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I had great luck with Fiftyflowers. To test them out, I ordered a few flowers for my bridal shower. When that went well, I decided to put in the final order on my wedding flowers. I ordered them to arrive 2 days before the wedding. However, the customer service at FF called me and said that they should ship a couple varieties of the flowers earlier so that they have time to open up.

It all worked out great.

For flower care, it’s best to read up on it. Their site also provides advice. All flowers need to be trimmed immediately after arrival and put in cool water, with flower food if possible.

To help flowers open up faster, a little warmer water and direct sunlight works and keeping them in a warmer room. By warmer, I dont mean hot, just a bit above room temp.

To help preserve the flowers over a couple days, try to keep them out of direct light, drafts or heat. Change the water every day if possible to keep them fresh. And also understand that no matter what you do, you will loose a few flowers here and there. It’s just nature’s way. So order a couple extra incase or have a Plan B.

My family is the DIY of flower arrangements, so we never use florists. I like this option so much better and you save money.

(P.S. Fiftyflowers also has pre-made centerpieces and arrangements if you aren’t sure how to put arrangements together. I did this for my bridal shower and even switched them around a little to customize different centerpieces.)

Pics of the flowers from my wedding:

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When I was looking into them, I had heard good things. The reason why I didn’t go with them is because I found a reasonably-priced florist to do the work.

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I’ve heard good things about them, too. I don’t want to DIY our centerpieces (too many to make and store, who has that much fridge space?!) but I think it would be great for the rehearsal dinner. If they don’t look perfect, it’s not the big day so it’s okay. And fresh flowers, no matter what kind of dinner, always make things look chic and well-planned.

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I used FiftyFlowers for all of our centerpiece and reception flower decor (only hiring a florist for our bouquets, corsages, flower arrangement for our ceremony/head table, and flowers on cake).

I ordered 338 garden and peony roses, 150 carnations and 6,000 rose petals. We received the roses and carnations 2 days before our wedding and the rose petals 1 day (as scheduled) before the wedding. I did notice after my Darling Husband took the flower petals out of the box that they were not right (I received all hot pink rose petals when they should have been the assortment of “Touch of Pinks.”) I never complained about this, the hot pink stood out a little more than I wanted but it wasn’t the end of the world so I never wrote to them.

As everyone has said, the customer service is phenomenal. I ended up ordering my flowers over my smartphone when I was at a friends cabin one weekend- they called immediately after I placed my order (since I was up north I didn’t answer, but they left a LONG DETAILED message of everything). When I got home I had an email as well.

Their website says they deliver before 10:30 am on your scheduled delivery date; FedEx was at our door around 10:00 am on Thursday delivering our 4 boxes of flowers. It did take me and my Darling Husband all morning to cut the stems; and if you order A LOT as we did I would suggest having a few tubs/coolers handy as we ran out of room and had to run to my in-laws for extra storage.

There isn’t a science to keeping them alive, but my Mother-In-Law was all worried (she worries about EVERYTHING) that they would die before the wedding, when in fact some of them had barely started blooming on Saturday morning yet. After the flower delivery a rep will call telling you how to care for your flowers. I didn’t know it until listening to the message but the garden and peony roses needed a little sunlight while the carnations were to have NO sunglight. Like others have said, they have the instructions on their website – EVERY FLOWER is different!

Have flower food and follow the instructions and your flowers will be beautiful! I could not have been happier ordering through FiftyFlowers. It is a HUGE undertaking; especially if you order as many flowers as we did, so have others helping you. I didn’t practice beforehand so it did take me a little longer to put my centerpieces together. My Darling Husband was a huge help and paid special attention to all the flowers 🙂

Again, TOTALLY recommend them! I ended up paying $2.63/peony rose and $4/garden rose when I would have had to pay $4.25/garden rose with no option of a peony rose through a florist! And that price doesn’t include the labor, just the cost of the rose. Total lifesaver! I wish I was having another wedding just so I could order my flowers through FiftyFlowers!

Excuse the pre-wedding mess in the house. We haven’t received any pro photos back yet (hasn’t been a month since our wedding), but our photographer posted about 40 pictures on her blog so this the only pro pic I have of our flowers thus far.

[attachment=365556,46889] [attachment=365556,46890]

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@tenmylove – THank you so much for posting here! I think I am now convinced that it is doable. I was really having second thoughts. You centerpieces are beautiful.

I am thinking of hiring a flortis now to do my bouquets and corsages. I think I may be too picky to DIY these but I think I will get much more bang for the buck with FiftyFlowers.

My dilemna is that we are getting married two hours away. Should I have the flowers delivered to us at home and drive them up OR have them delivered to our venue. I asked the owner of the venue and she said she would store them in a cooler for us, but I didn’t realize they had to be cleaned/trimmed right away. If we trim them at home before the drive up, will they survive the drive? We are getting married on a Sat. and would have them delivered on Wed. or Thurs.

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Tenmylove, your centerpieces are gorgeous!  Would you mind sharing some more info about how many flowers you ordered and centerpieces you were able to make from them?  Any other advice?  This is exactly the look we’re going for, except that I want to use distressed steel boxes…  Thanks so much!

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I used fiftyflowers.com for my wedding, and I am pretty pleased! I know it saved us a whole boat load of money, it wasn’t very hard to arrange nice looking bouquets and center pieces (my 3 year old cousin made a couple of our center pieces and my 11 year old cousin did about half of them!). Flowers are pretty, its easy to tie them together with some ribbon and make em look good. My Maid/Matron of Honor and Bridesmaid or Best Man found new callings as bouquet and coursage and bouttoniere makers! My Maid/Matron of Honor made my bouquet and somehow that just seemed really personal and touching to me.

The quality of the flowers I received from fiftyflowers was outstanding. The only little glitch was that the USDA held up my shipment of ranunculus and they arrived a day late. When they arrived (literally the moment FedEx dropped the box) the phone rang and a lady walked me through the whole process on how to make them bloom quickly. Their customer service is spectacular.

If you want some thing super perfect, arranging them yourself is probably not the way to go, but the quality of the flowers themselves from fiftyflowers was great. I will upload pictures later on when I get home from work!

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@arizonabride – That is why I hired a florist on top of doing my own arrangements; I just didn’t trust myself to do my own bouquet, BMs bouquets and the flower arrangements we had made for our garden wedding. I regret not doing them myself though as my florist DID not provide what I asked for (I gave him 2 different pictures and my bouquet looking not much like either of them).

I would have the flowers delivered to you at home; although I don’t know how many centerpieces you are going to be doing but you will be stressing out if you arrange them all the day before or the day of and don’t have them ready. Also who would care for your flowers once they are dropped off? They really should be removed from their boxes immediately upon arrival- left tied together, but put in water. I wouldn’t trust a vendor with the flowers so I would recommend doing it that way.

For transportation I would make sure that you have the flowers on a flat surface (maybe remove the seats from a Jeep or van that you can get your hands on and make few people sit in the back with the centerpieces so they don’t roll around?) I was really careful with who I asked to transport the flowers. We only had to transport 10 minutes, but once you care for them on Thursday and put them together Thursday night/Friday morning they should be fine for a 2 hour drive.

@missjbear – I ordered the following (names from the website):

50 Pink Peony Rose

72 Peony Rose Pink Yves Piaget

72 Peony Rose Pink Metropole

72 Garden Rose Bicolor White and Pink Jahr

36 Creamy Blush Garden Rose

36 Garden Rose Hot Pink Lolita Lempicka

150 carnations (light pink, hot pink, and white)

We had 18 tables and 9 of them were the vases you see above and the other 8 consisted of 8″ and 6″ pillar candles in the center in tall candle vases, 3 bud IKEA vases, 8 votives, and 5 scattered terra cotta trays that were spray painted silver and gold (each had 2 garden/peony roses – stems were pulled off completely so they just lied in the trays/pots).

I fit between 20-22 garden/peony roses in the vases you see above and then filled small terra cotta pots (spray painted gold) with 3 flowers each (on the tables with the pink vases).


Any other questions let me know!


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I somehow never have time to do anything anymore! I am going to quickly post some pictures of the flowers we received from fiftyflowers, and what we arranged with them.


[attachment=367224,47145] [attachment=367224,47149]

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Totally beautiful, mskalinin! Love the ranunculous and the yellow 🙂

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Here is the best picture (of 3 – since I don’t have pro pics back yet just a few previews) that I have of the DIY flowers. Unfortuantely you can’t see the pink ribbon around the vase in the pic, but you get the idea.


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thanks everyone for sharing!! i’ve been contemplating using fiftyflowers as well….

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You guys are lifesavers!!!  I have had some MAJOR florist problems that would cause me panic to go into, and this will probably be the option we go with once more confirmation of failing florists comes in.

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I used http://www.growersbox.com for my flowers and they were AMAZING.  Just give them a call and you’ll see what I mean – ask for Jonathan. I ordered 125 long stem red roses and 80 stems of white Asiatic Lilies as my wedding flowers.  They really helped me save and spend my wedding budget in other areas more important to me.  I have always been very skeptical about ordering from florists, every time I go in a shop everything just looks overpriced and they never had what I needed.  Ordering online was super easy – and the whole process of doing it all myself was wonderful – I loved it.Sarah 11

Sarah 10

On the Wednesday before my wedding I received 2 boxes of wedding flowers.  I opened them up quickly because I wasn’t sure what to expect… but the wholesale flowers were beautiful.  I had some help to take the leaves and thorns off and placed them in buckets.  As the day went on, the flowers began to open up even more, and by Friday (the day we put the wedding flowers together), they looked better than if they came from a local florist.  I got so many compliments on the flowers from my guests.  I told each one of them about The Grower’s Box and I told them I would recommend you 100% for any and all events.

Sarah 2
Sarah 4

Sarah 6

Sarah 9  Sarah 8

Sarah 7  Sarah 3

For any customers who are reading this and wondering if this company is truly right for you, they are.  The Grower’s Box is well worth your money.  I highly recommend The Grower’s Box.

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