Anyone know you were pregnant before BFP??

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jackjackattck :  Ooooo, I really hope you are pregnant! A close friend of mine went to the Caribbean with her husband while TTC a few years ago and they visited a Medium while they were there. The Medium told her she was expecting and would have a baby in 9 months. Turns out that is the trip they conceived their baby girl. Some people are just gifted in these ways. I hope this story has a happy ending for you too!

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That’s a really crazy story, and I hope it comes true for you!

The one time I was pregnant (ended in CP) I knew I was pregnant before testing.

This was years ago, and I was not in a relationship, and I was not TRYING to get pregnant, so it didn’t occur to me to be looking for symptoms. But after 4-5 days of reversed food aversions and cravings, and fatigue to the point of not going to the gym after work, I realized something was up and took a test.

I knew it was going to be positive because I had never in my life craved carbs and dairy before, and I had never in my life felt disgusted at the thought of eating meat. Looking back, I must have started having these symptoms as soon as implantation occurred,  because I tested a few days before my period was due, which would have been ~14/15 dpo.

I’m curious to see if the same thing happens the next time I get pregnant, or if that was a fluke.

Good luck!

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Nope, not at all.  More like the opposite.  With my first I didn’t find out until I was 8 weeks along.  With #2 I thought I surely couldn’t be pregnant and I had the typical menstrual cramps so I was expecting AF.  When AF didn’t show up the next couple days I knew I was pregnant then.  FWIW I was not “expecting” to be pregnant either time so I wasn’t “looking” for pregnancy signs, so to speak.

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Wow, I hope this ends up being your lucky month!

As for me, no, but I’ve always tested so early that it’s unlikely I would have been caught off guard, lol. I’ve been pregnant twice – first ended in MC and second is going strong at 8 months. Both times I was very deliberately trying to conceive and started testing super early. The first time, I’d written the cycle off as a wash because I had no real symptoms and kept getting BFNs until 12dpo when I finally got my BFP. After that, I did have a few symptoms, like cramping and eventually some mild breast tenderness, but nothing major.

With the current pregnancy, I got my BFP on 9dpo. Prior to that I had no real symptoms, although I do remember feeling extremely hot the night of 9dpo – I took my temp and it was 99.1 or something. I guess that was my first symptom, but it didn’t hit until I had enough hcg in my system to register on a pregnancy test. Very soon after, I began developing other symptoms, which were much stronger than with my MC pregnancy, that would have made me highly suspicious if I hadn’t already known I was pregnant, like sore breasts, nausea, cramping, and continuing to feel hot all the time.

Oh, also, with the current pregnancy, I do remember having a dream at some point early in the TWW that I’d given birth to a baby. I’d been TTC for about 6 months at that point and weirdly that was the first baby dream I’d had. Probably just random though!

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I knew I was pregnant with my son before I even took a test. And he was a surprise baby and my cycles were super wacky so I wasn’t searching for pregnancy symptoms, I just knew. 

Also I knew he was a boy even when they told me at 13 weeks that they thought it was a girl based on the ultrasound. I just knew he was a boy. 

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I believe all my dreams.  Before each positive I had adream of the baby and gender and what the baby would look like.  And guess what it was accurate.  But that’s just for me.

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OMG I totally did! 

I’m an ER nurse. So for those unfamiliar with an HCG test/curve, your usual HCG is usually 0-1. Occasionally 2. Snuthing over 2 is positive. When you get pregnant it doubles every so often. Doubles each 12-24 hours (the farther along/higher the number the longer it takes.  Usually by the time you miss your period it’s around 1000. By the time its 1500 they can see something on a sonogram. 

When I’m at work we get a lot of early-pregnancy/vaginal bleeding.  We get an HCG test to confirm about how far along they are to see if it correlates with the sono. We dont sono under a HCG of 1500. 

Anyway….I had a strong feeling and knew I was pregnant.  I just knew. I asked one of the docs if they would order me an HCG test. They did. 

My hcg was 12. She put it down in front of me and said “what did you do get pregnant on the way to work? Congrats” and laughed. 

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Yes I know I was pregnant right after the day we made it lolol. Comes out right for both my pregnancies!!! Womans intuitive hah!!

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I had no idea I was pregnant this time, and so far I’m into month 8 and it’s been an uneventful good pregnancy. No symptoms, nothing until later into the first trimester. Hopefully your friend is right, GL.

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A few days before my BFP with my second, my husband pointed out that the dog was all over me (he’s definitely my husband’s dog), and said “i bet it’s bc you’re pregnant “. I made fun of him for it. He was right. 

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 My mum knew the first time! We hadn’t told a soul and we were planning to tell my parents on my mum’s birthday (the 17th) … I had already booked a dating scan for the day after (the 18th) 

I saw my mum on the 16th and she said “what’s happening on the 18th? I dreamt you had a very important appointment on the 18th that you’re really nervous about”. I denied everything because I wanted to surprise her with my husband … she claims she was surprised but it still freaks me out. She also correctly predicted the date of birth. 

For my second baby, my mum picked the sex, the date, the weight and she knew the baby’s name started with an L. We had already chosen the name Lucy but there’s no way she could have known. She was born on the day by mum’s father passed away, and also on my late aunt’s birthday. I love all of this stuff!

You’ll have to keep us posted. My mum also predicted Meghan and Harry would have twin boys but there would be complications. 

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My friend was sure I was pregnant when she saw me at her daughters christening. I wasn’t drinking because we drove and my husband finds social situations where he doesn’t know lots of people tough so he needed the booze more than me.

I was ‘technically’ pregnant at the time but it was near ovulation so not really.

funnily enough, I was sure she was pregnant when I had seen her at a party the year before – she was days pregnant at the time and didn’t know.

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I’m not the most intuitive person but I knew something was off a week before getting my BFP. I felt off, much sleepier than normal and a bit nauseous and emotional.

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