(Closed) Anyone marrying a guy who has been married before?

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I am with you! My Fiance has married previously and I have had the same fears.

Fiance was married to a horrible person, who in some ways, I feel really bad for because her life is really terrible, some her doing, some just plain bad luck. They have since gotten divorced and she is relatively out of our lives. I thank numerous higher powers each day that there were not children as a product of the marriage as that just adds a whole new level of complication.

My major consoliation is that no one liked her. She refused to meet his family, except his mother because she was a witness at their civil ceremony at the courthouse. There are no photos, happy memories or anything else to tarnish our union or be compared to.

Despite this, I still worry people will make comparisons or joke about it being his second marriage. Not in a nasty way, but I can only imagine the sting of the words.

When I get down about this, I talk to Fiance. He is really understanding about how sometimes it just gets to me and will gladly reassure me that nothing is the same, that he never for a moment felt the way he feels about me about “her” and the people that matter are over the moon about us. Yes people will talk, but I have quickly realized, a wedding gives people something to talk about and it is not always nice. If it isn’t that your Fiance has been married before, it will be the cake or who brought whom as their date or your venue or the amount (or lack of) that was spent on your big day.  Talk to your Fiance and I am sure he will remind you WHY he is marrying YOU.

Also, if you need more moral support from people who are going through this (or numerous other) situations, there is a WB board, under wedding related called “Encore”. I stalk that board a lot. It is a goldmine of information!

Best of luck!

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I am having simular problems, Fiance was married before at the courthouse and it lasted less then a year, but unfortunately they have a som together, so Fiance wants his son to be at the wedding so I have to invite her. This actually scares me because not only will my family be upset and surely talk about it but how akward will it be having his ex-wife their??And what if she want to be a B* and try to ruin the wedding? I feel for all the girls marrying an divorced FI!


And as mrsflahertytobe said, you have to remember ppl are gossips and will talk about anything! And your Fiance loves you and wouldnt be marrying you if not!

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Sugar bee

Yep, I went through this.  Darling Husband married a girl he dated for several years.  they were married for a few when they divorced.  I was apprehensive about the fact they were together for so long.  I think ppl kind of liked her.  But I was also told she wanted a “wedding not a marriage”.  (That she was anxious b/c her little sister was getting married before her, etc.)  I guess there were a few other issues too.

I hated not being DH’s first wife.  And yes at our wedding, while the videographer was going around to the tables, my SIL basically stumbled and almost said “Congratulations (DH) and (ex)” rather than to Darling Husband and me. 

About the family and wedding, my family was fine.  I invited all those I had always planned on.  Darling Husband however, did not invited everyone.  I still (all these years later), feel kind of awkward not having invited some of the family (cousins etc.) to the wedding, that I now see on holidays.  But he felt awkward inviting ppl to a second wedding…(feeling obligated to give more gifts.)  I get that.  It’s not personal.

Years later though, the first marriage is a non issue.  (Although at first I would find my self marking off moments that exceeded his last marriage.  ie.  We’ve officially been married longer, or together longer.) We never see her.  I’ve never met her.  And Darling Husband and I do have kids…(Ahhh, something else he and his ex-wife never did.)

I also like to joke that the first go around was his “practice wedding/marriage.”  Honestly, I think he learned a lot from it.  And it makes our marriage easier.

Good luck.


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I am an encore bride marrying an encore groom and none of our families are comparing our wedding to our previous weddings.

I think there’d be a great response here from fellow encore brides and brides with encore grooms!

My FI and I both had huge first weddings..but it was not to the right person and now we’re having an elegant affair for a reception and an intimate destination wedding.  Perfect for us!

Don’t worry.  It feels as thought we are both marrying for the first time and so will your Fiance.  He feels like you’re the only woman in the world to him! (well maybe besides his mom 🙂 )

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I agree with Tanya. Fiance has made the most out of a bad situation. I do try to spin it in a positive light. He learned a lot from being married. He learned what he needs from a partner (because he wasn’t getting it), how to communicate better, and often times most important to me, what makes a solid union. He values our relationship so much more and see how fabulous it really is because he has such a terrible previous marriage to compare it to.

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I’m going thru the same…It’s my frist wedding and it’s my fiances 2nd wedding. I’m 23 and he is 31. He was married to her for 7 years! Ahhh. I don’t feel that weird about it, just sometimes. But I will still do everything I want at my wedding…regardless of what his family sees.

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The encore board is for both brides who are remarrying again and for brides who are marrying whose partner has been married previously.

So sorry Future Mother-In-Law made that slip and she prob didn’t mean it.  I’d let it slide since she seems like she’s being really sweet otherwise!  Involve her and I’d bet she will be thrilled 🙂

Btw, welcome to Weddingbee!

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Blushing bee
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I am with Bellenga.   I am a 2nd wedding bride and my Fiance 1st.   I am having the “do I have to do this again” issues because I do not like being the center of attention.   My Future Mother-In-Law is fabulous.   My Fiance is the baby of the family and they are all ready to the BIG wedding and reception because that is what the “baby” wants.   I had a very small wedding the 1st time and I was divorced 22 months later.   At first the Father-In-Law had problems with me previously being married, but now that we are in the end stages of planning and getting ready to commit to each other, the entire family is on board and my Future Mother-In-Law and Future Sister-In-Law are actually the ones hosting my bridal shower because my Maid/Matron of Honor and Bridesmaid or Best Man live out of state.

I do not think anyone will compare my 1st wedding to my wedding to my Fiance for several reasons.   1st those that will have been at both know the reasons I am no longer with my EX.   2nd, we picked a completely different location, color pallet, and decorations. 3rd, this day is about celebrating mine and my Fiance love for each other and Everyone who knows us swears we should have started dating 8 years ago when we met, not just 3 years ago.   

All of that said… Put your fears aside and Enjoy your day, your new husband and your love and don’t worry about the past.   You can’t go back in time and change it.

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Boy, a lot of familiar stories.

My Fiance, now 34, married his high school sweetheart when they were 20/21. By all acounts she was a nice girl who just got into serious trouble. Fiance was traveling a ton for work, she started hanging out with a bad crowd of rich kids, and she developed a heroin problem. Wiped out their small savings and then slept with her play boy dealer. Sad story. Now she is cleaned up and a suburban mom of three.

So, against this back drop is my first wedding, his second. I honestly haven’t had problems because (1) I think the bride is judged more harshly than the groom on this (unfairly, but it is true), and (2) they didn’t have a big wedding. On top of that, we aren’t having the traditional hotel ballroom, dinner and dancing affair. We’re going for something quirky and casual chic. I think I might get some harshness if I were having a bigger, more traditional affair.

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Busy bee

My fiance was married for 11 years. They are both nice, normal, professional people who just didn’t fit well together. I don’t think his previous marriage is having any kind of effect on our wedding. I am truly having my dream wedding- We are eloping to Thailand and then my parents are having a big reception when we get back home. 

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Worker bee
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Hi bees!

I too am in a similar situation.. I am 29 and never been married and my soon to be hubby is 33 and divorced. He too, married someone he had been with for 10 years and then the marriage only lasted a couple of years due to her “stepping out” on the marriage….. All that aside…

My fiance and I are both simple people and knew from day one we’d be footing the bill.. though we both have great jobs, we knew what an expense it can come to be. My fiance wanted to elope or do something small in the back yard with immediate family.. and for a split second i almost allowed it.. BUT as cliche’ as it may sound don’t most of us dream of walking down the aisle, having our best friends stand up with us, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, pretty dresses, and just having a reason to join our family and friends together.. OF COURSE! Despite what my fiance wanted, we are doing the big “hooplah” of a wedding. Though he and his family have been through this before they are supportive in the fact that i have not…. and GOD willing this will be my only wedding to have and to remember and they’ve been ever so gracious to put their own feelings aside for mine.

In the end as bad as it may sound… it really is a day for you! All our men want is to just be married to us women they love and if they knew they could get us to agree to something below the radar i’m sure they’d all jump on it! (mine anyway!) But the fact of the matter is, if you gave in to what everyone else felt… how much would you regret? Yes, you would still be with the man you love and that is extremely special in itself… but the memories that us women tend to look back on would not be there….  Hard decision to make and i feel for you.. but i wish you the best and i do believe in time you will find yourself with a support system around you and planning the wedding you always wanted!




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