(Closed) Anyone make a money card box? Need help!!

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I think many sites say to use hat boxes because they are generally smoother and a little more tailored looking (if you paint them it also looks incredibly smooth).


  To answer your first question, how are you going to get the cards out of it?

 A. I would say on this picture the bottom layer is where the hat box comes in.  The lid (striped portion) probably has a hole cut into it so the cards can fall down, when you’re ready to collect the cards you just lift the lid up. That way you don’t ruin the box.

   You next question is how to keep the opening secure? I’m not  really sure what you mean,  If you cut a hole large enough in the box for the card to fall into everything should be fine.

   I don’t think there’s really a way to put a lock onto this sort of box.  If you’re worries about security you could secure the lid (again the striped portion of the bottom layer) down with some twist ties (when you’re ready untwist them to get to your cards) or you could do a simpler box (square with a card slot) that you can just cut open with you want to get the cards out. 

   The best sort of glue to use for this would be hot glue in my opinion.  You would have to be careful how you did this though- I would stretch the fabric over the box and then glue it where people wouldn’t see (like inside the box).  If you want to attach everything onto the cardboard I’ve heard contact cement in a spray form.

First, you must seal the fabric so it does not soak up all the cement like a sponge, which can be done by various items found at Joann’s Fabric.

Getting some fabric stiffener would not hurt either, as it makes cutting the fabric precisely much easier.

Spray both the side of the box & the fabric with the contact glue, allow to dry, then very carefully lay the fabric over the cardboard a little at a tme ( as you only get one shot at getting it right ), spreading out the frabric flat as you go along.

Allow some overlap ( which you can always trim off later ), as this way, you know you will not end up with any bare spots showing along the edges.

Do a side at a time until you have effectively covered the entire surface & allow 24 hours to dry, after which, you can then apply fabric sealant if the fabric is decorated, or paint if not.

You might want to consider doing this part outside, as the fumes will about kill you & anything else that breaths in the house.

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From what I can see the bottom box is the actual lid and the rest of the boxes on top are "bottomless" so the cards can drop straight down to the bottom, when you lift off the lid all the other boxes are attached.  I didn’t make my own because of time restraints from all of my other diy, so I custom ordered one.  Here is a link to a picture of it http://calioc.blogspot.com/2008/07/my-beautiful-box.html


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What about all of the above, however you can slit the base of the bottom "box" open once the day is over? Unless you plan to sell it, I think it would be my plan.

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I ordered my box from the same Etsy seller (SheaChicDesigns) as caliocteach did, I can’t wait to get it!!

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I plan on making my own as well.  As far as I can tell the top boxes are open bottomed and the bottom-most one is the only one that has a removable lid. So when the time comes, you would just lift the lid and all of the envelopes would be in the bottom box. I don’t know what you mean by secure.  The whole point of a card box is to make them more secure than just having a card basket.  I think, that most people won’t even realize that you could open it. If they tried to steal it, I think it would be pretty noticible if someone tried to carry away a big old card box! 

Not sure about the fabric. I think we will use wrapping paper to cover ours. 

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I’m working on mine now! I just stopped cause the phone rang and got sucked back into weddingbee by accident. ^_^ I’m doing scrapbook paper to cover mine. I was able to find some various sized paper mache boxes at Hobby Lobby for about $3 each, so I got a round, a square, and a heart that I’m stacking. I’m cutting the bottom/top out of each box so it makes one big box that’s glued together, but the very top will come off. I’ll have the gift table and guest book table in one (complicated venue layout, iI promise it won’t be cluttered), and having one person attend them both. I’m doing a wish box as well, so I’d like to have someone there to make it clear to people what the point is. I’ll probably have more than one person for that job, and let them switch off so no one’s stuck there the whole time. Why did I go off on that? Oh, I was saying I’d have someone there the whole time so it’d be secure by virture of being guarded. ^_^  

Maureen9004 sounds like she really knows what she’s talking about with fabric, so if you’re set on it being fabric I’d do what she said. I’m impressed by her knowledge, wish I could do all that!

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I made my own out of a mailbox from a home hardware store (the kind that you would put on your porch and the mail goes in thru a lift off lid. I cut a slot in the top for envelopes. It was REALLY easy. I painted the mailbox and painted our name on it in a script handwriting. It came out really cute and I thought looked pretty original. There really isn’t a way to secure it, but with our wedding, I don’t think it will be a concern.

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we are using a regular metal mail box that’s white.  we had a friend paint flowers on it and our name.  People can put the cards through the opening

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Jcandy, I love the picture and that’s actually very similar to the one I will be tackling. I would love to see you post your when you finish

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