(Closed) anyone know someone who had baby without knowing they were pregnant?

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I know a girl who had a surprise baby, she didn’t know until she had been in labor for two days and went to the ER for stomach pains, thinking her appendix had burst or it was kidney stones or something like that. She’s really, really small (like 5ft, 95lbs), and no one noticed anything. She didn’t gain weight (if she did, it was like… 5 lbs), and wasn’t showing at all.

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No one. And just being overweight shouldn’t be a reason someone doesn’t know. A belly is NOT the only thing a pregnant woman gets. Morning/noon/night sickness, the kicks from the baby, etc. You feel plenty! (I have a 1yr old, so I know personally.)

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I don’t know anyone this has happened to but, FWIW, I DO know someone who didn’t have any symptoms. She didn’t start showing until 7 months either and said she was kind of paranoid that maybe she imagined the whole BFP. She did start feeling the baby kick but said that if she hadn’t been looking for it, she might have passed it off as something else. 

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Yes. This happened to the sister of one of my guy friends. She had 2 children prior to this, and ended up putting the new baby up for adoption that same day.

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I can see how it happens. I only had nausea once during my pregnancy, didn’t visibly show until around 7 months (and was very slender in the first place) and gained very little weight overall, most of it toward the end. Until later on, I didn’t feel much fetal movement because of the positioning of the placenta. If you were on birth control, had irregular bleeding, etc, I could see how you wouldn’t know especially if you didn’t know what to look for. Not everyone has extreme symptoms, or even many symptoms at all. I don’t know anyone personally who this has happened to though.

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YES!! Two months ago a girl I know unexpectedly had a baby. She did find out a week before it came, so it wasn’t 100% unexpected, but most people figure it out sooner, lol. I saw her about two months before the birth and had no idea… she was actually skinnier than she had been just several months before, and her belly was flatter than it used to be (and was wearing a regularly fitted sort of shirt, not baggy or anything). And she must have been like seven months pregnant. It was totally crazy.

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No, and I don’t believe anyone who claims that either. I suppose it’s possible that you could not show to the point where you didn’t notice yourself (and other people not knowing is not the same as the pregnant person not noticing). I suppose it’s possible the baby was not active during pregnancy and didn’t move around. I suppose it’s possible to spot regularly the entire time and mistake it for a period. I suppose it’s possible to have no other common symptoms. But for all those irregularities to occur to the SAME person in the SAME pregnancy? No, I just don’t believe it.

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@Tatum:  lol, I’ll have to let my mom know then because that totally happened to her.

My mom was VERY overweight when she got pregnant with my youngest brother. She and my stepfather were practically separated at that point, they only had sex ONE time in the year she conceived and they were drunk so she forgot about it. She’d had two children before this, but had no symptoms – seriously. No nausea, regular periods, didn’t feel any movement. Because of her weight, it’s not like she really “showed” or grew a belly ’cause it was already there. She was 7.5 months along before she went to her doctor for something else and the urine sample she gave them tested positive for pregnancy.

Fortunately my brother was born completely healthy and surprised the hell outta everyone haha.

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At the bakery, while ordering a cake, the lady told me she didnt know she was pregnant until she was in labor. She said the only reason she went to the doctor that day was because her husband believed she had a tumor!!  being so far along with pregnancy myself, i couldnt imagine. Our baby moves so much i would definitely have freaked out way before then lol

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I’m only 10 weeks along but if I didn’t know any better I could not know I’m pregnant. I don’t have any nausea and have symptoms that I had during my periods such as sore breasts and cramping. If I had been spotting at all during these past few weeks I could easily think it was a light period and not think anything of it. Knowing there was a chance I could be pregnant was why I even took a test in the first place.

I can easily see why women who are on BC and have minimal symptoms like I do not realize what’s going on and if they don’t gain weight or get a belly it could be easy to not see.

It’s kind of crazy how BC and normal period symptoms are very similar to pregnancy symptoms if you don’t get them severe.

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One of my good work friends went into the hospital for backpain and came out with a 6-lb baby boy.  We were all in shock when her boss came into the office the next day and asked if any of us had extra baby supplies (cribs, clothes, etc) laying around because “Jenny” had a baby last night.  

She had been working part time at the office while finishing college and she might have gained 5-10lbs on her average sized frame.  The weekend before we had a work-party where most of us, including her, had way too much to drink, and she was a very social drinker all throughout her pregnancy, so the fact her and her baby (who is now 8) were perfectly fine was shocking.

I can’t imagine how you wouldn’t know…but having talked to this girl on a daily basis for 2 years prior to the birth and during her “pregnancy”, it still blows my mind.

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@Mrs.LloydDobler:  Holy cow!

She is SO lucky that her baby was so healthy. <3 BC is supposed to be able to really mess up a baby. And I’m sure all those antibiotics couldn’t have been great for her, either. That’s so sweet that everything turned out alright.

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I also know someone.  She went to numerous doctors because she kept gaining weight, had terrible stomach pains, had headaches, her skin was bad… she had had a one night stand and used a condom and that was like all for her sex life so she totally didnt even think pregnancy was an option.  She drank, took TONS of prescriptions for her pains from the doctors, smoked cigarettes…. ended up going  to the emergency room bc of her stomach pains and had a healthy 8 lb baby!!  The nurse brought her a baby name book from the gift shop.  Her little girl is like 4 now and has absolutely nothing wrong with her.  It’s crazy.

She really just looked like she had gained 25 lbs though – it wasnt like an obvious belly in the front – and I bet prepregnancy she was 5’5” 150?    So not super slim but enough so where a baby belly would show!


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One of my best friends made it through month 5 without realizing she was pregnant, and only did because she went to the doctor for an unrelated problem and they ran a test. And she’s a nurse! Everyone at her work had been asking her if she was pregnant, and she was very mad because she thought she was just putting on weight!

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I worked with a lady who didn’t know she was pregnant for 6 months. She didn’t have regular periods and didn’t really have any morning sickness. I guess she just though the baby kicking was gas? I think her reasons for not thinking she was pregnant is because she was told that she  probably wouldn’t be able to, so she just wrote everything she did feel off as something else. 

I’ve never known someone to go an entire pregnancy without knowing though. 

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