(Closed) Anyone have the Mirena IUD and NOT had a baby?

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    ME Team:  I had the Paragard inserted and I’ve never had children. It was a lot more uncomfortable than my Gynie said it would be BUT the entire process took about 5 minutes.  I took 800 Milagrams of ibuprofen before my appointment. 

    Im glad I did it, I do not have to worry for the next 12 years and if I change my mind I can have it taken out at any time.

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    I got a mirena inserted about 4 years ago (and got it taken out about 6 months ago).  I had never been pregnant and it was extremely painful.  I also have a relatively high pain tolerance.  I have a friend who has also never been pregnant and was going to get one but decided against it last minute.  Her GYN was going to give her some kind of pill to take to make it easier and help with the pain– that was not something I was offered. 

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    Just got mine today actually. Gyn recommended it because of my very heavy flows, not to mention the fact that I don’t want children… Ever. Unfortunately, according to the government, I can’t get a hysterectomy because I haven’t had children or a medical reason to remove MY body parts. Anyways, the insertion itself felt like a few strong cramps, but nothing I’ve never felt before. I really went in expecting so much more pain than I actually went through. I don’t know if I have a higher pain tolerance or I’m just used to really bad cramps. I’m glad I don’t have to worry about bc for five years. 

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    I can’t be on hormonal BC and the Paragard copper IUD was our only other alternative to condoms (I’ve never had children, btw). Everyone is different, but in my experience, the injection to my cervix to numb it was definitely uncomfortable and a very odd sensation, but the insertion was comparatively tolerable – I went to work that afternoon, despite having actually booked the day off. Worse for me was my first period thereafter, which lasted for nearly 10 days with a lot of cramps – but that evened itself out after the first month.

    I read all of the horror stories online but was always worried about user error with condoms in the heat of the moment. My my number one suggestion is to go to someone that has a lot of experience and regularly inserts them – I went via the NHS in England and because of my previous health history they had both a nurse and a doctor on hand. Imagine my surprise when they told me that the nurse would be inserting it, but the doctor said (paraphrasing), “she does this all day, every day, you want her to do it.”

    Good luck to everyone considering it!

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    for the girls who had it and it was painful, can I ask if your gyno measured your uterus first?  I had not had a baby, so she did a measurment and said mine was much too small to safely insert mirena.  I guess you need to be 6 cm and I was 4.5 cm.  Maybe the pain is because your uterus is borderline too small for it to be inserted?

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    ME Team:  My dr wouldnt even let me have the mirana because i hadnt had a child at that time. Some drs will flat out say until youve had kids to avoid certin ones because your cervix has never been stretched so it cant always handle them

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    I had difficulties with the pill for awhile (one version gave me severe migraines due to a high hormone level and the other type caused me to have a period EVERY 3 DAYS–which sucked for the sex life). Doctor suggested mirena and I’ve never had kids. I’ve had it in for a year and a half and LOVE it! Never had a period since! Wish I had done it years ago!! As for the pain during, the doctor advised to take advil/tylenol beforehand, which I did but it didn’t help. I was almost in tears that evening (although got lots of sympathy from my boyfriend). I had cramping/uncomfortable pain for a solid week and took tylenol/advil for a week to help with the pain but eventually my body got used to it and I’ve been fine since. Only downside has been the weight gain (about 20lbs) but compared to getting a period every 3 days I’ve dealt with the weight since. <br /> I too, have started wondering about the pain of getting it removed and how soon I will get pregnant afterwards. Anyone else have experiences with this?

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    ME Team :  

    I got the mirena in a few days ago, I am 20 and have not had kids. I have an extremely small cervix and my doctor was unsure she’d be able to get it in without a proper out patient operation but she did and it was the worst pain of my life, worse than when I broke my arm! [content moderated for self-promotion]

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    The first one I had inserted was really painful. Like really terrible period pain.

    Now that I’m due for a replacement, they tell me I need to take pain killers beforehand, and that I need to take Cytotech (or something?) to help relax/widen my cervix so it isn’t too painful.

    I’ve read that some women have pain injections to help them along.

    But yeah it was bloody painful (never had kids either).

    Totally worth it though by the way!

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    I haven’t had children yet and had mine put in about 3 years ago. They recommended I took painkillers beforehand, which I did. It felt like a period pain with a little pinch.

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