anyone know someone who had baby without knowing they were pregnant?

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I’ve heard of this happening and I think there is a TV show about the phenomenon, but I don’t personally know anyone that said they never knew they were pregnant.

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My sister’s sister-in-law claimed that she didn’t know she was pregnant but somehow she knew to go to the best maternity hospital in the city when she gave birth. It might have been all the drugs she was taking though.

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@newname_99:  Yep but she was 17 and dumb so I really think she knew and was hiding it because she didn’t want to get in trouble with her mom or she was so dumb about sex and pregnancy she couldn’t figure it out.  Her mom was a teen mother and so was her grandmother so there’s a pattern of teen pregnancy going back three generations.  Thankfully she had a boy and hopefully she will educate him better about sex and birth control so he can break the cycle in their family.  Great grandma is only in her 50s now, grandma is in her 30s, and mom is 20 now.

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My pregnancy symptoms have been so extreme I would probably think I was dying if I didn’t know I was pregnant, haha!

There was a girl I went to high school with who managed to hide it for her entire pregnancy – granted, she ended up delivering early (probably because she’d received NO medical care and was trying to not gain weight or show) so she was only 7 months along, but her mom and boyfriend didn’t know! She just wore baggier clothes and such, it was crazy.

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A friend of mine didn’t know she was pregnant until 6 months with her first, and 7 with her second but she definitely knew before giving birth.

She said she had no symptoms, and had some cramping spotting almost once a month so she thought it was a light period. She had PCOS, so I guess she said that everything was almost as normal with her until she started to get a belly, but again, she already carried weight in the front and didn’t start showing until later.

Personally my pregnancy and symptoms were very obvious to me, but I was trying vs this girl who was not. Hard to say, everyone is different and some people have no symptoms, some people barely show.. etc..

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Apparently this happened to a girl my sister went to elementary/high school with.  She was 20 or so I believe, and had already had a baby a few years earlier and gave birth at home one day, and had no idea she was pregnant.

Pretty crazy.  I have seen the show about it on TLC and was always pretty skeptical, but I guess it can happen.

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I’m one of those sceptical people. I’ve read the stories and I really have trouble believing most of them. I usually just think that there is some SERIOUS denial going on. Maybe if a woman is obese then she wouldn’t notice the weight gain, but I still feel like you have to purposefully be ignoring signals from your body for that to happen.

NB: I have never been pregnant, but I imagine it would be difficult to not know, especially after the first trimester.

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As a pregnant woman, I have a very hard time believing someone can be pregnant and just not know at all. All other signs aside, the baby moving feels like nothing else I’ve experienced. You can bet I’d be calling my doctor after feeling a few kicks.

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I have a cousin that claimed she didn’t know with two of her four kids. I’m pretty sure it was a combination of denial and the drugs messing with her brain. 

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One of my best friends/bridesmaid didn’t know she was pregnant until she went into labor!

She had just moved in with her Fiance and we had hung out with her just about every week in the summer when she was (Unkowningly) pregnant. We noticed she was gaining weight but thought it was just because they were settling down in the house and all that stuff because it wasn’t an obvious prego belly. Also during this time, she had seen her doctors a few times and they were treating her for UTIs and she was on BC so she thought that her light periods were just part of all of that. So one night she is at home and starts getting dizzy and passes out in the bathroom. When she called 911 and the cops came (our friend was the first cop to respond) he was like, umm I think you’re in labor! and my Bridesmaid or Best Man was like, BUT I’m not pregnant. Sure enough, little girl was born 3 weeks early but perfectly healthy! She’s 7 years old now and my Bridesmaid or Best Man also has a 2 year old that she knew about and the second pregnancy was normal as well.

It is really interesting how she talks about it in retrospect. She saw her OBGYN and other doctors and not once did they do a pregnancy test. They just kept listening to her symptoms and perscribing antibiotics.

So it does indeed happen!

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I do know someone and I actually think her story is legitimate. She really had no symptoms, had irregular periods and already carried a lot of weight in her stomach. And she was young so she did not think it could happen to her. It’s a crazy story and at first, I didn’t believe that she didn’t know but I belive it now.

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@newname_99:  Yes! A lady I went to church with had this happen to her. One night she was feeling really uncomfortable and her temperature kept spiking. Then she had a seizure and since she had never had one before so her husband was extra freaked out. When she was in the emergency room and he was out doing paperwork, the doctor came out and said “Don’t worry, they are both doing fine.” The husband was like “They?” And the doctor explained she was pregnant! I think they did an emergency c-section after that. She didn’t look pregnant at all but she was always a little chunky. She said she had her period sporadically throughout her pregnancy but she thought she was going through early menopause (they were in their 40s when this happened).

It’s funny because this happened on a Sunday night, and earlier that day our church had a special service. The guest pastor said something like “Who here wants God to add to your life?” And everyone raised their hand. Well after the shocking news that they were suddenly parents he said “I didn’t think He was going to add to our lives that quickly!” Lol.

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I know a girl that claims she didn’t know. This is a 28 year-old professional! At first I didn’t believe the story, but I guess it’s possible. She gained little weight And had no symptoms. She went to the hospital with stomach pains and came home with a baby! Her family was in shock. She kept going to the gym and drinking alcohol until the very end. Since she is an educated person (speech therapist) I’d like to believe that she wouldn’t have kept drinking if she had known she was pregnant. 

i’ve never been pregnant, so I don’t know how different you’d feel…

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