(Closed) Anyone have/had Invisalign? In pain!

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I had braces, not Invisalign, but they did hurt like hell.  I lost weight when I had them because for about a week after getting them tightened (every 4 weeks), I couldn’t bite through food and could only eat soft things.  

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Dh has them and he has said that the pain only lasts 1-2 days then subsides until he switches to the next set but then the pain is back. He barely eats when he puts a new tray in so it helps if he puts them in at night, takes an advil and sleeps through it. He also had braces a long time ago and he’s said that they hurt just as bad when they are adjusted so there’s no way to escape  the pain for pretty teeth

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I had braces and the worst pain was at first, and then when they tightened them, which would be the same as you getting a new set of trays. Your teeth are being moved in your skull, it’s going to hurt, but it will get less over time.

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I had braces, not invisilign, but what got me through the adjustment day and day after were flossing before the appointment and taking some ibuprofen an hour before and then that night before bed, too (I always took my retainers out in my sleep, so I had to do this on nights I put them in for the first time in a while). It won’t hurt forever, but the first day or so isn’t very fun :-/

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Hang in there, things will get better. 🙂   I’m a fellow invisalign customer and have been wearing them for about a year now. 

In answer to your question about soreness, yes, it will go away after 3-5 days as your teeth will be moving to adapt to each tray.  Unfortunately, every time when you receive a new tray, about every two weeks, you will have soreness again.  My best advice is to take tylenol, advil or motrin to help lessen the pain.  I find that it is easier to for me to put in a new tray just before going to bed and taking 2 motrin that way your teeth are adapting to the tray while you’re asleep. 

Also, sometimes the edge of the invisalign is sharp, make sure to smooth them out with a nail filer or see if your orthodontis can do it for you.  The sharp edges will cut into your mouth sometimes, causing pain.  Make sure to gargle salt water, about 1/4 tsp salt in a cup of warm water to ease pain.

In terms of getting them out, start at the back of the teeth, pull from the back towards the front and it should pop out.  Make sure to grow your nails out so that you can grip and pull out the invisalign.  Once you become use to having the invisalign on, you will be able to pull them out easily. 

If you cannot pull them out from the back, try to pull them from where your attachments are, the attachments are what holds the invisalign in place so it tightens  and moves your teeth  to where they should be.  This will be hard and takes getting use to because you have to pull the invisalign over the attachments in order to move them out of your teeth. 


Another tip is to be consistent in wearing them no matter how hard and difficult they are.  Your mouth will appreciate it and you will start seeing results before you know it. 


I hope this helps and good luck!



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I’m only speaking from braces experience here, not Invisalign, but it sounds as though they are pretty similar.  The first time is always the worst for soreness – I think mine lasted about a week and I was seriously living on jello, ice cream, and milkshakes, they hurt that badly.  Each month when I went in to get them tightened, they were sore afterwards, but never as severe as the first time, nor did the pain ever last as long as the first time.    

As others have suggested, try some Advil or Tylenol and eat lots of soft foods/liquids over the next few days.  And bear in mind, this is the worst the pain will be.  

Hoping you feel better!

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Yep!! I’m almost done with mine!! Yay!!

Your teeth will hurt for the first few days in a new set of trays. I typically which switch trays right before bedtime and take some tylenol (or Nyquil) to help me sleep through the night. The next morning, they will still be tight, but at least you have approximately 8 full hours of wearing them while you are asleep.

Getting them out can be horrible. I always start at the back and go from one side to the other lifting up a little at a time – kind of like slowly wiggling them off. It will be even tougher to get them out when you do get the tabs, but it gets easier the more you wear them – by the second week on a set, you should have no problem.

For a bit, I wish I had gotten the real braces, but now that I’m almost finished, I am glad I went with these. Just be sure to wear them as directed – you’ll be happy you did.

Good luck!!



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I had Invisalign a few years ago and I second pretty much all of the above advice. Some trays hurt worse than others…there were a few trays (this is gross) when it just hurt too bad to take them out so I just drank Slim Fasts all day with the trays in (I know I know really gross). It’s so worth it though–easily one of the best choices I made.

ETA: And yes, the buttons make the trays so much harder to get out. I had buttons across my 8 front teeth and I was miserable! But still totally worth it!

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Bless your heart! I’m an orthodontic assistant (take peoples braces off, put them on, tighten them, etc.) so I got invisalign after I got my job and my boss told me I needed braces. They are the most painful devices ever!! they hurt when you put them on and take them out, and you have to take them out to do anything! I ended up giving up on them and getting “real” braces. Believe it or not they hurt less, because when you get them tightened they hurt for a day or two, then you get used to it. With Invisalign there’s no way for you to get used to them beacause you have to take them in and out so often. They work if you wear them like you’re supposed to, but I couldn’t take it haha

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