(Closed) Anyone have tips for staying close during a long distance engagement?

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To be honest, I don’t really have any advice for you, I am just in the same situation. Frequent texting, Skype/FaceTime and all that, but you already know that.

Maybe you could work on planning your move or his move? That’s what I usually do when I miss my fiancé. (But I am also moving to another country, so there might be more involved, I don’t know how exactly your situation is).

Apart from that, I keep myself rather busy with Netflix shows and such.

It’s kind of difficult to think of things not knowing more about your situation. Who is going to move where? Do you text a lot during the day or not at all? Do you tend to worry a lot or are you rather easy-going people?

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Do you have an end date for the LDR? I also got engaged while living 2h flight apart and it was super hard. But knowing exactly when it would end helped a lot! That, and prioritising trips to see each other as much as possible. Can’t really remember what we did apart from video calling, talking on the phone a lot – usually til one of us fell asleep, and sending letters and cate packages, sorry :-/ But I had an insane job so didn’t have too much time to think about what else we could do. It was hard, but I feel like we have excellent communication skills because of that time, so it really strengthened our relationship. Hang in there Bee, and I hope someone has a few creative and fun ideas for you! 

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Hi bee! You’re not alone! I’m engaged and my Fi lives a full 24 hours flight away from me. We are literally on different ends of the earth lol. To make things worst, there’s a 12 hour time difference *face palm*. I don’t really have much advice to give you besides advicing you or him to make a move. We are planning a move so that we can finally get married and settle down. I told him I didn’t want to get married till we are no longer in long dtistance because I felt it is silly to be in a long distance marriage, and sillier if there’s no end date to the long distance! We make sure to see each other at least every 3 months and take turns flying to each other. It’s better for me to fly to see him though because my work schedule is a lot more flexible than his, hence I can stay a lot longer than him. I just visited him and stayed for 1.5 months! 

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Hi Bee, I understand your struggle. Fiance lives 8 hours of flight away from me! 
First of all, I’d encourage you to fill the time apart with things you enjoy and fulfill you, both Fiance and I do that and it’s really important for the relationship. Also, when the time to be together comes (via Skype and FT), we have more interesting conversations. It gets a bit boring when all we talk about is work and how our day went! 😛 
We shedule dates a lot, both for important dates and for when we missed out on some quality time. We like to play board games together, and sometimes we each get a deck of UNO and play against each other. It’s hilarious! 
Another thing might be asking each other things you haven’t already. Google “couple questions”! It’s pretty damn hard to find questions we don’t already know the answer too, but it’s funny to search together at times and it’s super interesting when we do find the odd question we’ve never asked each other before! 

Hope this was helpful xx

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I’m going to start sounding like Samantha from Sex & the City, but nude/lingerie pictures are pretty important. I even called them “photoshoots” because I’d try on different outfits and got a nice Samsung NX Mini (not just for nude selfies, it’s a nice compact camera that can send photos straight to a phone via app or to any email). Lol And surprising him with them at work can be a really nice surprise. I’ve found it’s the lack of intimacy in an LDR that’s hard. It’s not too difficult for me, I get into my routine and I’m okay, but it is hard for him. He likes regular skinship and touch and doing things together, so that was an important way in which we remained close, despite location.

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pepperzo1 :  thanks for the kind words bee!! I really hope that everything will be great soon!  For you too xx

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My DH & I were LDR for 6 years & he lived a 6 hour flight away or 22 hours by car. He was military so he couldn’t just come for a weekend or whatever. We saw each other every 10-12 months and he would stay for a month. We got engaged and I think I saw him a couple of times after that before he moved home 2 months before the wedding. We have always texted a lot, if either one of us was awake, we were texting. Once we got engaged I threw myself into wedding planning and that helped some, also knowing there was an end date helped tremendously. The last year or so we just both were so excited planning it was the easiest year. I obviously did most of the planning myself but we would discuss it together.

We also played online games together, and would have “movie dates” & watch the same movie and then call each other and discuss it after.

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