(Closed) anyone in their 2ww, signs before bfp? Patience?

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herrera2016 :  I’m on my tww and I’m on cycle 7 of trying. Honestly the last cycle I didn’t even bother testing. I temp so once I saw my temp dropping I didn’t want to waste a test. I usually get a small dip dpo7 and this month I have a significant dip on dpo8. No symptoms other than a fullness/tightness and gas. I learned by cycle 6 to not pay attention to symptoms since it was driving me bonkers. I’m tired of the disappointment month after month so I don’t worry about the tww. I did do pineapple dpo1-5 since I read it helps as well as eating and drinking warm stuff. I only did it this month since I had HSG done and that gives us a 30% increase chance for this month. If my temp stays high by thurs/fri I will test Friday otherwise on to cycle 8.

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I’m in the middle of a 2ww too! Fingers crossed for both of us!

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I’m in the same boat with the TWW. I don’t use OPK’s yet, but a couple of apps I’ve tried predicated I O’d around October 11th. I’m SO IMPATIENT! Lol, I already took 2 tests (both negative, which I kind of figured), but it’s so hard to wait until this weekend or after to do another one. This is only our third month trying, but I can’t wait. I swear a couple of times I felt the little pinchy feeling on my left ovary area. I also had some spotting a week after doing the deed, but not sure if that may be too soon for implantation bleeding. Also, Too Much Information, having a lot of yellowish/creamyish CM as well as what looks like EWCM, which is confusing because if AF arrives it would be this weekend…based on my average cycle. Of course with each new thing I get my hopes up 🙁 Good luck to you!!! Try to keep yourself distracted! 🙂

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My symptoms during tww were increased sense of smell, waking up earlier in the morning than usual (change in sleep patterns), nighttime cravings, increased nighttime urination, morning hunger (I usually had small breakfasts) like I had to eat something, hunger pains after finishing a big lunch

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herrera2016 :  Patience. Your progesterone will rise after ovulation, causing symptoms of-you guessed it-increased progesterone. Progesterone is also high in early pregnancy so any symptoms you might have could be either PMS or pregnancy, except pregnancy symptoms wouldn’t start until after implantation, in which case you’d get a positive test. Unfortunately, you just have to wait. The only TWW symptom that absolutely means pregnancy is a positive test. Best of luck!

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yes i am driving myself crazy too. 5dpo and this is my 6th cycle trying…i have an irrational high hope for this month so i am going to be really dissapointed if it doesn’t happen! we had pretty good timing o-2, o-1 and o day (confirmed with OPKs, not temping this month) and so far have felt some light cramping and maybe slight increased appetite but nothing really else. good luck to everyone else cool

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Unfortunately, you just have to be patient. No amount of symptom spotting or “indicators” will tell you if you are pregnant before you would test positive on a test.

I am weirdly in my TWW. We BD on Saturday and I got a positive OPK on saturday. We are NTNP (first cycle) and didn’t plan to start trying so soon. I even had a clear negative on Friday, but since I just got off mirena, I don’t know anything about my cycle. 

So, I have about two weeks to see what happens. I am ambivalent at the moment. A positive pregnancy test would be exciting, but a negative would also be a little bit of a relief. We plan to actively TTC in December. But we will see.

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We were TTC for 5 cycles. Got my BFP 5th cycle. Every cycle I had was totally different in terms of CM, nipple/breast pains, cramps etc. My tiredness varies a lot anyway for no particular reason. The first 4 cycles after coming off my pill were a real rollercoaster of symptoms and changes, they all had me wondering and obsessing over tiny things.

The cycle I got pregnant I didn’t have any symptoms at all before my BFP except a bit of gas and thirst, which would be really easily explained by weather/diet. However, usually when I tested I expected the worst. This time I was very calm and totally unsurprised by the BFP. It was like I knew it was going to turn pink. I honestly can’t explain it, but maybe you do just get an instinct.

My sore boobs only really arrived at week 5-6, and I had no cramps until a couple of days after my BFP on CD37ish.

I always read about bees who said they had no symptoms on the one cycle they conceived but didn’t think I’d be one of them.

Good luck!

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I had some symptoms during my tww and just had a feeling that I was pregnant. I felt these weird muscle stretching/pulling sensations in my lower abdomen that I had never felt before the week before my BFP. About a week before my BFP I had a little bit of pink tinge when I wiped once (barely noticeable). I had crazy gas and bloating! Also, I was really hungry but nauseous especially in the car. I never car sick or get pms symptoms so I didn’t think AF was coming. A lot of people mention sore boobs but I didn’t get that until a week after my BFP.

ultimately though you just have to be patient and wait until it’s time to test. Good luck!!

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I had no distinguishable symptoms during my TWW. I didn’t track so I’m unsure about my temperature. I had cramps; it felt like my period was coming, then it didn’t. As for tips for patience, I’m not really sure. I always held off testing until I was actually late. I was excited and really wanted to know but I also didn’t want to see the disappointing negative sign. Luckily we got pregnant on the 4th cycle so I didn’t experience that much. Good luck to you!!

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The only thing I noticed is that everytime I get pregnant, I get really sore boobs right on the side by my armpit at 7 DPO without fail.  That happened all 3 times I got a BFP.

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I’m also in TTW so hello to the other bees posting the same. 

We are cycle 5. After the first 2 I stopped worrying about it and doing early pregnancy tests as I could se I’d drive myself bonkers. 

I know our BD timing was good this month (no working away yay!) but it has been other months too and AF turned up exactly as expected. I’m due   1st Nov. So I’ll test then to see. 

Honestly the bees here and reading others people’s stories is the only thing that’s helped. I think once you’ve done your tracking to understand your patterns then it’s best to chill and maybe only go back to it more intensely if there’s no joy after 6 months or if you’re having some treatment or tests to see what’s going on. 

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