(Closed) Anyone in their 30s that still don't own a home?

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Daizy914 :  I am 32, Darling Husband is 33. We don’t own a home and it probably won’t for another 3+ years. We are in North Jersey and rent is insane and makes it very slowwwwww to save 20% of a down payment. Sometimes I get bummed. Other times I am happy we are pretty much not responsible for anything that happens to the house (we rent in a 2 family).

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Daizy914 :  Hey, fellow NY bee. My Fiance and i (38 and 34 respectively) are closing on our new home next month. It’s been very stressful especially with planning the wedding at the same time but to be honest, i would have been perfectly happy renting. The house is what he wants. We currently have a co-op in the Bronx and will be moving to Westchester. The house is great but I am a total city gal and will have a lot of adjusting to do. 

Anyway, you are by no means an alien. I know many 30-somethings in NY who are renting. You have time.

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futuremrssquiggs :  I’m in North Jersey too – I lucked out and found a fairly affordable SUPER nice apartment before I move into my SO’s (owned) house. I was pretty far west though, so I figure that accounts for the price. I miss renting for that exact reason – when something breaks, I have to freaking fix it. 

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Daizy914 :  I will probably never own a house because my student loan debt is astronomical and I will likely not be able to get a mortgage. I live in my SO’s house right now, and tbh it’s a bit of a headache. Our front door is basically broken, we have to get a new roof, in early May we had to repair the staircase (the staircase IN THE HOUSE), our kitchen floor is a bit of a disaster, and all of our carpets should really be replaced. 

Renting was ideal for me…my apt was nice, it was clean, I had laundry, and someone else came in to fix my broken toilet and, coincidentally, also replaced the front door during a remodel of the whole complex. And I didn’t have to get under the sink to fix the leaky kitchen faucet. Like in my current house. 

BUT – we wanted to live together and he already had the house…he surely wasn’t going to sell it move into a 1 bedroom apt, lol.

Don’t stress about it. If you are comfortable where you are (and even prefer it) then you do you. 

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I turned 32 this april and just closed on our 1st house last week. I don’t think their is anything wrong with renting. If anyone tries to make you feel bad tell then you’ll buy a home when their willing to help you pay for the mortgage. 

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I’m in my 40s and we just now bought a house. The insane rental market pushed us into our decision. We now have untility bills that I’m not used to budgeting, and it’s not going to be fun for a while.

You’ll get a house when you’re meant to. Both have their pros and cons!

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Daizy914 :  A lot of my friends in their 30s still rent.  Those who own got help from their parents.  Who can afford to own anything in Manhattan??  I know a few of my friends that moved to NJ and bought a place in NJ.   Darling Husband and I are both in our 30s and don’t plan on buying for another few years.  DH is going back to school, so that really thwarted our plans to buy.

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im not in my 30s but my partner is… we still rent but will hopefully buy in the future after we’re married


most my friends rent apart from one friend whose parents bought them a house… most of OHs friends (about 10 years older than my friends) have morgages

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A few years back (I am 32) I thought I would want to own a home by 30 but honestly I love only being responsible for rent lol. I live in the DC metro area and it is expensive in some areas, I found a great apartment and I love it. My SO has a townhouse that he just took over the mortgage for (it was in his brothers name before) so when I move in we will pay the expenses but I won’t add my name to anything on the deed etc. I don’t mind at all. Eventually he wants to upgrade but that won’t be for a few years and then we will find a home together. I think it depends on preference and your lifestyle.

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Daizy914 :  I was in my 30s before I did own a home – 33, I think.  We’re just about to start our third year here.  My delay was based on trying to get to the same location as my husband (boyfriend at the time) since we began on opposite coasts. I wanted a forever home so it was imperative to get settled first – move in together and make sure that worked, both have jobs, get married.  We did wind up purchasing a house about a year before our wedding.  

I think waiting is best, especially if you have anxiety.  You can look around on places like Zillow together and come to a general consensus about the type of house you want without a realtor hounding you and just take it easy the whole time.  We had a pretty good idea of what we wanted before we ever found this house.  And while we looked at 4 others in the area, we both nixed them almost immediately.  This one we looked at each other and said “this is it”.  It’s a nice, satisfying feel and didn’t feel rushed at all.

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Darling Husband and I are both 27, so we’re not at the 30s yet. However, we’ll probably be in our 30s before we purchase a home. Darling Husband is a park ranger, and we’re living in a house on the park where he works. The rent is insanely cheap, which makes it easier to save even though neither of us makes a ton of money. Park rangers have good benefits but not high salaries, and I freelance and teach as an adjunct professor. We don’t plan to stay in the area where we’re living forever, so it doesn’t make financial sense for us to sink our entire savings into a house and then have trouble selling it down the road. One of DH’s coworkers and her husband just bought their first house, but they went through a heck of a time finding one within their budget and then closing on it. Inventory is really low, and a lot of the starter homes are way outdated and need upgrades to electrical panels and stuff like that.

We’re fine with renting, as the house we live in is probably just as nice as what we could afford as a starter home. I don’t think people should try to buy just for the sake of buying. Do what makes the most sense for your and your family/lifestyle/finances, etc. When we manage to relocate to a place that we want to put down roots, then we’ll consider buying.

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30’s??? Making us 40+ non home owners feel bad. LOL

I’ve moved my timeline up to my 50s 😉


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Daizy914 :  Oh jeez! You live in NYC??? Do not even worry about the situation you are in! You get a pass! It is so expensive to live there!

While I don’t live in NYC, I do live in Portland and it is becoming little Seattle more and more everyday as far as prices go! Luckily my fiance stumbled upon an adorable modular home for 135K last year, which is unheard of in our neighborhood. It is 4 beds / 2 baths 1700 sq ft and even being a modular home, has shot up in value over 50K the past year! Someone wanted to get rid of it and he got such an amazing deal. Smaller homes in the neighborhood start at 300K. We will pay it off in a few years, rent it out and buy another home.

Sometimes I miss the lower cost of living in NC (where I am from), knowing that we could buy a McMansion for 300K which is the cost of a bungalow here! However, I do get to live in Portland and it is such an awesome city! You just make ends meet somehow! 

And yes, moving sucks. UGHHH!

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