrain (I didn’t have anything in mind, so it’s not an issue).  But he never says he doesn’t like mine or make me feel uncomfortable about them at all, I would never even consider removing them.

I would tell your Fiance how it makes you feel when he openly says how much he hates tattoos.  Just be honest.  And ask how he would feel if you wanted/got more tattoos?  Would it really bother him?  Do you want more tattoos?  Would you be willing to not get any more tattoos to make your Fiance happy?

If you had the tattoos when you met him (or at least the majority of them) then he knew what he was getting into and it’s not a surprise that you have them, he got to know you and fell in love with you and your tattoos.  So don’t feel bad about them!

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i dont have any apart from my eyebrows BUT i do want my daughters name or initial on my wrist,shoulder, finger and Fiance absolutely hates them, says its a big turn off but its something that I want to do that means something to ME. sigh

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My Fiance loves tattoo’s.. and has a ton! I only have 2, and I got both of them while I’ve been with him. Both tattoo’s have a lot of meaning, and he loves them.  When I mentioned covering them, he was like “WHY!?” Haha. It sounds like your Fiance is very respectful of you, even if he doesn’t care for them himself. That is great, at least ๐Ÿ™‚

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I wouldn’t be able to be with someone who didn’t like them. I want to be with someone who loves and adores the way that I look..

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@strawbs:  That’s pretty damn sad. There is someone who will say that you are perfect and nobody else will do. Also, how can you be secure in that relationship? He is clearly telling you that if someone else comes along, that is like you, but with no tattoos, he will choose her. You are marrying him?!



Anyhow, my fiance has more than I do. He thinks tattoos are sexy. By the time I’m done, I will have my foot, ankle, thigh, entire side, my sleeve completed, and my large back tattoo finished.

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Fiance didn’t know I had one when we met and went on a spiel about how he didn’t like them. He knows now…he’s still not a fan but has grown to like my little guy (gecko on my back – an ancient tramp stamp before they became the trend a few years ago lol). He just teases me now because i honestly forget I have one about 99.5% of the time.


He’s still of the ‘why would girls do that to themselves’ camp whereas if I see a chick with a sleeve I start drooling. He said he wouldn’t mind too much if I got another and I probably will at some point so it’s good he can live with it.


Being where it is I don’t have to worry about it showing for the wedding ๐Ÿ™‚

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