(Closed) Anyone have the Implanon? What is your favorite form of BC?

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I can’t help, but I’ll be interested to hear the other replies. I’ve only been on the Pill, but I’ve noticed that my body only does well with LoEstrin 24 FE of what I’ve tried. It’s too expensive to keep up, and I’m on the generic, but my body doesn’t respond in quite the same way to the generic. 

Sorry to hear about your troubles, that sounds awful. 🙁 

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I just went off the patch.  I don’t care much for hormonal bc.  I wanted to start NFP but when I visited my doctor last week she was very unhelpful.  She couldn’t find anyone in the area that teaches NFP.  She literally did a google search right when I was in her office.  I freaking did that myself weeks earlier.  I couldn’t believe I paid to see this lady who obviously knew nothing about NFP even though when I called to book the appt I specifically asked the receptionist if this doctor would be able to help me with NFP and she said yes.

Anyways, because of the apparent lack of NFP classes in my area we are now using just condoms.  ***Praying that we don’t get pregnant.***

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My SIL just had her implant taken out early, it caused her to have many probs including ovarian cysts. Her hormones were badly affected and she had several other side effects so if you are sensitive to BC please be careful and make sure you know all possible side effects.

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im all about the nuva ring!  i had been on yaz and got some pretty annoying (not bad by any means) acne, so i talked to my dr and she switched me to the ring.

its awesome because you put it in and then take it out 21 or 28 days later depending on how long you want to wait between periods.  i haven’t had any side effects and can’t feel it, plus its nice not to have to remember to take a pill every night!  


i don’t know about the new implant, but i know the ones from a few years ago were having issues with migration and/or too much scar tissue formation and it being super hard to remove them! 

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I had the Implanon. I had it in for 2 yrs before I got it taken out. It was okay at first but soon enough I started getting my period and it just WOULD NOT go away. It would cycle through, heavy, light, so I thought it was going away and then start all over again. So frustrating. My doctor then prescribed me extra hormone tablets to take to stop my period. URGH! So I figured that if I was having to take pills everyday I might as well go back on the pill. I’ve since switched to Depo Provera shots and it’s the best contraceptive I’ve been on. One needle every 3 months and I’m set! I haven’t had ANY side effects apart from the fact that I haven’t had my period for the last 4 months or so (which is a common side effect – but in my opinion a very convenient one!). I’m loving it. I also found that while I had my implanon I couldn’t loose any weight. I didn’t put any on but I was dieting and exercising like nuts trying to loose weight and nothing happened – as soon as I had my implant removed I started loosing weight.

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i have been on pill but got pregnant, and ive tried implanon  (the implant) but didnt like it id have my period for 4 weeks and be spotting all the time. the best i reckon is tubal ligation… although my period are really heavy at the start and i get bad pain but at least theres nothing to remember 🙂

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I have a copper IUD. I have tried different pills and the shot and all have drastically taken my hair out or lowered my sex drive. I love the IUD. I’m one of the lucky ones who didn’t have paid during insertion (I do have one child though). I’ve had it for almost a year and it’s wonderful. My bleeding is a little heavy but it’s always been that way. I don’t have to worry about birth control for the next 9 years and I get to keep my hair. It’s amazing.                    

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I got Implanon last month.  I have had no side effects since I got it…no out of cycle spotting, no weight gain, no acne (actually has helped clear my acne).  The only minor side effect is the insertion did leave a small scar.  It is fading but I don’t think it will completely go away. 

I used to have horrible cramps with my period and would usually be nauseus and vomit.  I just got my first “period” with Implanon in yesterday…no cramps, no bloating, no vomiting, no PMS and no facefull of acne…period is so light it’s no trouble to me at all.  It came 2 days late for what my cycle had been before I was on Implanon, but other than that so far so good.  This is a dream to me, it’s nice to not be laid up on pain killers for 3 days every month.  I hope it continues like this. 

Obviously your experience may be different, but my insurance covered it completely so I figured what the heck, I’ll give it a try.

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ihave an IUC (mirena) and i love it but i do have a child and it’s not really recommemded if you don’t but it does last 5 years which is right in your time frame… before that i was on depo and again i loved it…

the side effects i have had from bothwere weight gain which could  havebeen avoided wit diet and exercise… and no period… yay…. i was on depo for 3 years and got pregnant with in 3 months of my missed shot so that shouldn’t be a problem when the time is right

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@Future Mrs. Blocker: A lot of doctors give women who haven’t had a child the Mirena.  You just have to find a doctor willing to do it.  I’m considering getting one myself.

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I have Implanon and I love it.  Like kericita said it did leave a small scar but you can barely see it and it is fading.  I haven’t gained wait at all (I actually lost about 10 lbs the first 2 weeks after it was put in) I have had no problems with acne or bleeding.  I love it.  

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I’m with duck! I love the nuvaring…. I had taken numerous types of “pills” in the past and had terrible hormonal issues and nausea. ugh

I got on the ring about a yr ago and have really loved it! Haven’t had any adverse effects! And only remembering 2 days a mth to take out and put in are GREAT!

I just stopped using it this last cycle so I’ll get back to you on how it is getting off of it… so far so good (it’s been almost 2 weeks)

I’m not one for implants as I’ve had friends that used them and still got pregnant… just didn’t carry to term…. this was pretty common, atleast with old ones (in the last 5-10 years) and so I stayed away from them.

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I’m also with Duck and amnystik. Nuva Ring all the way. I’ve tried numerous different pills, Alese, the generic brand of Alese, Yaz, Try Cyclen, Try Cyclen Lo.. and all caused spotting. The ring is great, twice a month instead of everyday and no side effects for this girl.

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